America's Next Top Model Auditions 2018

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America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 19 Auditions

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19

Are you ready to be discovered? To be the world’s next great model? To be the star of the world’s most watched reality show?  America’s Next Top Model, created by and starring supermodel and pop culture icon Tyra Banks, is on the lookout for for the next “big thing” and that could be you! Cycle 19 auditions are here and so is your chance to be America’s Next Top Model!

America’s Next Top Model has entertained millions upon millions of viewers the world over as it discovers and trains hundreds of beautiful and talented women looking to become the next icon in the world of fashion modeling. For 18 cycles Miss Tyra and her group of celebrity judges including Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker has put crops of some of the country’s most talented up and coming models through a series of tension filled challenges and scathing critiques with everything leading to the crowning of  America’s Next Top Model. Past winners of this amazing contest include Eva Pigford and Adrianne Curry who have not only enjoyed prolific careers in the modeling world but have gone on to achieve major worldwide celebrity!  America’s Next Top Model is a truly star making and life changing experience!

America’s Next Top Model auditions thousands of potential contestants each cycle. This  season you need to be one of them! ANTM is holding casting calls in cities throughout the U.S. looking for beautiful ladies just like you ! If you have ever dreamed of becoming America’s great model your time is now! Leave a comment below to let us know why you should be there and for more information on the new season you can head here  Cycle 19 is starting soon, are you ready to be America’s Next Top Model!?!

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  • Rechil says:

    I’m actually applying for my daughter who is 13, she’ll be 14 in March. She’s 5’6″ and weighs 126 lbs and have been told by an agent she should be a model so I thought I would give it a try. She’s been wanting to be an actress or a model for as long as I can remember.

  • Gabriella McKenzie says:

    Hi Tyra or ANTM staff, it would be a dream come true to have a chance on the show(: thanks.

  • Rebekah Davis says:

    Hi, I’m Rebekah I am ITALIANO 6″1 I weigh 135 pounds. I just turned 25. I am originally from Orange County NY,and residing in Newport News VA. I am honestly a huge fan of the show as we’ll as you MS.TYRA ,YOUR MY IDOL BECAUSE I AM FIERCE RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU, and because the strength you have and give to these women and I who have dreams of becoming stars so that puts the inspiration in me and the other women who look up to you and up and formost the beauty that you are and that I see EVERYTIME I watch the show! I am 120% ready to become a TOP MODEL AND NOTHING STANDING IN MY WAY. I am ready to audition!

  • Special Robinson says:

    Hello ANTM my name is Special and that’s my real name. I’ve always been a fan of the show and I really do believe that I have what it takes to become Americas next top model in outgoing adventurous and my motto is “THEIRS NOTHING I CANT DO”. Please allow me to be apart of the team and I promise I will not let u down. Hope to see u soon Ms.Banks

    God Bless

  • Asia Shaw says:

    Hey Tyra, my name is Asia Shaw. Ive been DREAMING of becoming a model all my life. Well become a proffessional model. I am 5’7 I weigh about 128 lbs , Caramel complected, Slim..
    Everywhere i go i hear “do you model or use to model” ? I really have model potiential and will love to have an opportunity to become ANTM !!!

  • Morgan Grego says:

    My name is Morgan I am 22 years old I’m 5’3″ and 85 lbs. I’ve wanted to model my whole life; there is such a poise and grace in modeling that is so visually and personally gratifying. I never fit in anywhere and I want to prove to everyone that outcasts like me can be accepted and considered beautiful. I’d love nothing more than to represent an alternative body type to promote beauty in diversity and would be honored to work for world renowned designers and brands. Please please consider petites for this cycle or another petite cycle we are underdogs with so much to give. Fierce and love!

  • Marina Tatiana says:

    Hello, my name is Marina Tatiana. Along with millions of other girls all over the world, I’ve been dreaming of becoming a model sense I was about 5. I’m now 18 and wanting to chase that dream. I love the confidence and feirceness models show, weither they really feel that way I’m not sure, but I would love to find out. I would put everything I have into just trying to get my name out there, and hope for the best. Even if I would never make it, the experience would be well worth it.

  • Samantha Lechner says:

    Heyy Tyra,
    I not only have a dream to be a top model but also inspire young girls and boys just the way you do! I’m a tall, brunette that should probably be a red head because i’m just built up with fire and intensity to make my dream come true! I really hope I am given an opportunity to show you I am made to be a top model. I am 5’8 120 pound girl looking to get your attention and keep it!

    With lots of love,

  • patricia says:

    Hey Tyra and ANTM my names Patricia i’m 19 years old, and I dream to become a model. I have watched every single season of Americas Next Model and it makes me want to do exactly what you do. Modeling is me i can see myself doing it! I love it!

  • Ashlynne Nixon says:

    Hey Tyra, I’m Ashlynne. I’m 19 years old, 5’3”, and want to be America’s Next Top Model Petite. I do not have much experience with modeling but it is something I have been intrigued to do my whole life. I love the show and believe I have what it take to be on top. I’m a fast learner and take advice to become better. I am very competitive and this is something my heart and soul wants. The dream becoming a reality would be the biggest thing in my life, I hope I can at least can have a shot at it and try my best. I’m just a small girl in a small town trying to accomplish a big dream. I know I will not disappoint and give over 110% to beat the best and be the best. Come to Texas for auditions and I will proudly be there! Thanks for your time.

  • Ciara says:

    Hey Tyra. My name is Ciara. I am 20 years old about to be 21 in December. My dream is to be a runway model. I made you a youtube video, but I don’t think you have seen it yet. Here is the link >> please watch. I am naturally skinny and I am 5’10.5. I only weigh 120 pounds. This has been my dream forever. I think I have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model. Love you Tyra

  • Naleya Rogers says:

    Just Turned 18 September 11th :-)) 5’9 1/2 , 131 , High Cheek Bones , Nice Long Legs . I Could Walk In Heels Since I Was A Little Girl . ANTM Is FOR ME !

  • KiAra Mone't #TheWinner says:

    What I’m trying to do is put SAINT LOUIS MO on the map. Hellooooooo my name is KiAra Mone’t and I am waiting for the ANTM petite auditions. I am 23 years old 130lb CURVY and i stand at 5’3…I rock natural honey blonde hair that matches perfect with my light skin with a natural face full lips high cheek bones and big brown eyes..currently I model for a jewelry line and a local well known hair stylist….I REALLY. REALLY. REALLY. REALLY REALLY..want to be apart of ANTM 2013 Petite auditions PLEASESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS make one of my dreams come true I really want to do this I got this I am ANTM…..STL MO BABY

  • kyisha vargas says:

    Hello. I am a 32 year old mother and student. I.. I’ve been a size 1/2 for the longest. I am so happy I finally gained some wait and am loving it. I am very ……curious to know if I am “too old”. For the industry. If so can you direct me in a direction for my daughter and baby son….they are so photogenic and love people……help if you can. Please and thank you for your time.

  • keyonna johnson says:

    My name is Keyonna and im 23 years of age. I live in a small town by the name of Moultrie located in Georgia. I’ve been wanting to become a model since grade school, this is my dream. I watch ANTM all the time, even the older episodes. Watching and picking up helpful tips to become a model. I will make my dreams come true to better myself and my family. I would love to have the oppertunity to try and prove to myself and the world i have what it takes to be Americas Next Top Model.
    I love you Trya<3

  • Nofar says:

    Hey Tyra,
    My name is Nofar Avigdor. I am 23 years old and I now live in NYC. I came to America 12 years ago from Israel. It was very tough for my family and I to just get up and leave but my parents saw an opportunity for us. I love modeling, jut from watching the show I learn a lot. I would love to learn first hand from the whole team what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model. I’m very motivated and a quick learner. With just a small opportunity, I can be the first Israeli – American Next Top Model.

    I would love to come in for the casting, I will travel anywhere it takes place

    With love,

  • Angel says:

    Hello. My name is Angel. I’m 18 years old and I’m from West Virginia. I’ve watched America’s Next Top Model for a few seasons now and it’s something that I’ve always seen myself doing. I’m very comfortable with my body and other people. I enjoy working with many people since I’m very friendly, cheerful, and outgoing. I’m a very artistic and creative person, so I believe I have the talent that won’t let anyone down. My height is 5’5. My weight is 120. Also, I have blue eyes and long naturally golden blonde curls. Thank you!~

  • Teagan Kempe says:

    Hello, my name is Teagan Kempe I am an 18 year old freshly graduated high school student. I have watched almost every single season of ANTM yet never thought of trying out. I always cheated myself out of going for my dreams. I realize that I am probably too late for this season, but I will keep trying. I refuse to sell myself short this time. I’ve wanted to become a model since I was a little kid and with a rough home life staying positive was difficult. Today things are different. I have gotten away from that home life and have started over. Still facing many struggles each day yet doing the best that I possibly can. Whether it’s this season or in seasons to come I would be honored to be considered for ANTM. Good luck to all the girls this upcoming season!

  • shaquille fields says:

    Hello, my name is shaquille fields, I’m from a small town in Missouri..It is my destiny to get a chance to be on ANTM. Im a 21 year old college student. That will.never give up on my dreams nomatter how long it takes .I want to be on Top

  • Menne says:

    Will there ever be a chance for non-American girls to participate in ANTM? I’ve been dying to participate but unfortunately we don’t have any top model in my country of birth neither does the country I reside in. :'( It’s pretty heart breaking. TYRA…take this into consideration, PLEASE.
    Top Model is one of the best shows ever and many aspiring models worldwide would kill for an opportunity to be on Top Model.

  • shaniqwa ford says:

    Hello; America’s topmodle im shaniqwa i live an oakland california im very interested in being an modle ms.America i love to smile and enjoy life im very proud to show the rest of the world what i love to do, thank u!.

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