America's Next Top Model Auditions 2014

Let us know you are Interested in Auditioning for America's Next Top Model in 2014

ANTM Nationwide Auditions, Casting Calls & Tryouts


New Cycle Auditions, Tryouts and Casting Calls for 2014 have been Announced for America’s Next Top Model! The New eligibility requirements for this auditions and casting call will be released! ANTM will be accepting new video submissions, they can be sent their mailing address. Leave a comment for more audition information.

What we gather from this is the Producers want mailed in submissions and make unsolicited invitations to girls the producers like on Facebook or other media. It also seems that ANTM will make casting calls if they get enough candidates and they might make open audition in limited markets. For those of you that are interested, stay tuned! It seems that more than likely ANTM will be announcing auditions just to make sure they didn’t miss any amazing talent like YOU!

Here are some great friendly tips for your next big audition!

  • YOUR HAIR: make it as simple as possible: best if it is a simple ponytail that can be set loose if needed.
  • YOUR SHOES: wear comfy shoes, but bring heels you can walk well in.
  • YOUR CLOTHES: jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a slob. It’s a job interview, remember that.
  • YOUR FACE: PLEASE, NO MAKEUP: – For real; if you have to wear it, make sure it is as little as you can to appear as natural as possible. ANTM wants to see you as a rough stone so they know what to work with

Swimswit?: to wear or not to wear? I suggest wearing a flattering swimsuit under your clothes; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Other stuff: plenty of water and high-energy compact food (energy bars/peanuts/jerky); something to entertain you but NOT engross you to the point where you miss someone calling your name/number. Oh, yeah; and an empty bladder. No kidding; you don’t want to HAVE to go when you are there; salty snacks are good for this.

Full Locations List for the 2014 Cycle 21 Auditions: Click Here




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  • Tashika says:

    Hey!!! I AM Tashika I sometimes go by Te, I’m 22 years old and happen to be a mother of a one year old baby girl. I’m 5’3 but I have beautiful long legs. I have day dreamed of being a model since the age of 7.I have worked in retail for about 4 years and day in and day out all I hear from customers is how I should model.I Honestly would love the chance to fight for my spot in the modeling industry, I have what it takes and the heart to work for it. P.S a future star:)

  • Lyric White says:

    My name is Vonda Watts and my daughter Lyric is beautiful and looks like a model. She is gorgeous!

  • Kayla says:

    My name is Kayla I’m 5’7, slim, dark hair, brown eyes, glasses, not to mention photogenic. Have modeled here and there before. I love it. Huge of the show.

  • Kelsea Lewis says:

    I love to model, it would be my dream and goal to be one, can you help me become one?

  • Ramlo Ibrahim says:

    Hello, I’m interested

  • Nya Gibson says:

    I am 13 and a half 5 ft. 7 and totally interested at becoming a model. I know its not as easy as it looks but Im ready for the challenge. I currently reside in Maryland.

  • Dajonae says:

    Hi my name is dajonae smith I’m 5’9 and slim. I’m 19. And I know that I have what it takes to become a model. I’ve interested every since I was 6 years old . I currently live in Richmond va

  • brandy says:

    I want to model

  • Robyn says:

    I am extremely interested im auditioning in Sacramento!!

  • Brittany says:

    I’m 22 year old female from Detroit MI. I’m shy but I have always wanted to be a model. I would love to have a chance to show you guys what I can do.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: hazel
    Height: 5’5′
    Weight: 150

  • Dominique Hankins says:

    Hi I’m Dominique Hankins I’m 27 years I’ve been modeling for three years I want to push my career farther no matter what it takes!!!!

  • Tyshanna sims says:

    I am interested in going to an audition

  • Amanda Lytle says:

    This is my dream but the only thing holding me back
    Is my height… just wondering why u have to be a
    Certain height why couldn’t ya do a cycle with short people
    Starting at 5’0 and up

  • Erica Daniel says:

    Hello, I would really like to know the schedule for cycle 21 Auditions. Thank you!

  • rickeshia blackmon says:

    Hi my name is rickeshia im 21 years old modeling is my passion my dream
    Weight 125
    Height 5’4
    bust 34c
    hips 34 1/2
    Waist 24
    dress 0-2
    i know im short but i also know i can do 10times better has the other model
    email me back

  • Tanya Birmingham says:

    5’8″ in height, weigh 140, long brown hair, and green eyes. Most definitely not shy from a camera.

  • Paige Mock says:

    please come to chicago! 5’10 Mixed purple hair. unique! im ready to show you what youve been missing each season.

  • Shaneta Davis says:

    Growing up being a model was a dream for me . Now, it’s one of my biggest fear. I realize now that I cannot keep running from this. I am ready to face this challenge, I am ready to be a model!

  • Marrayja Graham says:

    Hello my name is Marrayja (mar-ray-ja) Graham , I recently turned 18 in March and I am about to graduate from KingDrew Magnet Highschool, I have been wanting to model since Elementary , but I’m not sure where to pursue my Career.

  • destiny says:

    Would love to audition for antm 2014.
    19 yr old hispanic
    Where can I send pictures or videos?

  • Kiara Washington says:

    Hi, my name is Kiara and I’ve always wanted to become a model. I don’t have very much experience but I am willing to work hard and bring it! I’m 5’5 even, but that doesn’t stop me from wanted to make this dream becom a reality. I want this more than anything and I’m not letting my height get in the way! I’ll just have to work a lot harder and I’M READY!!!! I hope to hear from you soon!

  • Brittney Davis says:

    Hi I am 24 years old and five five. I have been interested in applying for America’s Next Top Model since high school. I would have applied in 2009 but I was at school for the Marine Corps. I would love to audition for the opportunity to be America’s Next Top Model! I will give it my all.

  • Diamond Washington says:

    My name is Diamond I’m 19 from Dallas, TX. I know I can be the next ANTM, I have a great personality, very confident, great look. I’ve wanted to be a model since I could walk, every since I turned 16 I’ve worn nothing but heels everyday. Waiting on the day to show you, the rest of the judges, and America. True to the heart top modeling & bring a new meaning to High Fashion
    You won’t Regret it :-)

  • PATRICE says:

    i like to take a shot to becoming americas male super model

  • Rafael Pedraza says:

    I would love to be part of the show. I am from Idaho and I know I have something special to bring to the table. Bring it on!

  • Paulette Brookins says:

    I am a 5/4, 25yr old African american female. From Atlant ga. I have no experience. But consider myself a fast learning. And I really feel if you guys see me. You will choose me. Thanks in advance, Paulette

  • Victoria White says:

    I’m Victoria White. 19 years old. African American, 5’4, 38C, Size 8 shoes.

  • Satonia Heard says:

    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color:Brown

  • Victoria White says:

    I’m interested. Hope to receive some information soon.

  • Satonia Heard says:

    Hello American Next Top Model my name is Satonia and I’m 20 years old and I live in Kansas City, Mo, and I’ve been a big fan I just pray that I make it on there one day to meet you in person and become one of your models. I have no children, independent and I’m just all in it to win it and learn more.

  • Jazmynn says:

    When will you do a petite model episode?

  • Richard Eric Martin says:

    hello my name is Richard Martin and I am 24 years old I am very interested in an audition to become America’s Next Top Model

  • Trehvonne Jerry says:

    Natural Nervous Motivated Male I Told My Father and Mother Im Going to be a Star And now Its My Turn For my Dream to come True I Want my Nieces and Nephews to Say Just because Trey didn’t Accomplish many things this far I Know he Can Work The Cameras..(-:

  • Rachel says:

    I have watched Americas next top model since I was a little girl. I have always dreamed of being on the show and now I am going to do it.

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