America's Next Top Model Auditions 2014

Let us know you are Interested in Auditioning for America's Next Top Model in 2014

ANTM Nationwide Auditions, Casting Calls & Tryouts


New Cycle Auditions, Tryouts and Casting Calls for 2014 have been Announced for America’s Next Top Model! The New eligibility requirements for this auditions and casting call will be released! ANTM will be accepting new video submissions, they can be sent their mailing address. Leave a comment for more audition information.

What we gather from this is the Producers want mailed in submissions and make unsolicited invitations to girls the producers like on Facebook or other media. It also seems that ANTM will make casting calls if they get enough candidates and they might make open audition in limited markets. For those of you that are interested, stay tuned! It seems that more than likely ANTM will be announcing auditions just to make sure they didn’t miss any amazing talent like YOU!

Here are some great friendly tips for your next big audition!

  • YOUR HAIR: make it as simple as possible: best if it is a simple ponytail that can be set loose if needed.
  • YOUR SHOES: wear comfy shoes, but bring heels you can walk well in.
  • YOUR CLOTHES: jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a slob. It’s a job interview, remember that.
  • YOUR FACE: PLEASE, NO MAKEUP: – For real; if you have to wear it, make sure it is as little as you can to appear as natural as possible. ANTM wants to see you as a rough stone so they know what to work with

Swimswit?: to wear or not to wear? I suggest wearing a flattering swimsuit under your clothes; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Other stuff: plenty of water and high-energy compact food (energy bars/peanuts/jerky); something to entertain you but NOT engross you to the point where you miss someone calling your name/number. Oh, yeah; and an empty bladder. No kidding; you don’t want to HAVE to go when you are there; salty snacks are good for this.

Full Locations List for the 2014 Cycle 21 Auditions: Click Here

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  • Caitlin says:

    I’m 5’1 an interested in modeling.

  • kevinisha herbert says:

    i am 5’1 and i weight 119 . i would love to be antm because i have a little experience with modeling and i know how to pose for the light lol. im from louisiana and i also graduated highschool. Im going to college for fashion styling so i know i can be the person you should pick .

  • Taylor Fleming says:

    I am 18, 5’7″, & 135lbs. I am interested in auctioning for the next cycle.

  • Kendrick Blackman says:

    I heard that this company is now having boys on this show now and I would like to try out or auditions. Plz write back

  • Kendal Robbins says:

    Hello, my name is Kendal. I’m from upstate New York. I’m 5’6 and
    120 pounds. It would be such an amazing opportunity to have a chance to be on ANTM

  • Alycia Tucker says:

    Hi I am Alycia Tucker, I am 18 years old. I use to do modeling when I was little and now i miss it a lot and since I am older i feel like i would have way more opportunities then I would when I was little. The reason I am so i interested in america next top model. First because its modeling , Second because modeling gets me confident and takes my shyness away & third Tyra showed me about finding your light & being confident. When I get behind a camera is like I know who I am & I find me. I can be the shyest person you meet but when you put me behind that camera you see a different side of me. I really hope you pick me and see this. Thank you for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Ariel Brianna Alicia Lampkins says:

    I am very interested in auditioning. I have been watching this show ever since Eva diva and now I am going to FIDM for fashion design but I still want to experience being the model because it was my 1st dream. I am now 19 slender/tall and confident but still a lot to learn and all I want to dive deep into a good opportunity. I’ve modeled for local stores as well as dance and many other things that would make my body and features very unique as well as my personality. Please consider me for an audition. This would really change my life and I’ll work hard to better myself, change my surroundings, and eventually change the world and help those around me

  • Daniesha jones says:

    Hi my name is daniesha and I have been watching this show since I was a lil girl. I’ve always wanted to be a model and be on this show, OMG!! I just love Tyra and ms.jay. Please can you guys consider choosing me to be on the new season I promise I won’t let you down!!! I’m very interested in modeling.

  • marry says:

    I like modeling

  • jimmy gilmore says:

    Dear ANTM my name is jimmy gilmore im 25 yrs old im 5’11 weighing in at 160 lbs…im african american residing in jacksonville florida….growing up ive always felt insecure of myself and lived behind a shadow for others because I wanted to be excepted….wel ive learned to love myself and want to atleast accomplish something ive always wanted in life..I love the art of modeling and its also helps buildself confidence and self esteem..I want to be a testament to other insecure homosexual men that we do have a voice and a presence in this world ….I just want to embrass my true self and live for me..not looking for sympathy just want to be understood and heard….my heart has never wanted something soooo bad…..please consider me for your next cycle it will be a God answered prayer and a new light over my dark deserted tunnel most importantly a life changing experience….I appreciate u guys listening to my reasons I think I would make a strong determined dedicated model with nothing but focus and ambition…Thank You All and God Bless

    Sincerely yours ANTM #21 jimmy gilmore

  • Karen Scearce says:

    Very interested.

  • kyrelle harris says:

    Hi I am a very handsome African american male age 23 very good looking and can get along with anybody well very outgoing ambitious and goal oriented hope to hear from you soon antm

  • Laura Elise Barrett says:

    interested in information on how to submit for the next season of America’s Next Top Model

  • Charlette smith says:

    Interested Candidate!

  • kelsey says:

    hiiiiiii, im Kelsey 23 yrs old female. I would like a chance to be on Americas next top model to show the world ME! I know there’s a lot of beautiful women in the modeling industry and even more beautiful women auditioning but I just want a chance to prove to myself first, then everyone else that a simple girl like me can beat the odds and become something bigger then myself.

  • Marquavia Bailey says:

    I’ve always been so interested in The art of modeling
    Though Ive never really thought I Had the looks to become.

  • Haajar Carter says:

    Hello, My name is haajar, I am 24 years old, and I am very interested in Modeling! I would love to audition and compete in the coming cycle.

  • Dayna Page says:

    I would love to tryout. Everyone always said I could be a model but I never thought I had the face to model. But now I’m at a point in life where I’m just being different and by me trying out it will be a different experience.

  • Sandy Nalien says:

    Hello, my name is Sandy . I’M 17 and ill be 18 in April. I’m 5’7 and 93 lbs. I’ve always been told I look like a model and skinny like one and act like one… so I think it’s time to be one. Im big foreheaded lol and ready to show it off..I would lovee to be apart of Americas Next Top Model.

    IG: @ThatsSoSmiley
    Twitter: @ThatsSoSmiley
    Facebook: Sandy Nalien

  • Katherine Johnson says:

    My life dream!!!

  • Raven Payne says:

    Had training, no experience, would like to audition for the next America Top Mode.

  • Jontelle Butler says:

    I really would love to be a model I am 6″2 black African American24 no kids I have afaith in myself I believe this is my season

  • Dalis Taylor says:

    I’ll be 18 in December. I have natural red hair in freckles. I am belizean. I’ve wanted to be a model since I was 5. This would be a dream come true.

  • Angela Reyes says:

    Hello my name is Angela Reyes and I am interested in audtioning for Americas Next Top Model.

  • Ashley Toussaint says:

    This is my dream!

  • saira says:

    hi i wanna know where it’s gonna be the next auditions thanks i’m from mexico but i really wanna be a top model i think i have all the necessary things for do it

  • Shawna king says:

    I always wanted to model but never thought I could but I love watching your show and I would truly be grateful if I could a chance to audition for America next top model I’m 23 ’5’7 and I love modeling I been watching it since cycle 1 I also follow Tyra on instagram I love this show and I really would like to try out for this next cycle coming but I have Lil to no money so I never thought I would have a chance to try out but I did just graduate from Cosmetology School and I love doing hair modeling or anything in the fashion world

  • Shayla Lewis-Brown says:

    I am ready for the challenge. My family and friends have told me that I need to apply to ANTM. I will prove to you I have what it takes, if I am chosen.

  • Monai Carter says:

    I am very interested in trying out for ANTM! Right now I am located in Charlotte NC but will travel ANYWHERE to get an audition. This is my dream that I have had since I was 16. I have tried out 3 times already in VA. I gave up but now it’s time to make my dream a REALITY! I will not take no for an answer!

  • Moca -Chana says:

    This sounds very interesting to me, I would love the opportunity to do this. I love showing style in my outfits of choice

  • tameka harris says:

    Hi my name is tameka and modeling is something everyone tell me I should give a shot all im asking is for a chance a chance to make a difference for myself and my family!!

  • Nkasci Fluker says:

    My son is interested in auditioning for Americas Next Top Model

  • Kristen says:

    Kristen, texas 25 5’8 120lbs brown hair blue/green eyes
    In rust queen magazine 2012

  • Rube brown says:

    I want to addition for it

  • Zyterria says:

    I’m very interested in auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. And I believe that if I went through with it, I can pull it off!!!

  • Nicola Shipard says:

    lol i wish my skin was nice enough

  • kesna says:

    my name is kesna im 24 and Im so interesting in modeling you have no idea how long I been waiting for this but I didn’t know where to go to apply for it but it would mean the world to me if I had a chance to show what I can..and to be honest that’s the only think im interesting on I would love it you guys contact me for audition

  • chaimaa says:

    hi my name is chaimaa raihanoune , im 5″7 and 115 pounds im intrested in the 2015 Americas next top model please let me know how to enter thanks !

  • Talanya Starr says:

    More info on the auditions please!

    Turning 19 in December. From New York, living in Riverdale GA since age 16.
    I am 5’9″,
    Measurements 34-25-36
    Would love to be on your show!!

  • Zahira Johnson says:

    Hi , I just would love a shot to show what I can do. I have the determination, ambition, and the looks. I am 20 years young and 125lbs and I’m a little short I’m only 5″5 – 5″6. But I would love a chance

  • Sonia Andrade says:

    Hi my name is Sonia i’m 20 years old and i’m 5’11….it has been my dream since a little girl to become a model… i’ve been doing some fashion show and i love Take a photo being front Of camera all Day If You Let Me And I’ve Been Doing My photo Shoots To Start off My Portfolio and Now I want To Do Something For Myself that is Going After My Dream And i’m so Interested To Be On 2015 America Next Top Model.
    Please take a look at my social networks .
    Facebook- Sonia Andrade loaded.

    Thank You.

  • Ngozi says:

    My name is Ngozi I’m 18 years old I’ve watched every single show since i was 13 and I’ve always wanted to be on the show it would be a dream come true!

  • Hayley Elisabeth Sorensen says:

    I’m Hayley I’m not a professional I’m just a simple, natural, small town girl trying to live out my dream and make a better future for myself and my family. I’m 5″5, 106lbs and I have such a passion for modeling and will work so hard to achieve it.

  • Awesome Perry says:

    Hi I am interested in auditioning for ANTM. I am sixteen years old. I’m 5’9 ,100 lbs. I love watching your show. I’ve been thin all my life and I always wanted to model. I hope that I’m not too young to audition. Please contact me regarding upcoming auditions for your show. Thank you

  • alisha motley says:

    I’ve submitted last yr I’ll submit again, n I won’t be discourage or give up..soooo hello again!

  • Kennedy Williams says:

    Hello my name is Kennedy I am 18 years old and I have been wanting to model for years now and just never had the support it. Now I think it is time for me to start my modeling career and blossom.! I stand around 5’7 113lbs I am very photogentic. Being on ANTM has been a dream of mine and I believe I can strive with my modeling career.
    Insta- @kennedddyyyy

  • Danie says:

    It’s Danie,
    I love being a muse for photographers and engrossing myself in the art form of modeling. I can be as tall as any girl, feel through my poses, and believe in giving myself completely to the camera, like it is my stage.
    Here is some of my social media: &!book/citr

  • Brittany Espinosa says:

    So excited. Want more details.

  • Carlene says:

    my name is Carlene John and modeling is something that I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t get over the “fear” of actually doing it because like Chantel winnie i do have Vitiligo, Seeing her on the show motivated me a lot to just go out there and be myself to do something that i love and to break out the barrier because fear isn’t real .

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi my name is Stephanie I’m 22. I’ve been told all my childhood that I should become a model and still do till this day. I would like to try for myself and not because I’ve been told. That would be a great experience for me :)

  • Triquavia Mckinnon says:

    Love to model! I always watched this show and I would love to have this experience

  • Melesia Lovelace says:

    My name is Melesia, I am 23.
    I am Jamaican, but I live in Cleveland, Ohio.
    My weight is 115lbs.
    I am 5″1′, and I really hope there will be a SHORT BOYS/GIRLS Cycle.
    Facebook: Melesia Meaka Lovelace
    Instagram: mepelo

    I hope I am not too early for 2015 Casting of ANTM.

  • Jackie martin says:

    I have always wanted to audition.

  • Ashley bishop says:

    I would love the chance to model, I’m a dancer so emotion without talking is a big thing.

  • olivia miramontes says:

    Hi my name is Olivia you can call me liv for short. im 22 years old and i live in orange,ca . ive been wanting to go on this show since i was 15 years old. this is my dream. this is what ive always wanted to do but always had to put to the side because was alwasys shy and uncomfortable w birthmark. I was happy to see that isn’t a problem with the current cycle accepting all beauty. I’m ready for this. I’m ready to work for what I want. Tyra. If you can hear me ! I won’t let you down.

  • Bianca Abrams says:

    I knew I should try out when I went to a gas station fresh off a shift as a manager at McDonald’s and a guy walked up to me and asked what I do for a living. As if it wasn’t obvious I replied humbly and told him and the only thing he said was, “well you should be a model because you have the build”. The only reason I wouldn’t try out is my self-consciousness of myself. I have stretch marks from my daughter but I wouldn’t change anything if it meant losing her. I just want to do better for her because I know she deserves it.

  • jessica vinson says:

    Do you have to be an certain height to audition ?

  • Michelle Shaw says:

    Hi, I would like to nominate my niece Domenique Shaw (very beautiful/ tall slender young lady (will be 23 in Nov). Not an ounce of fat on her body and she’s already doing local modeling…. Please contact me to forward information to her.

    Thank you

  • Krista Mortis says:

    I am 26 years old, 105lbs, 5’4″, very interested in modeling!!

  • Krista Nicole Mortis says:

    Hi my name is krista!! I and 26 years old but could easily pass as a teenager. I am very interested in bring my modeling skills to bigger and better opportunities so to whom this may concern I am very interested in being on Americans next top model!! I have a very unique look and I am interested in everything just to get my face out there. Please contact my email. I currently live in Massachusetts but am willing to go anywhere! I am half Italian and half greek so I have dark features. I am 5 feet 4inches short but the right heels can make a huge difference! I weigh about 105lbs. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully I hear back from you!!

  • Kristen Harris says:

    My name is Kristen and it has been a dream to be given a chance to try my hand at ANTM and I am ready for the challenge! Please take a look at my social networks!
    Facebook – Kristen Mical Harris
    Instagram – kriss_love_bliss
    I am no pro but I have been working locally as well as working on my masters in professional counseling. BE BLESSED!

  • diamond hawkins says:

    hi my name is diamond hawkins im intrested in the 2015 Americas next top model

  • Paige stearns says:

    Hey I’m paige stearns I’m 18 years old 5″2 red hair brown eyes 111 ib

  • Bria Wolters says:

    Hi! My names Bria and I’m from Barre Vermont, but I’m currently living in West Chester Pennsylvania. Is it possible to get some info about cycle 22? I really want to audition! I’ve wanted to model since I was 16, but was told that my education had to be put first. Now that I’m almost 21 I want to do something for myself and go after this dream. Thanks for taking the time to consider me hope to hear from you!

  • Cassidy Mahurin says:

    More info on the auditions please!

  • kathryn louise says:

    I am 5’10 I weigh 130-135 please please!

  • kathryn louise says:

    Hi my name is kathryn, I am 19 and have been modeling for over 2 years now and absolutely love it! I have been hoping for a chance to get on this show for years! I would be very appreciative if I could thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Johniel King says:

    Hello, My name is Johniel King and I am extremely interested in joining the casting of Americas Next top model. I am 19 years old and I am 5’9”. I’ve been doing photo shoots to start off my portfolio and applying to agencies but it’s a little harder than it seemed, but I can reassure you that I would do all possible to make it. This is a passion I’ve had for so long, and I just want to prove to people that even when you rise from the dust you still can shine like a star and follow your dreams when you put in hard work and dedication!

  • khristina king says:

    Hope to hear from someone.!

  • Cindy Dacosta says:

    I’m very interested

  • Eden Biddle says:

    It has been a dream since I was a little girl to become a model and be on the show Americas next top model it is my passion and something that brings joy to my life. I would probably be the happiest person ever to be on Americas next top model(:

  • Laura Bailey says:

    I’m from London but I have never been to America and I love this show and all the judges! It would be amazing to be in it!

  • shiyan lee says:

    Hi, my name is shiyan. I am an aspiring model looking to be discovered. I am 5’7 but I look a lot taller because I am very thin (weighing 118 lol). I currently stay in Sandy springs GA. I am 20 years old, all my life I have been encouraged by family and friends that I should really get into modeling. Just wanted to give it a shot.

  • Dominique "Doonie" Armstrong says:

    I’m Doonie Armstrong, a tall, toned, skater body guy from the East Bay in California. I am a full time college student majoring in entertainment (music,theatre,dance,modeling). I am an active member of the community and an activists for equal rights. I have co-ownership in a BGLTQ empowerment non-profit organization, called ARC (Artists Redefining Culture). Yes, I’m bisexual. I have aspirations of being on the show, and becoming the one from the ghetto that made it out due to hard work, good energy, and a loving personality.

  • Vatrecia Flowers says:

    Hello Tyra, my name is Vatrecia Flowers
    I have always wanted to become a model as it has always been my passion.
    I have had dreams of being on top, since I always watched your show, and know what to expect.

    I am 22 years old,
    I weigh 139 pounds,
    and stand about 5″6

    However I really would like the opportunity to be on your show.
    to show you and all the other judges that I have what it takes to be the next (antm)

    I work 2 jobs but barely making ends meet, so If I get the opp to be on your show I will be able to show my kids, that dreams are possible to achieve, only if you believe.

  • Noel Dixon says:

    Hi I’m Noel. I’m 18 from Detroit && I want to presume modeling because I finally have gotten my confidence up enough to believe I’m pretty enough to this. I have a lot of support now & think this would help launch me into my career

  • Rebekah Davis says:

    Hi, I’m Rebekah I am ITALIANO 6″1 I weigh 135 pounds. I just turned 25. I am originally from Orange County NY,and residing in Newport News VA. I am honestly a huge fan of the show as we’ll as you MS.TYRA ,YOUR MY IDOL BECAUSE I AM FIERCE RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU, and because the strength you have and give to these women and I who have dreams of becoming stars so that puts the inspiration in me and the other women who look up to you and up and formost the beauty that you are and that I see EVERYTIME I watch the show! I am 120% ready to become a TOP MODEL AND NOTHING STANDING IN MY WAY. I am ready to audition!

  • Stacie Simmons says:

    Hi my name is Stacie Simmons I’m 20 years old I’m 5’4 and weight 110 . Modeling is always been a dream and i have been looking into ways I could pursue my dream.

  • Jane Johnson says:


  • Tyjanique Foster says:

    I want to become a model

  • Kevin (maze) Sanders says:

    I would like to know when will cycle 22 casting start and can I send my video submission

  • kristen peckoff says:

    Hey there!

    My friends say I should try out for the show. What are the video submission supposed to include?

    Peace & love,


  • Bobby Joe Hewlett says:

    Hi there!
    My name Is Bobby Joe. I am a 23 year old male. My height is 511′ and weight is 155 with a waist of 30″. Forgive me if I am ridiculous for asking this but is this a Coed audition? If so let me now where to be. I definitely know I have what it takes to be on top! :))

  • Gabrielle Gaston says:

    Hi my name is Gabrielle Gaston, I’m eighteen years old and I stand at 5’6″ and weigh 125 lbs. I would love to be considered for your next cycle of ANTM.

  • Andrea Kienlen says:

    Hi! I am interested in on America’s Next Top Model. I am petite, but good things come in small packages!! I’m from the Milwaukee area and can’t wait to meet you!

  • Shalina jones says:

    I am 19 years young I love to create my own style with vintage clothes/shoes. I am from nashville and plan to attend college for fashion. I have never modeled before but I’m no where near shy also a big hookah fan lol.
    I.G: Caroline_decode/ apathic_soul.


  • Monica Gonzalez says:

    Hi my name is Monica Gonzalez. I am 29 yrs old my weight is 232 and my height is 5’9. I am a mom of 2 beauties age 8, and 6(soon to be 7). I have always had a passion for modeling but because of my weight and some bad judgment I never tried to persue it. I know if given the chug chance I will give it my all. I would appreciate the opportunity thankyou!

  • Monica Gonzalez says:

    Hi my name is Monica Gonzalez from Union City, Nj. I am 29 yrs old I weight 232 and I’m 5’9. I am also a mom of 2 ages 8 and 6. I have been wanting to model since I was in High but being that I was always told that I would not have a chance in becoming a model I never tried to pursue it. This would be an amazing opportunity to me for me. If I was given the chance I know I would give it my all.

  • Phillip carter says:

    25 year old male looking to be the next best thing in modeling! Ever since I
    Could remember modeling has been a big part of my life. I remember being younger looking at photos of different models in different countries picturing myself in those places. I one day want to help others experience themselves in a different place.

  • Kaylee sleeman says:

    Hi my names kaylee and I’ve watched this show since I was a little girl and always dreamed about being on it one day. I do some modeling and think I have what it takes! I’m 5’8, 19, blonde hair, blue eyes. I’m extremely outgoing and get along with everyone. I would love to hear more about the audition!

  • kathryn says:

    I love watching antm…I am in my 30′s, 5’8 and 155 lbs.. I have watched it every year since the start. I think it would be amazing if they opened a 30′s + cycle. I have dreamed of becoming a model since I was a kid. I am getting ready to turn 32 in a week. It is very hard to get someone to even look at us older women.. I also have tattoos! Make it even harder! I would love to audition for a 30+ cycle..

  • Lyn Ascher says:

    Hi, my name is Lyn (as you an see above), and I’m 18 years old.
    I really want to apply for an audition of ANTM,
    but I am only 5.05249 feet tall (101.4 pounds).
    I have no experiance AT ALL, I only watched ANTM,
    and decided that it might be nice to try because I don’t know anything about modeling and model, and for this reason I can learn so much from it.
    Please let me know when will be the next cycle for petite models :)

  • Susheila Koon says:

    I’m very small always have been since a kid and I hear I should be a model more than a few times a day every day and I’m really curious to whether I have what it takes. I’m driven definitely open to new opportunities and this is one is I’ve always wanted to go for but never had the guts until now.

  • Tenicia Williams says:

    I’m Tenicia Williams , I always wanted to model , but never had the guts to go for it . im 5’4 145 pds . i live in Florida , modeling is my dream and passion . I’ll love to hear from u guys soon .

  • Unique Everlasting says:

    Hello, my name is Unique Everlasting. I am twenty years of age, I stand 5’10″ and 6’1″ in heels.
    I have dirty blonde hair with swarthy brown eyes. I weigh naturally 120, I have a small hourglass slender figure.
    Unique Everlasting is my stage now, and I have little experience, just enough to wear I have walked the run way. Modeling is a ordeal passion of mine, I always thought I personally had it in me and I have been highly suggested to learn from the best, Tyra Banks.
    I dearly hope I can be apart of this show and get to learn the fabulous journey of modeling.

  • shenita porter says:

    I would be a great fit for this

  • Bobbi Harris says:

    My name is Bobbi Harris, and I am from Chattanooga, TN. I am 19 years old, 5’11″, and weigh around 140 pounds. I attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I have wanted to model pretty much since I can remember, but have never had the means to do so. It would be a wonderful opportunity being on ANTM, and if nothing else it would be a great experience and hopefully help me learn a little more about modeling. Please send me any information needed about the audition process.
    Thank you!

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