America's Next Top Model Auditions 2015

Let us know you are Interested in Auditioning for America's Next Top Model in 2015

ANTM Nationwide Auditions, Casting Calls & Tryouts


New Cycle Auditions, Tryouts and Casting Calls for 2014-2015 have been Announced for America’s Next Top Model! The New eligibility requirements for this auditions and casting call will be released! ANTM will be accepting new video submissions, they can be sent their mailing address. Leave a comment for more audition information.

What we gather from this is the Producers want mailed in submissions and make unsolicited invitations to girls the producers like on Facebook or other media. It also seems that ANTM will make casting calls if they get enough candidates and they might make open audition in limited markets. For those of you that are interested, stay tuned! It seems that more than likely ANTM will be announcing auditions just to make sure they didn’t miss any amazing talent like YOU!

Here are some great friendly tips for your next big audition!

  • YOUR HAIR: make it as simple as possible: best if it is a simple ponytail that can be set loose if needed.
  • YOUR SHOES: wear comfy shoes, but bring heels you can walk well in.
  • YOUR CLOTHES: jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a slob. It’s a job interview, remember that.
  • YOUR FACE: PLEASE, NO MAKEUP: – For real; if you have to wear it, make sure it is as little as you can to appear as natural as possible. ANTM wants to see you as a rough stone so they know what to work with

Swimswit?: to wear or not to wear? I suggest wearing a flattering swimsuit under your clothes; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Other stuff: plenty of water and high-energy compact food (energy bars/peanuts/jerky); something to entertain you but NOT engross you to the point where you miss someone calling your name/number. Oh, yeah; and an empty bladder. No kidding; you don’t want to HAVE to go when you are there; salty snacks are good for this.

Full Locations List for the 2014-2015  CYCLE 22 Auditions: Click Here

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  • kierra says:

    My name is Kierra and I’m interested in auditioning. I believe I have a lot to offer and can make a change with this if I won

  • Wytta Jones says:

    I am very interested.!!

  • Bethlehem Richardson says:

    I been wanting to do modeling my whole life and this would be great experience. I watch your shows tell myself one day that I will do it. I would love it if you gave me chance it would mean the world to you have no idea how much this means to me

  • nilsa says:

    soy una persona con un gran talento y mucha personalidad y tendo 19 años

  • jovanna says:

    My name is Jovanna (5’5, 105 weight )I’m very interested to participate . I will turn 15, in June 14, 2016. I like to play piano, run track, take pictures, and draw. I’m very positive, hardworking, confident, and determined. My parents are very supported on everything I do all the way. I hope you can review this message you won’t be disappointed.

  • Kristen Burt says:


  • Amber Dennis says:

    Something for me will give. For me theres so much out there that I need to accomplish. The only chance you miss is when you never tryn

  • Camille says:

    im not from the U.S. but I would like to join the competition.
    I’m not a professional model either but I have modeled in front of the mirror everyday of my life and I guess I need a break.

  • Deborah says:

    Hey! I’m Deborah.
    Growing up watching the show has tought me quite a few things. I have great quality and love to experience new things. I listen very well , and I love walking a runway. Email me for me information.
    Thank you for your time !

  • Amy Petterson says:

    Good day Trya

    I’m Amy from South Africa Cape Town.
    My weight is 63 but my figure is more kim kardashian
    I love modeling and being in the camera is there by any chance
    I can get a opportunity to be apart of America’s next top mod please?
    You can contact me
    As I really want to do this

    Warm Regards

    Hope to hear from you soon
    much love and appreciation


    Heey Tyra Make me a Supermodel please :)

  • Tekeshes Davison says:

    Heyy I’m Tekeshes & I know I have what it takes to become ANTM. Im Beautiful & Bold

  • emily domenica valle ullauri says:

    This would be a dream come true competition is what I really want

  • calvin smith says:

    Hi!! Im CALVIN im a singer/model/everything you need for this industry needs i’m also stylish /sexy/confident and quick on my feet and i’m ready for anything that comes my way If I get the chance i know sucessfully ill make it. Have a great day!

  • Zamoni says:

    My name is Zamoni Berry. I have been modeling for three years as a hobby, I enjoy finding photographers and taking beautiful and creative photographs. I am 18 years old and would love to have the opportunity to work with you and your cast. I believe I would go very far. I hope to meet you at your auditions.

  • Deja Marks says:

    Hi America’s Next Top Model Team!
    My name is Deja I’m 19 years old and I live in Chicago, IL. I have been a fan of America’s Next Top Model since I can remember. It has been a dream of mine to become a model and flaunt my stuff on a run way. Season after season i would watch and imagine Tyra speaking to me and encouraging me so I do better. I have confidence you will also see the potential in me as I do in myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write you all and hopefully I will hear back from you soon. :)

  • cori says:

    hi my names Cori Burleson I’m 22 I stand at about 5’2 5′.
    I’m known for my faces. Ive been through a lot but I keep
    it in some say that’s not good but it inspires me to connect with
    a photo better♡ I want to be America’s Next TopModel.

  • Kerry Reeves says:

    Waiting for you to have a cycle for the older woman. I am 54 years old and always wanted to model. The modeling world is so focused on 18-25 year olds that they forget about us and don’t forget, older women buy clothes and are still very stylish too! I’m about 5’4 and 1/4 so make the height requirement in my range, 5’3″ to 5’7″. I must make a comment about the college cycle, Kiara Belen should have won cycle 19 over Laura. Laura, I feel won because of who her father is. She cried through the whole cycle.

  • Essence Strickland says:

    I’m just waiting on my callback, patiently of course. I already got my bags packed and I’m sitting at the door with one phone in one hand lol. Seriously I can’t wait to hear from you guys. I also lost those inches and pounds I said I would, can you say committed?

  • shoshana Brown says:

    hello my name is shoshana. i enjoy this show alot and Tyra what you are doing for these aspiring models is really a great thing, i respect you and hope you stay bless, i want to model and i think that this show would be my ticket to make my dreams come through. I know i am beautiful and i am very confident about myslef. if given the opportunity i will work hard very very hard to become the next top model. i will make all my viewers and judges proud. Thank you.

  • Judith says:

    Hie….am a fan I love modelling its my passion and would like this oppotunity to show my talent.Thanks

  • Luvenger Ollie says:

    I am 20 . If chosen to be on the show I know I can win. I need this opportunity. I’m from Erie PA
    Hard working ✔️determined ✔️ Supermodel ✔️
    Just call me Luv

  • Heather Bolin says:

    Hello! I would like to introduce myself as, Heather Renee Bolin. I live in a small town Chester sc. I love your show and it would mean the world to me if I were able to be apart of it one season. Plus be such a pleasure to meet you. Unfortunately Im having it rough and been that way since I can remember so I’m trying to make a change for myself and my precious 2 year old little boy. And what better way than to be America’s Next Top Model! I love you and would mean everything to get to meet you.

  • Madison Iwanczyk says:

    Hi my name is Madison! I’m 18 and have dreamed to become ANTM like many girls. I’ve watched the show and absolutely love it!! I think this would be such a great experience even if I don’t make it far. Anyways a big fan!!

  • Angela Butler says:

    I’m interested in applying to audition for ANTM but I could not find a deadline. I want to make sure I can still apply. I am 24 years old. And at 5’4″ I was thrilled to see there was no height requirement this year. Please let me know! Thank you! :)

  • summer yocom says:

    Hi my name is summer yocom I am 12 and I would absolutely love to be on the show I know of course alot of people would want to be on the show and I think you should do a cycle for young teens I know that you probably won’t pick me anyways but I still hope I’m a huge fan
    Thank you

  • Crystal says:

    My name is Crystal and I think I have what it takes to become the next top model

  • Marie frenel says:

    Hey my name is Marie, im 18 years old,im5’7.and i would love to be in Americanext top model’s always been a dream since i was a little girl.

  • Manuel Leyva Jr says:

    I do have my co-worker/manager that is 5’10. Some of us thought she was a lesbian to begin with but we were very wrong. She has a very beautiful look that goes well with a mole she has on her lips but she is afraid that she will not qualify or may even embarrass herself. I know she may just be another typical girl out there but you never know unless you try. How can we go about to hopefully get her to audition for ANTM? Any suggestions we will definitely take serious and hopefully she will be ANTM. Thank you.

  • stardasia says:

    Please please please please please consider me

  • Fatmata Bangura says:

    I will like to be America Next Top Model for cycle 22 so please give me call. Thanks so much.

  • Andrew Crump says:

    Young black handsome gentlemen.

  • Anaya Crutcher says:

    i am fibally 18, tyra you dont understand how long ive waited for this.

  • Jaylae Goodwin says:

    My name is Jaylae, and I’m 15 years old standing 6’0, I think I have the attitude and the looks to become the next top teen model. I’m slim and every time I go somewhere I get compliments on how I should be a model. I hope I get the opportunity to show my talent and skills.

  • Nzingha Hall says:

    All I do is take pictures, I love taking pictures. Literally everyone whether from work, school or just seeing me out tells me I need to model. I have the perfect height and my body is amazing even after having a baby. I would love to have a shot at being Americas next top model.

  • Kylyn jordan says:

    Greetings from the valley of the sun, (Arizona) my name is kylyn Jordan but my friends and family call me “kk”. I’m 15 years old soon to be 16 in May of this year. I’m 5ft. (3 inch), im a sophomore at the home of the lions, mountain pointe high school. I’ve never been in front of the camera I’m usually the one behind the scenes but throughout the years I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

  • Julie gaudreau says:

    Hi, I’m a 22 year old mom that has been trying to get this application to try out for Canada’s next top model it has been my dream since I’ve been 6 years old and my heart is set to anything and is will try my hardest :)
    Julie Gaudreau

  • neko stewart says:

    Tyra hi,I’m 24 yrs old my mom all my life been tryin to get me to model and lot of ppls off the streets ask me hav I ever though about model I would jus laugh and say not really but my mom have..

  • Allison Healey says:

    Hello everyone!

    I have been told over and over that I have face and body of a model, but I am very short. Standing at 5’2. And I am 19 years old. I would love to be a petite model. I come from a town where an opportunities aren’t available every day. I was a gymnast most of my life and have experience behind a camera and in front of it. I’m beyond ready to see a girl who is defined as too short to be a model a chance to prove herself!

  • evoni legette says:

    i am 15 going on 16 i am 5,9 and i have always wannted to be a model. i belive i should be on this show not only for the oppertunity but so it can teach me what it means to truely be a model.

  • clorinda Vernay says:

    hi tyra banks, my name Clorinda I come from Indonesia, I wanted to be a model but I can speak a little English

  • Ineicka Gattis says:

    5’6 115 22 year old .. Love to walk in my heels doing hair and make up

  • Diana Zinoveva says:

    Hi! I am from Russia and I’m 16, I love to watch your show, it’s really fascinating, I have long thick hair and looks interesting, I participated in beauty contests, and went to a modeling agency in connection with the study stopped, but now I want to log in again this area, it seems to me that because I would have been a model of haute couture.

  • Diamond Pennington says:

    Hey beautiful people, im just a simple girl putting the right foot forward to accomplish a goal i was created for!!!Id love to be under your wing, hope everyone gets a chance !!! 5’4….135lbs….biracial….natural curly hair…sun kissed skin….GOD BLESS

  • alisha motley says:

    For a long time people have been telling me that I should pursue this opportunity. After my mother passed of breast and HLH cancer, I lost my house my job and my car and I’m basically starting my life over,living with ppl. I do have another job loading trucks at UPS but it’s definitely not where I want my life to be. I have a eight year old son and he pays attention to what I do and he goes to photoshoot with me but modeling is my passion and I know he wants it for me too. I’m over the top interested because even if I don’t make it to be number 1 people will get to see my Dr that I have for modeling my mother only got to see my beginning yrs of modeling, she would have been proud to see me on anti. I’ve submitted a couple times but no call yet.. i pray this yr is a gd yr! Thx for reading lady,be blessed

  • Melissa says:

    hello, i have been watching this show since i was a little girl and id like to have the opportunity to become america’s next top model, but i am 15 soon to become 16 and i dont think it is my time yet but i really hope you soon have an amerias next teen top model or something like that:))))))

  • Tanesha Floyd says:

    Please contact me so I can understand how to go about auditioning

  • Alexis Whiteside says:

    Hey my name is Alexis Whiteside. I’M 20 years old and I Watching your show.I from Jackson Tennessee which is a very small
    town. I been wanting to model since I was a lil bababy girl. I tell myself all the time that I am America Next Top Model and I’M gonna do what ever it takes to make my dream come true. I am a beautiful and intelligent young lady who has dreams and believes anything is possible. I’M only 5″3 and weight 117. I have faith that God will make my dream come truth. All I need is faith. And besides I my height and weight can turn out to be the best America Next Top Model you ever had.

  • Elle Sherwood says:

    Hello I’m Elle! I’m 5”10 and am a very outgoing person. I’ve done some modelling before but i want to do more, and winning America’s next top model would be so fabulous for my career! I cannot explain how badly i want to be a supermodel.

  • Raevyn Jones says:

    My name is Raevyn Jones. I am two weeks shy of being 18 & I am a senior in high school who has already started training to be a nurse and working in a clinic with patients. I have always been encouraged by my family to get into modeling, but I never really had the confidence. I live in a small town in California. I think I could make it on ANTM because I have the drive & dedication. I 5’8, 120 pounds, blonde hair & green eyes. Modeling has always been a dream of mine, but I’ve never had the confidence to actually get into it, so ANTM would be the greatest opportunity.

  • Kendra Day says:

    Hi, My name is Kendra Day. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Texas. I’m 5’9 and I am 119lbs. It has always been my dream to be a model. I’ve been told since I was little that I should be. I know I have what it takes to be Americas Next Top Model. I will make my audition memorable, and I would love your feedback!

  • Vanessa Gollman says:

    Hi, my name is Vanessa Gollman I’m 19 years old I weigh 137 pounds I’m 5’6 and I live in Detroit Michigan. Modeling wasn’t my first choice of career goals but I have been told many times I have the ability to model. I’m ready to become a contestant for America’s Next Top Model.

  • Macarena says:

    I’m from Argentina I would like to apply for this!

  • Tanea Fogg says:

    I have dreamed of this moment since I was 12year-old , thank you hope to see you soon

  • Alyssa babcock says:

    I’m 14 soon to be 15 I think you should do a teen Americas next top model I would love to be on there I’m 5,8 I love your show and I love to get my picture taken

  • christina says:

    Hi my name is christina and i believe i can be the next top model i havr lots of peoplr tell me i should try to e a model because i have the looks..the body ..and shape

  • uyshika rogers says:

    I Have an ambition and hunger to Model not only that but to also take a step towards achieving My goals in life. I will stop at nothing to be the best. i would love this opportunity to cultivate and hone my modleling skills and abilities in order to achieve my goal of being the best model

  • Terry Tijani says:

    Hello Mrs Banks. My neice has just turned 17 and shes interested in becoming a model and I am prepared to help her to fulfill her dream. She loves watching ANTM and I think that she would be great at it.

  • Julia Jacobson says:

    My name is Julia Jacobson, I have wanted to model my entire life and have been through a bunch of scam modeling that just wanted my money. I gave up for awhile but finally have the confidence to try again. I am 5’5 and 20 years old living in New York city.

  • Ashley Aiken says:

    I’m America’s Next Top Model

  • Kloni matthews says:

    Name is From Hawaii Pronounced Kay-La-Ne 5″8 Wonderful Body And Beautiful Face. Modeling have always been my dream not only modeling but without pictures It won’t be life all I ever do is take pictures even on my worst days I love them this would be a big opportunity for me .

  • Luky Tapia says:

    Hello. My name is Luky I’m from Highland Park NJ, (very small town)
    I’m 20 years old. I have not experience with makeup or heels. My height is 5’9, my weights is 170lbs and my hair is short and dark brown. I would like to be part of The ANT because I want to learn and appreciate – what is to be a great model!. Thank you.

  • Kiana Miller says:

    I am a junior in college and everyone tells me I should be a model and I just want to try it before I graduate and begin my career.

  • Aneisha Williams says:

    I have always wanted to be a part of Americas Next Top Model, even if I do not make it far just being able to say I was a part of it would be a dream come through!

  • alejandro esqueda says:

    Im alejandro esqueda im from mexicpo i dont speak english very well
    but i do my best modeling and be on top its my dream i dont have like the perfect body but i b elive in myself and i hope this dream became true

  • martevia butler says:

    Hi I am Martevia Butler , and I am very interested in Americans Next Top Model. I Have Always Wanted To Do It . Could You Please Contact Me, thank you for your time and God Bless You .

  • brandon says:

    I’m very interested in cycle 22! I’m must WIN!!!

  • Patricia Miller says:

    Hello Ms Banks my name is Patricia Miller I’m 5″2 Brown skin and I love reading pictures I’m not gonna give you a long summary buy I’m gone to tell you that i need this modeling wasn’t my first pic for my future but growing up and watching the shows I end up finding out that being a model is something that inspires me and makes me smile when i say the word . I’m not the prettiest girl the tallest but i am motivated, I’m kind, and Im beautiful. Ms Banks Im probably not the best candidate but I want it ass need it . I want a better life for my son for me I learned from you that documents you don’t have to be the prettiest you just have to want it and believe in it and i do.

  • Bobbie Murray says:

    Hello Ms,Banks. I’m the granny of a 5’11,12 year old granddaughter. I would like to find a program for her to audition for. Do you have a recommendation of a good legitimate program . We live in Texas .Her mom doesn’t know about this. I would love to surprise them both. My granddaughter loves to dress up and strut her stuff!

  • Daryl Levar Deshields says:

    I wish could did dis before but my dream is to be a model I would not let you down I love taking pics everybody ask me why I don try to be a model but I do just don no how go about it my money not right I dream of taking care my 13 year old son believe call me I got some nice pics on fb plz call me email I lose my mind if I would get a call back

  • Shaquasha Petersen says:

    Hey I have always wanted to be a model and love watching the show. I was just to shy to apply but I finally found the and encouragement to apply.

  • Taimur says:

    i want to be model.

  • Yesenia Marie Santiago says:

    Gooood Morninggg Everyone My name is Yesenia I’m tiny 4’11 5’0in heels. . I wanna thank you for having this oppertunity of my life also to reading my post. I just wanna say that, I’m so excited I’m at this level to apply to be apart of America’s top model. I really do look forward in getting a interview. This job is one of my best wishes when I were younger. Its absolutely amazing to me I can’t wait. I’m so avalible to change my career around. Please call me yesenia

  • Linda Lunsford says:

    Hi. My name is Linda I live n Goldsboro NC I’m 26yr I weight about 130 I’m light skin my height 5″4 No I’m not that tall but in mind I am I love the camera and it loves me back love to take pics I’m very beautiful of course I would say that about myself but if you could give me a chance I can show you better than tell you I always wanted to be a model I’m just asking for a chance at this I promise I’ll be worth your time I have a great body I usually don’t wear makeup I’m a natural beauty so please give me this one chance to change my life fir me n my two daughters thanks you Linda Lunsford

  • Chelsie Dix says:

    I live modeling.

  • Tony Giambelluca says:

    I’ve thought about this for a long time and I’ve taken a long time to get to the point were I’ve felt able to express myself confidently. Being only 5’6″ I’ve never thought this was a possibility, but knowing that the industry is always changing, I feel that differences make you stand out and send a positive message. I want to be the person that let’s people know that everyone that feels like they aren’t the “standard” of pretty or what’s wanted can have a voice and know that they are beautiful in their own unique way.

  • Maliaka L. Grace says:

    I am very interested in fashion and photography. Never modeling, but friends and family think I should try. I am 5’11, weigh 120lbs. Great hair. No weaves, no perms. People call me the black Marilyn Monroe.

  • nina shapey says:

    Hi my name is Nina. I’m 21 years old. I’ve been interested in modeling since I’ve been a little girl. Its what I’ve always wanted to do. I want to inspire girls across the world and say that I made it and so can others

  • jade larissa poe says:

    My name is Jade Poe, and I want to learn how to be a model and become America next top model

  • Dametris Laney says:

    Hi, I’m Dametris Laney! A young lady with very high hopes and dreams! I would like to become a Model and travel the world. Its so much stuff for me to learn and see in this world. I think now is my time! Im about to be 21 with no kids and time is ticking! Modeling is my dream and with the right people. I can fight to become American Next Top Model!

  • DJuana Brisby says:

    Hello there I am 24, and I wanted to know how can I be on America’s next top model. I really love watching the show, and it’s always been my dream to be on there. Please respond back. And thank you :-)

  • Natalie says:

    Hello Tyra I’m 5’9 and 180lbs considered plus size model. I’m interested in modeling this would be my second casing call with you. ….I attended one back in 2009 in southbend, in and missed the second one that you had in SouthBend, in at premier beauty college

  • Lacey Noel says:

    Hello my name is Lacey Noel. I am 18 years old, 105 lbs, and 5’2. I have grown up watching Americas Next Top Model and always said I wish I was tall enough. So my Mom started looking for local stuff I could be involved in. I grew so much doing local fashion shows and photo shoots. I came across the Audition information and saw there is NO height requirement. At the same time I had recently turned 18. I was finally eligible for something I thought I could never even have a chance at. I have sent an email with my close up, full body, and swimsuit pictures and hope I can be giving the opportunity for a real audition. Let me come and walk for you and show you the passion I have to become Americas Next Top Model!

  • shakenya goodrum says:

    hi i wanted to know how can i be in american next top model i really want this so bad and i really want to be on the show how can i get to be in american next top model

  • Latarvia Miller says:

    Am tall brown skin 5’7 weighing 123 am Avery strong minded person and I love to take pictures and show off skin I would love to become a model that would fit me

  • nicholas gillings says:

    good morning tyra and the entire staff of antm in Nicholas gillings a 17 year old male from Jamaica im am exciting out spoken and adedicatd person It would be of great pleasure to me if I could get a chance to audition for antm I have watch all the cycle and I have a passion for modeling.

  • Nelia Gause says:

    I really want to be a model and over the years I’ve been nerves about doing this but now I think I’m ready and have what it takes. I live in Chicago, IL. When will you have auditions here or would you have auditions here?

  • logan dewey says:

    I am very interested in your modeling company and i think that i would be your best model. i’ll do any kind of modeling

  • Keisha says:

    Hello! My name a Keisha and I’m 18 I’m 5’2″
    I’m 104 pounds. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
    I’m a senior in high school and graduating in May 2015. I would love to be a petite model. I’m obsessed with this show and watch it all the time. I’ve always wanted to start modeling since I was young and hopefully you will give me a chance. I’m a very big people person and very bubbly. I would love for you to please consider me.

  • vinton mfolo says:

    I’m a south african woman,who loves modeling so much and I would really like to parcitipate in africa’s next top model

  • sadie mack says:

    I really Want to be a model really bad

  • Clifford Lakes says:

    I want this more than anything. I am driven to be a model. I work hard at everything I do. I am not rich and I have not had the brake that most people have had. I do a little modeling for people in my Hood. I’m very shy but I am personable. I have personality for days. I want to be just like Tyson beckford. I wish I could o could follow in his foot steps. I have wanted to model since I was 7 years old. I am 6’1 brown hair and eyes… I wear a size 13 in shoes. I’m a size 32×32…I have what it takes

  • Jacob Daniel Delegal says:

    Hey ANTM staff I hope my application has made the selection…I am so anxious to hear from y’all…

  • makara emani haynes says:

    Life long dreams. Believe nothing is impossible. Always put god first. Love the show

  • Demetria Flynn says:

    I’m 5″8 weighting 160 dark brown very beautiful don’t ware make up I’m the baby of my family this is a very big opportunity to have I would love to join the cast of the next season …. Thank u tyra & antm

  • Cynthia says:

    Hello, my name is Cynthia,
    I’m currently a 16yrs old following my dreams. Becoming a model is one os my top 5. Just this weekend I was a contestant in the teen USA pageant. Its was such a amazing experience. It gave me more motivation on writing to you hoping that I would hear from you.
    I was just scouted by t he msa modeling agencies. Coming into the tyra bank modeling is one of my biggest goals. I promise you that you wont be disappointed. I hope you would call me to be your next America top model

  • Brianna Thomas says:

    Hello my name is Brianna Thomas I have aloepecia Universalis so I don’t have hair eyebrows eyelashes on a little hair on my head and lashes. I’m 17 (18 March 10th) and Ik I would be a good Canidate because I would bring back the look of the old days when they had figures such as Marilyn Monroe.

  • Kinnetra Grice says:

    Good Evening Tyra & ANTM Staff! My name is Kinnetra Grice & I’m the youngest of 4 siblings. I am humbled, excited, & absolutely interested & would love to be given the opportunity to audition for the next cycle/season. I’m a people’s person, very loving, helpful, beautiful, pretty smile, goofy, athletic (yet girly), a dancer, out-going & very competitive… I would be honored if you give me the chance to prove to you all that I have what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model. Thank you in advance

  • Alexis Schloss says:

    Hi my name is Alexis Schloss, I am a 24 year old from Brooklyn, NY. I’ve applied a few times before and I am still interested in being Americas Next Top Model

  • ShanQuandra Walker says:

    Name ShanQuandra Walker
    height 5’3
    short brown reddish hair
    205 lbs
    Im 17 turn 18 feb 4 this year
    currently in high school 12th grade class of 2015
    i would like to be a plus size model and i would like to be given the chance to addition for your show

  • Martina magnusson says:


    My name is martina magnusson and I live in Sweden I have been in both Miss Universe Sweden and Miss World Sweden and it Would be fantastic If I could come to your contry on a casting.
    Or can I applay to a e-mail?

    Greetings, Martina

  • Frankie Riggsbee says:

    Hello Ms. Tyra. I am a 20 year old woman who has had a passion for modeling and fashion since i was 15. At 20 years of age now, I have finally found my inner confidence in myself and my looks that people have always told me that they see. My career has taken a path towards automotive technician. Yes, i am a woman who can and loves to work on cars. One day off of work I wasn’t doing anything special or different and i decided to look up a modeling school close by.
    I have now recently graduated from John Casablancas in Charlotte North Carolina and i believe i couldn’t have made a better decision for my next step in life.
    My name is Frankie Riggsbee, I am 5′ 9″ with long brunette hair. I am slender with a bit of a large bust size and deep blue eyes.
    It would mean the world to me to get this shot, this chance to show you what i can do and can be in the modeling world.
    Thank You.

  • Sushmita says:

    I wish to give my audition

  • Hannah Hawkins says:

    Hello Tyra and ANTM staff,
    My name is Hannah Hawkins and I am from Sanger, California. I have watched ANTM since I was a little girl and it really became my dream to model. I have grown very close with a previous model from ANTM she is a family friend Iluvy Gomez. She really inspired me to go after my dreams and she taught me many things. I would love to audition for ANTM and I feel I would be the perfect fit. I am 18 years old, 5’7.5 , small bust, small waist, big hips, brown hair, hazel eyes, 120lbs, Caucasian. Thank you for your time.

  • selena riarte says:

    hello my name is selena riarte I am from Argentina san juan and wanted to tell you I want to be the america next next top models soyu very young but so want to go I have 15 years but being a model is my great dream I have much experience with the modeling industry I have a cousin who is a model and want to show that not only she may be the only model of the family so here please tyra want conpetir in america next top models

  • Charley Green says:

    Hi Ms. Tyra. My name is Charley green and modeling has been a dream of mine since I was 13 years old. I’m 20 years old. 6’0 even. 114lbs. Small bust and HUGE smile. I know I’m would be a EXCELLENT canadit if selected. Pleasseee give me that chance to show you I’m Americas next top model! – Thanks

  • Jacob Vanderveer says:

    Hi Tyra my name is Jacob Vanderveer and I have been modeling since I was about 13 years old . I am currently 22 years old now . I would love to be on Americas next top model because I could show the world a different kind of model. I am Puerto Rican and italian . Recently I lost my mother and have no parents and have been perusing modeling because that has always been my dream and I would love to make my mother proud she passed away a year ago . Please go threw my pictures and give me a chance . I’m gay and I have a daughter who is 6 years old no one has ever seen a model who has a child and has no family besides his kid I want to show people that no matter where you come from and how hard things are in life that you can push harder . When I lost my mom I lost everything my husband ended up cheating on me I lost my house and everything I worked for . I just recently was able to pick my self up and say I have to push on for my kid . Right after my mom died I commented suicide and lost everything my husband my house my child and was really depressed because I didn’t have a dad either . So I was stuck with nothing but death and pain which killed me I just recently had to pick myself up and say god did this for a reason and maybe my reason is to make her proud please give me a chance . I have not really spoken to anyone about this so telling someone I don’t know has me in tears right now forgive me . If I were given the chance I can promise you I would not let you down . Please let me know what you think ! Thank you so much and have a great day and sorry again for pour some of my heart into this message you may never read it but God willing you will thank you again for your time !

  • Alyssa Toles says:

    I am very interested in auditioning for ANTM. Please let me know the next steps. Thank you.

  • Chelsea Khan says:

    Hello I have been told my whole life I should be a model.. Just this past year had opportunity of having 3 photo shoots.

    I loved and enjoyed every moment… Would love to have the chance to try out for America’s Next Top Model… Hope that you might give me that opportunity…

  • Khalil Joseph says:

    I would like to audition for the show because I feel like I could bring a new look and a different kind of style to the cycle and also because I’ve been watching it since the very first season

  • Cydney K Johnson says:

    Hello Tyra and ANTM staff,

    My name is Cydney Johnson. I am genuinely interested in learning more about the opportunity to audition for your next cycle/season.

    17 years old (DOB: 11/29/97)
    107 lbs

  • Diamonte says:

    I am America’s Next Top Model

    Tall Dark and Handsome

  • ashley hoffarth says:

    I am 12 and I am 5,4 I may be to young but I would love to try I am 100 pounds its always been my dream to be apart of something so wonderful and amazing I am from Colorado I love to play softball I can be very hard to work with but I am a very good listener. I now you might not take me but did u ever think of adding younger kids and see if they can ring it so I am just hoping you get this a take my word under consideration….. thank you so much for reading and by the way it would be a good idea you add guys but where are the young…… thank and love yours one and only Ashley one more thing this would be a dream come true for me.

  • Janely Zavala says:

    Age : 15
    Weight: 106
    Height: 5’4

  • Janely Zavala says:

    Hello Tyra,
    My name is Janely and my biggest dream is to be a fashion model, your show is one of the best modeling ones out there ever since I was younger I would watch it and thanks to how you coach the contestant and give them tips that’s what made me want to audition for ANTM. I think I have what it takes to be a model and I know that receiving help from you will surely make me become one

  • Eileen Santiago says:

    Hi tyra mi name is eileen santiago I have 26 year I am from puerto rico and live in Pennsylvania I love to be in the show this is my dream the runway if you pick me am gonna show you how is the america next top model 2015 call me please and god bless you

  • Angie Bedigian says:

    I’d love more information about how to audition :)

  • Portia Troupe says:

    Hello Antm! My name is Portia Troupe. I’m a mother of two a boy and girl. I’m recently married my husband is an Untied States Soldier. Becoming America Next Top Model has always been my dream since I was a little girl. I have been encourged by my family friends and coworkers to audition. I would be honor if get a chances to show the world the PORTIA TROUPE has what it takes to be America Next Top Model.

  • Kylie Jo Isabell says:

    I am 5’7.5″,weigh around 115-120,bust 34a,& my family has been thinking and dreaming of me on here ever since I could walk!!, I’m a college student and ya!!,can’t wait to hear from yaw!!:)

  • Luz Garcia says:

    A lot of people have asked me if I’m a model but i’m not! I’m a yoga instructor and I’ve been encouraged to participate in your program because people think of me as someone very “exotic” and elegant. I would love to give it a try and represent the Latina women in the US!
    Would you give me a chance????

  • Holly brown says:

    HI! I’m a small town girl with big dreams. I have been told I should model a lot of my life! I’m 5’11.

  • Paris Lawrence says:

    I’m interested in auditioning.
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 140
    Age:17 (I turn 18 in May)

    I am a multi sport athlete and I have the ability too “switch it up” from basketball shoes too heels really well. I have a winning attitude and believe I am TOP model material.

  • kayla pereira says:

    i am 18 yrs of age and currently attending cambrian college in community and law and justice. i presently work at Lechateau and loving the modeling part of it. I would love to further and develop this interest.

  • Raven Lawson says:

    I’m 23, and I’m try to make modeling a career.

  • Jeanette Ramirez says:

    HI my name is Jeanette Ramirez and I live in seaford Delaware. I am 5″1 and weigh 125. I

  • Tanja Jasmin Bell says:

    Hey Tyra ! I’m 26 ! I’m 6 ft and 150 pounds tan skin pretty green eyes blonde/brown hair! Many people tell me I should pursue modeling just didn’t know how to go about it ! This could be my one big shot at it ! Cincinnati , OH !

  • Kerri gration says:

    I’m not American, I’m not tall.
    But the opportunity to be given a chance would be incredible.
    I’m from Australia,
    5’3, weight 105
    Bust – 28
    Waist – 22
    Hips – 28

  • Jade Margerum says:

    Hi, my name is Jade Margerum. I have always been interested in modeling. I was scouted to try out for the show when I was 18. My parents did not allow me to go. I am now 23 and on my own and want to finally have my chance.

  • Candice phillips says:

    I am Candice , I live in Kentucky.
    I’m 5’5 , 133 LBS
    I have been modeling for three years at home and want to take a higher step I have what it takes. Pleas get back to me, thank you so much.

  • Tamia Williams says:

    Hi Tyra my name is Tamia, I have been looking forward to this opportunity it’s been my dream since I was 4 years old. I also learned a lot from this show as well

  • Cissy Collins says:

    Hi my name is Cissy Collins. To be America’s Next Top Model is my dream! I know I have what it takes and more to be on top! All my life I’ve been told that I should be a model. I don’t want to do it because of what the people said but because I know it’s for me.Please, please I’m asking for an amazing, life changing opportunity!. I am 5’11. 17 years old. Soon to graduate high school! Please give me the opportunity!

  • Johnny Marie Johnson says:

    My name is Johnny Marie Johnson , I’m 22 will be 23 in April. I’m blonde hair Bule eye, 5’8. Everyone has always told me all my life I needed to become a model, I never believed them. Now I wanting to try out to be a model! I been pushed around by kids though out school because I wasn’t the smart kid I was always in the learning disability class, I want to show everyone who ever made fun of me that I’m not a no body. Thank you for your time.

    Thank you,
    Johnny Marie

  • Ye-Jin Min says:

    Hello, I am interested in trying out for the 2015 cycle of ANTM. I am 18 years old, height of 5’7.5″ and a weight of 126lbs. I have been watching this competition for the last 8years and decided at this moment to try this competitive rivalry modeling audition out. I am a Korean so I could be pointied at or maybe very weak among the Americans but I will build my way to the top. I just want to be noticed of my looks and ability to be a model.

  • Whitney says:

    I’m Whitneyanna, I’m loud, outgoing, and flamboyant! I’m full of passion for whatever can catch my eye. I have a passion for being in front of the camera as well as being behind it!

    20 years old
    African American/Caucasian
    125 lbs
    dark brown hair
    brown eyes

  • Shanicka Kinnard says:

    I Once Quoted “Trying Not To Fit In Is Just As Equal As Not Being Yourself “. Modeling Has always been One Of my dreams since I’ve been a kid. Everyone deserves a chance,and I know I’m worth a shot. I Love America’s next top model,and would love to be apart of the cast.

  • Bryanna moore says:

    I would like to know more info about the auditons in chicago

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