America's Next Top Model Auditions 2014

Let us know you are Interested in Auditioning for America's Next Top Model in 2014

ANTM Nationwide Auditions, Casting Calls & Tryouts


New Cycle Auditions, Tryouts and Casting Calls for 2014 have been Announced for America’s Next Top Model! The New eligibility requirements for this auditions and casting call will be released! ANTM will be accepting new video submissions, they can be sent their mailing address. Leave a comment for more audition information.

What we gather from this is the Producers want mailed in submissions and make unsolicited invitations to girls the producers like on Facebook or other media. It also seems that ANTM will make casting calls if they get enough candidates and they might make open audition in limited markets. For those of you that are interested, stay tuned! It seems that more than likely ANTM will be announcing auditions just to make sure they didn’t miss any amazing talent like YOU!

Here are some great friendly tips for your next big audition!

  • YOUR HAIR: make it as simple as possible: best if it is a simple ponytail that can be set loose if needed.
  • YOUR SHOES: wear comfy shoes, but bring heels you can walk well in.
  • YOUR CLOTHES: jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a slob. It’s a job interview, remember that.
  • YOUR FACE: PLEASE, NO MAKEUP: – For real; if you have to wear it, make sure it is as little as you can to appear as natural as possible. ANTM wants to see you as a rough stone so they know what to work with

Swimswit?: to wear or not to wear? I suggest wearing a flattering swimsuit under your clothes; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Other stuff: plenty of water and high-energy compact food (energy bars/peanuts/jerky); something to entertain you but NOT engross you to the point where you miss someone calling your name/number. Oh, yeah; and an empty bladder. No kidding; you don’t want to HAVE to go when you are there; salty snacks are good for this.

Full Locations List for the 2014 Cycle 21 Auditions: Click Here

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  • Emeral Watson says:

    My name is Emeral De’Aquanise Watson. I am 19 years of age. I be apart of Cycle 22. I am 5’8″. Weighing 115 lbs. I’ve attended modeling school. I have walked the cat walk for Barbizon. I have modeled and walked the cat walk for Strategic Events/Quince girl and Latino Bridal Expo. I model clothing for Street Lingo and is one of its teen models. I also am a teen model for Mellowdesigners Photography Advertisements. This year I modeled for Brides Against Breast Cancer on Univision Channel 45, Viva Manana Channel 67, ABC Channel 13.

  • Lidia Venegas says:

    Hello! I’ve seen antm since it started and I’ve always been interested in becoming one however life has been rough for me since i was not legal here, after i became i resident and thought the sky is the limit my fiancé past led away in a tragic accident. I was depressed for 2yrs until finally i saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to become antp and complete my American dream and hopefuly inspire people to always fight for their dreams! My ig is @lidiaavv blessings

  • Briana Jones says:

    Hey y’all,

    I am Bri! 5’6 1/2, 127 pounds, and a great personality. I actually don’t like taking pictures, but I consider myself beautiful so I know Tyra can bring it out of me! Daily I deal with having to be camera ready so I have what it takes. Hope to hear from someone soon.

    Take care ladies and be safe. People are crazy!

    Best regards,


  • devinair maloney says:

    if I reach the judges I will be Americas next top model and I am 5’9 110 pds from NYC 24yrs

  • Vonney Lockridge says:

    I am America’s next top model. I’ve been watching the show since I it started. Studying every nitch about modeling. With your professional help I will be America next top model. Give me a chance and you won’t regret it

  • Tawnei Brown says:

    My name is Tawnei, I’m 22yrs old and I’m an aspiring model. I have done fashion shows and photoshoots so I have some experience. It would be an honor to be on cycle 22 because I grew up watching the show and it had inspired me to do more. I’ve always been told I could be a model but I’ve never had the time. Well, now in making time and this is one of the steps to one of my goals in life.

  • Ashley Mansour says:

    My names Ashley Mansour I am from joplin mo, I am seventeen at the time about to turn eighteen. I have full determination to be successful in modeling I would take your improvements and put them into my work. I really hope for a chance to show you guys what I’m made of. Thank you

  • Larry Clark says:

    Will you continue to take guys for Americas next top model? I am beyond interested in modeling. I never have, but I have always had a passion for it. I was always told that it is not a career to try and live up to, but I now want to give it a shot because I am tired of taking pictures of my self and getting no where with a dead end job. I am 23 years old and I live in Corpus Christi, Texas. I believe I have what it takes all the down to making my own clothes. Please consider me for being Americas next top model!

  • Sommer Smith says:

    Hi my name is Sommer, I am 18 years old, 5’7″ nearly 5’8,” and 125 pounds. I have taken pictures with Daniel Duverney twice in order to build a portfolio. He has photographed Jaslene Gonzalez one of the previous winners of ANTM and is very prominent in Chicago and throughout the pageant world. I was a model as a baby and young child in magazines. Ford modeling agency of Chicago, IL has shown interest in me. I think I have an eccentric look, something that no one else has. It would be a life changing experience to be on cycle 22 of Americas Next Top Model because I know I have what I takes. I am very personable and work great with others and also love experimenting with new poses, facial expressions, fantastic clothing and so on. I have a great complexion and an athletically slim body. I enjoy being natural as often as possibly trying not to get caught up in the day to day. I am a strong believer in being myself and I’ve lived it my entire life with confidence. I have an open mind towards anything that falls in my path. I hope that I stand out among all of these wonderful people!
    Thank You! :)

  • Nichole Manjarrez says:

    My name is Nichole Manjarrez. I would like to be considered for the ANTM cycle 22 and represent my American-Latina heritage. I am a light caramel flavor with a lot of potential. I am 5’5″ and 115 lbs. with Chocolate Hair and Twilight Eyes. I am available anytime and really want to show you what I have to offer.

  • Sydney Kinhalt says:

    Sydney Kinhalt. Model in Cincinnati. Wings model management. Chicago fashion market was previous work. 5,9 127 pounds. No tattoos. I have what it takes to be Americans next top model.

  • Annie Clark says:

    I would like to try out for top model to be the new face of the ugly but beautiful truth! The voice behind the face & body of many females young to old that feel they have to live up to or may feel/ think their just not pretty/ smart enough! I am Next Top Model……please give me a chance to prove to myself Nothing is Impossible I want to face my Fear!

  • Alexis Bryant says:

    My name is Alexis, I am 20 years old and I would love to be on cycle 22 of ANTM. I am 5’5 112lbs. I live in Columbus, Ohio. And I want to model.

  • haili pierson says:

    I want to be considered for 2014 ANTM. I have what it takes. I am 5’10”. I photograph really awesome. This is my dream. I want to work with Tyra! I am 17 and I am full of determination and loaded with personality. I know looks alone are not everything. I think I am the whole package. :) Haili

  • Briaja Edwards says:

    Hello, I am Briaja Edwards and I am 18 years old, 5’4 weighing 110 lbs and I know I have what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model.
    Thank you. XOXO

  • Vajaun Greene says:

    My name is Vajaun, and I wanted to apply for Cycle 22. I was wondering where I would go to apply? I am 5’7 very slim and have No experience, but I am a fast learner. I would love to travel the world, and Show Tyra and the other Judges that I have what it takes! If you could help me to finnaly be able to achieve this goal in my life I would appreciate it very much! I cant wait to “Be on Top.” I know I have what it takes and can make Tyra proud! I will continue to apply each Cycle until I am chosen I have a Goal and I will do almost anything it takes to be on ANTM Cycle 22. So please choose me Vajaun :-)

  • Marshawn Randolph says:

    I am marshawn I am 6’0 with a beautiful Caramel skin complex and beautiful hazel eyes that change four colors. I have what it take to be America’s next top Model I’ve done some portfolio for some photographers and they’ve told me that I need to take my modeling further because I have the model body height and look so I am here trying to let the world see my true beauty and passion as a model. I promise you tyra I won’t let you down.



  • donese fauntroy says:

    Hi my name is donese i am interested in becoming a model i would
    like to know when is the next casting call, and what are some of the
    things i nees to do to be apart of your amazing show. Modeling
    has always been a dream of mine im ready to let world
    know that im here my time has come.

  • Sierra Thaxton says:

    I want to be ANTM for cycle 22

  • Shapreah Thomas says:

    Hi my name is Shapreah from lexington, ky. I’m 5’7, 18 years old, and would live the opportunity to be on cycle 23 of Americas Next Top Model. Since a girl this has always been my dream, my family could never really afford it, but I’ve been working since I was 15 and have my own money and ready to chase and pursue my dream. I’m what you consider curvy, I have hips and little waist. I have a lot of raw talent and would love the chance to get to work with you and the other judges to make it come all together and be the best I can be.

  • Desiree Ward says:

    Hey!! I’m Desi, 22 an wants to be apart of Cycle 22 I’m 220 5″8

  • Louise Thomas says:

    I am a 6’0 androgynous female I have been modeling for some time and I feel that know is the time of my break through..please please contact me,I will travel where I need to be.I am opened to new things and love a friendly competition.I AM AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL!!all you gotta do is call ;) I pray I can get on the next cycle!

  • De-Janelle Lockett says:

    Hi, my names De-Janelle, I’ve always had the dream of being the next America’s Next Top Model. I cant wait to hear back!

  • lorena says:

    Hi my name Lorena
    I am most definitely interested in being in the ANTM I have watched it ever since I was 13 and it’s been a dream for me …I’m 5’6 just right on the verge of height requirement but I’m sure I can price myself

  • Michelle Brumfield says:

    I’m gorgeous, young, ambitious, and flawless!

  • Omar B says:

    Hello ,

    My Name is Omar I’m 21 & 6’0 , I am very interested on being on season 22. I’ve been watching Americas Next To Model since season 1 and I would LOVE to show Tyra & all the other judges what I have to to offer. I’ve always wanted to model ever since I was little !

  • Katerina Youngman says:

    I have watched ANTM since grade school and have always been interested in modeling. I have actually been accepted by two separate modeling agencies growing up but didn’t have the money to continue to the next level. I’m 22 years old and I have no training but it is a dream to be a fashion model. I am what is considered a plus size model but I love to see the end results on camera!

  • Amber Pinkston42 says:

    I believe this is my year in becoming AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL I want to be a different model but still stick out. I know that you all can make me in to great model

  • Kelsey says:

    Hi in Kelsey! (Also known as Kelso) I just turned 18, I’m 5’10, I have blonde hair and green eyes. My measurements are, 36 hips, 25 waist, and 32 bust. I have 4 years of modeling experience which includes fashion shows as well as photo shoots, etc. I would absolutely love to be on America’s Next Top model! And I will lose weight and inches to do so..

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