America's Next Top Model Auditions 2015

Let us know you are Interested in Auditioning for America's Next Top Model in 2015

ANTM Nationwide Auditions, Casting Calls & Tryouts


New Cycle Auditions, Tryouts and Casting Calls for 2014-2015 have been Announced for America’s Next Top Model! The New eligibility requirements for this auditions and casting call will be released! ANTM will be accepting new video submissions, they can be sent their mailing address. Leave a comment for more audition information.

What we gather from this is the Producers want mailed in submissions and make unsolicited invitations to girls the producers like on Facebook or other media. It also seems that ANTM will make casting calls if they get enough candidates and they might make open audition in limited markets. For those of you that are interested, stay tuned! It seems that more than likely ANTM will be announcing auditions just to make sure they didn’t miss any amazing talent like YOU!

Here are some great friendly tips for your next big audition!

  • YOUR HAIR: make it as simple as possible: best if it is a simple ponytail that can be set loose if needed.
  • YOUR SHOES: wear comfy shoes, but bring heels you can walk well in.
  • YOUR CLOTHES: jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a slob. It’s a job interview, remember that.
  • YOUR FACE: PLEASE, NO MAKEUP: – For real; if you have to wear it, make sure it is as little as you can to appear as natural as possible. ANTM wants to see you as a rough stone so they know what to work with

Swimswit?: to wear or not to wear? I suggest wearing a flattering swimsuit under your clothes; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Other stuff: plenty of water and high-energy compact food (energy bars/peanuts/jerky); something to entertain you but NOT engross you to the point where you miss someone calling your name/number. Oh, yeah; and an empty bladder. No kidding; you don’t want to HAVE to go when you are there; salty snacks are good for this.

Full Locations List for the 2014-2015  CYCLE 22 Auditions: Click Here

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  • shene says:

    Hi my name is Shene and im 20 years old studying psychology
    . I’ve always watched and been inlove with your show. And I do follow tyra on instagram. Ive always wanted to be a model but in south Africa modeling isn’t very big. I would love to try if that is possible. I take direction well as well as critism. Thank you so much x

  • Pearl says:

    plz consider me

  • Rickeshia Blackmon says:

    I was born for this I love being in front of a camera this is my passion I breathe sleep eat for this opportunity
    I will love to know more information about this thank you

  • Tiffany Archer says:

    Very interested in ANTM!!!! Need more information for 2015-2016 try-outs/casting calls

  • Kristian Zaragosa says:

    I’m 19 years old high school graduate I’m 5’7 120 slim Latin American brown hair, brown eyes, and long legs. Never tried out, but I think it would be fun to see where I could take this. I DO have experience in modeling. I was with Barbazon as a teen, and nothing made me more happy then when I was modeling, or acting. I’d love a chance to be able to pick it back up.

  • Ariel Neal says:

    I am very interested and eager to become a model. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

  • Priscilla Ann Ransom says:

    I have long legs, I’m dark and beautiful, smooth skin all over, I’m smart and can walk and talk. I’m fierce!!!! ( I’m the total package)! :-)

  • Ker'ron says:

    handsome, smart, I love to work out and read books .. From the southside of Chicago and want to see that’s it’s more to life for me then what’s around me, get to see and meet new people from all over the world … Help make that happen for me .Thanks!

  • Andrea Lovett says:

    Very Interested in Modeling

  • Tonisha Mendoza says:

    Hello, I’m interested in becoming a ANTM hopefully you will do a casting soon. I’m from Los Angeles,CA. Let me know more info about the casting. Thanks.

  • amber says:

    Interested in a modeling opportunity.

  • TyzhaneThornton says:

    I know I have what it takes

  • Chelsie Martinez says:

    would love to hear about future auditions and requirements!

  • Samantha Lamprecht says:

    Hi my name is sammy, I was born in southern California an raised in kfalls Oregon.
    My whole child hood growing up I was always made fun of for having a big nose an not beingpretty. Since I was a little girl I hgrew up watching America’s nezt top model and I always told my mom that I wanted to be a model an everyone told me that I didnt have the length . When I was in 8th grade I did miss oregon outstanding teen oayments so I do have some experience in walking. I hope to hear back ;)

  • Schumann Damour says:

    Hi, I’m 22 years old I would like to participate in the American Next top model audition. it would be a dream come true for me to be considered

  • shawntee francis says:

    Would you consider teen sisters 16 and 18 years old? My daughters are huge fans and can not wait until they are of age to pursue a chance to appear on the show.

  • Tra'Chell Jones says:

    I am very interested and excited to receive any and all information for the next casting auditions for ANTM!!

  • Olivia says:

    So excited for the new season

  • Monique Hopewell says:

    Im very ready!!

  • Jacqueline Robinson says:

    Would you consider a male Russian model. His face is on many romance novels as well as billboards in Europe. He has also worked the Runways in Eastern Europe.His name is Kostya Dugin. The authors and art directors who have used him think he is the sexy boy next door and believe he is going to be big in the fashion world. He is a gorgeous male model and WOULD LIKE TO GET A BREAK IN THE US MARKET aside from any European work. Here is the site that has his portfolio…Nellys models:

    You will love his look….women love him.

    I think he would also be interested in the new India Top Model. Please let me know on both. I am just a friend.

    Jacqueline Robinson the present time he is in India doing a shoot

  • Krystal Pope says:

    I hope I’m not too late! Please send more info :)

  • Tracy Featherstone (vanities) says:

    I think it is all about confidence and willpower I have 5 girls at home I’m 33 years oldyes by time so no worries this I hope I lost 10 pounds cuz I look good losing 10 pounds and everybody tells me I should be a model do I think so no I am a normal girl just like everyone else but Tyra Banks said everyone wanted her to be this and that to be a model well I feel like I can be who I am and be one if that’s my true calling

  • Shekinah N. Powers says:

    Hello there! This will be my third or fourth time auditioning for the show. I am very much interested, and I will also be submitting a video as well in the mail. Looking forward to an amazing opportunity to reveal my talents as a model, and also exposing other talents to others! :)

  • Jenna jackson says:

    Gathering info on auditioning for my daughter. She won’t be 18 till oct this year

  • jasmine billings says:

    Hi my name is jasmine from. Michigan im a plus size model very photogenic and lovely great bone structure ready to show the world that plus size is beautiful.

  • Arriana Carter says:

    Hello Mrs. Tyra I am 5’8 and 16 years old. Ive been modeling , acting and doing auditions since i was 9 years old. I have been trying so hard to get on tv and make it big in the modeling and acting industry. I am a fun , silly , adventruus type of person onces you get to know me. I hope that you pick me and I’ll be able to get on your show. ( If i dont that’s ok I’ll try again next year ) .

  • Janicea M Allgood says:

    I have been a fan of the show since i was 7 years old. It would be a dream to be on the show and show the world what i have to offer. I just need that one chance that one opportunity to put my foot in the door and open it my self and walk threw it opening doors for other people like Tyra Banks did. Tyra Banks give me hope that one day women like me can live out there dream just like she did.

  • Roderick Keys says:

    I AM INTERESTED IN MODELING . I have been a HUGE FAN OF ANTM FOR OVER A DECADE WHEN I WAS LIKE 10 years old ! I have grew on this and now to actually try and audition is a privilege . My name is Roderick Keys and I got the sass and the spunk to be in this competition . Look No Further, because I’m the one !

  • kimberly watkins says:

    Hi I am 5″11 dark skin ,I just turned 21 march 12 I always wanted to model .I have a child he is going on 5. I weight 130 .i am from st.louis mo. You must see first..

  • D'Jesenia Torres says:

    Hi, My daughter is 14. She is an aspiring model. She has walked in fashion Show’s here in Chicago. Her dream is to become a model, just like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford. She wants to be able to use her voice and be heard. While wanting to become a model, she found what she wants to support and that is Bullying and Suicide Prevention. She supports that to the fullest. She talks to Veteran’s about Suicide. She is becoming a voice for Live Out Loud Charity here in the Chicago area. Please Tyra, Can you make a show like this for younger girls.. Please contact me (Shelly)((her mom)) by email. I would love to send you photo’s of her.. I know her and she will not stop till she makes it, Her dream is New York and Paris.. She is READY.

  • Taylor Kowalski says:

    I have dreamt of the day I would be given an opportunity to be in this competition. I’m Hopi g that another antm petite season is put into motion because even though Im tiny, I sure do pack a punch! Lokking forward to the journey!

  • Tanisha Turner says:

    I’m so interested in auditioning for ANTM!!!!This is one of my biggest dreams!
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 110
    Hopefully someone contacts me. Thank you!

  • Jayde Garduno-Perret says:

    Born ready

  • faith says:

    im from ozark arkansas and i have been watching since the first cycle

  • Alexis says:

    Awesome!! I’m so ready!!!

  • HV ballou says:

    My daughter is tall (5’11.75), thin (140#), and drop-dead gorgeous! She beautiful inside and out. Everyone adores her. She’s smart, mature, and responsible but messy. Sure to be a winner!

  • Jada Mitchell says:


  • Lakesha Sherrie Collins says:


  • Erin Wolverton says:

    Erin Wolverton,
    Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska
    Student @ University of Alaska Anchorage
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 135

  • Cheerokee Coleman says:

    I’m trying to put my daughter in this competition she think she not that pretty she is only 5 feet & her name is cheerokee Coleman

  • Augusta price says:

    Watching this show for years, and finally asked myself why am I not pushing for my dream of being a model. So here we go!

  • Imani Cropper says:

    Am I too late? I would like to try out.

  • zee says:

    I live in nc and km Plus size

  • Carmella Douglas says:

    I have loved this show from the beginning. I’ve always wanted a chance but knew i’d never be tall enough. I feel like this is my shot!!!

  • Latashun Russell says:

    Looking forward to tryin out…

  • kudirat says:

    Am 15 years old with a lot of potential and will like to be model


    am an african from uganda who loves the whole things of modelling so its me to be the first african girl to be here and so vonalable to talk to you and my hieght is 5:3ft and talk about my age am 25 yrs but look 17 with my smizing look with a boodie tookie inclusive

  • coreyana says:

    I am interested. My height is 5″7 5″9 i am slim and petite. And I am 13. modeling may just be my dream.

  • Jessa says:

    Hey, I’m a 24 year old female. Im 5’5″ and 115 pounds. I live in New York! I would love to audition for this season of America’s Next Top Model!

  • Jazmine Haynes says:

    Hi, I just turned 17 and I am 5″7 and everyone always tell me that I should do modeling as do I myself. I have always been interested in modeling. And so I would love a spot to audition for this. I feel like this would be a great opportunity for me. Please and Thanks

  • felicia says:

    I’m 6’1 I’m very funny like to talk and always wanted to become a model my name are felicia my size are a 3 shoes size a 10 have great face structure and this have always been my dream

  • Madison smith says:

    Really looking forward to audition for this great opportunity!

  • Michinique Dorilus says:

    My name is Michinique (male) i am 23 years old, 5’10” weight about 155. being a model is not just a dream for me, it is naturally in me, folks that see my pictures or me always think that i am a model. I haven’t sone anything modelling wise, but belive you give me an opportunity or a tryout, I will impress the the American Next Top Model team.

  • Mia Wood says:

    I am looking to try out. Thanks :)

  • Mandy Adams says:

    My name is Mandy and I am 24 years old. I have done a few modeling jobs since I was 17. My passion is modeling, so I am hoping to get the opportunity to get out there, to do more and be more. I am a very fun loving girl with an outgoing personality. I am 6’0, 130lbs, bust- 32A, waist-26, hips-36, dress-2, shoe-9.5, blue eyes and strawberry hair. I hope I am able to get this chance of a lifetime. Thank you for your interest! <3

  • Lovie Williams says:

    I have always dreamed of being a model, the world is such a diverse place where everything is now apart of fashion. I have a vision and passion and would love for the opportunity to show how much modeling means to me.

  • Adreanna fontecchio says:

    My name is Adreanna Fontecchio i’am a inspiring model I been modeling since I was 16 I always dreamed of walking the runway and doing all types of cosmetic commercials. I love learning about the the fashion industry. I been walking in heels since I was just 8years old playing in my moms makeup and shoe collection. I’m 21 and still do that. What I’m saying is I will strive to become Americas next top model because I feel as if you a person really want something they will go out and get it. Not only do I watch Tyra band ANTM but I also watch her old fashion shows and her talk show. Tyra banks inspired me to because the person I want to be an that is to be the best super model ever.. I also admire Adriana Lima she is fierce on that runway lol this is my dream and I want my dream to come true.

  • Tonetra Whitt says:

    I am interested in being a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.I am from Bessemer,AL.

  • Tyneshia Knowles says:

    It is my God given dream to audition for American Top Model find my picture in Sophisticate Black Hair Guide May 2015 issue. I am currently a make up artist for Mac Cosmetics- Winston Salem NC – It’s my time to shine

  • Briana Dinah Mondesire says:

    I am very interested,may I have more information please?

  • Lilly Craig says:

    Hey! I’m Lilly!

    I’m a 23 year old transgendered female. I’m a spokes person/advocate for my local trans community, and an aspiring model. I want desperately to be a voice and face for change and love. Modeling opens up every opertunity for me. I would love to apply for the next available season of ANTM!

  • KaDeshia LaShae Cooper says:

    Hello! My name Is KaDeshia Cooper. I am now 20 years old. I live in the small town of Florence, SC. I am an aspiring model of many years and I feel I would really love/enjoy this opporthnity. I am 5’8, 115 pounds. I am a chocolate girl as well ! Please please email with with further details on this opportunity. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be “on top”, and to hear Tyra say “congratulations, you’re still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model” lol. Thank you for your opportunity.

  • Mercedes sturdivant says:

    I live in Columbus Mississippi please make arrangements to come and visit me I would make a great plus size model!!!

  • Rebecca larch says:

    I’m a small town girl. Wanting to make a change in my life. I’m 5’5 180lbs. I want to show that bigger woman can model not just skinny ones. I’ve wanted to model for sometime just never could get the chance.

  • chalette battle says:

    I’m a young 22 year old from Baltimore, MD. I’m an inspiring model. As a little girl that was what I love to do. I never could do it because I was in and out of my parents life so I had no support. My Aunt put me in John Casablanca’s modeling gig I got it , but we couldn’t afford the payments. Now I just want be a model. Its my dream and to be an Oscar award winning actress. It’ll be a honor to be on the show.

  • Briggett Cogland says:

    I have been watching ANTM since I was in elementary school and my passion has never faded in the slightest. I am more than willing to dedicate my whole life to make this dream come true. I’m finally 18 and can apply now, and I would give the world for this opportunity. I know I have what it takes, I just need a chance to be mentored the right way, and given a fighting chance to fight for what I want more than anything else.

  • jessica says:

    quiero inscribirme, me facinaria pertenecer a next top model

  • Cireya Robinson says:

    I would love to try out to become a model. I enjoy being in front of the camera and others. I’m friendly easy to get along with and I’m a hard worker. I’m not the tallest girl but I know I can model with your help and support. Growing up I was always the tallest then all at once I became the shortest lol. Please give me a chance. Oh plus I’m not a skinny lady. I have lots of curves.

  • racene buys says:

    I’m a young and vibrant lady that has a passion for the modeling industry and it’s lifestyle and the marketing of such a business, and being a dreamer of such a career brought me to an interest of making it my hobby and career as im having the characteristics of a model.

  • Jacquilynn McGatha says:

    My Name Is Jacquilynn And I Would Love To Be On The Show

  • Alyssa-ann Percz says:

    Hello there.
    My name is Alyssa and I am a 21 year young white female. I have always dreamed of modeling. However, I still am driven to excel in all areas of my life. I am a positive person and know that life is about constant growth and movement. So I keep myself busy learning and growing. I love to take pictures and be in them. I am very photogenic and love and feel at ease in front of the camera. I would love a chance to be on America’s next top model and would work my tush off to be the best I could be at it! I have a facebook, however, all my pictures are just candid shots and selfies. none of my pictures are done professionally. I feel that if I did have professional shots, they would turn out amazing. Well, I’m done pumping up myself and must say, by far not perfect, but who is?

  • Tiffani says:

    I am a plus size woman who will love to be America next top model and I believe I can make it to the top

  • Jasmine Bogan says:

    im 5’7
    125 pounds
    im 18 years old
    brown skin & have brown eyes
    My body fitted
    I have long hair
    Can you please send me everything i need to enter

  • Letatiandra says:

    HI my name is Letatiandra, I am 20 years old, 5 feet tall I love to take pictures and love posing. I dreamed about being a model and making it a career since i was a little girl. I would love to audition with americas next top model to show u guys what i got . Thanyou

  • Amanda Marie says:

    I Just turned 20yrs old I am 5’9″. People don’t realize how words can be easily be used as a weapon. Words when used properly can sooth, inspire, celebrate, but from the lips of some words can be used to hurt, torture and try to break people’s spirit. For some time I was meant to feel as the ugly duckling. I was made fun of because I was a bit overweight. It took me some time and a very supportive family to realize that beauty is more than skin deep. I have learned that how I see myself and how I feel about myself is more important and says a lot more about me than what anyone else can.
    Modeling is something that at one point would’ve been only a dream, Now it’s a dream that I would love the opportunity to see reality.

  • aiman mamoun kanakrieh says:

    i am interested in applying. i have headshots if needed. i am also male, please let me show you what passion is!!! i have been aspiring to be a male model since i was five years old, i have been to an ‘agency’ they have done nothing but pull money from me with no chance at becoming a male model, i am very ethusiastic about my career as a model. thank you for your time.

  • Jaon Wixom says:

    I’d like to try out for the next season of ANTM.

  • Lindsay Williamson says:

    Hello, my name is Lindsay Williamson. I am 22 years young, and I have a passion for modeling. Personally, I am a crazy, outgoing, funny, loving, and respectful person. I am the type of person that gets along with just about everybody. All though, with that being said I am also a solid, determined person. Ever sense I could remember, I always loved the feeling I got in front of a camera. Growing up, I modeled for Fashion Bug and was represented to model at Barbizon, but at that moment I didn’t have the finances to continue with the lead. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures. Modeling is and always will be my dream. A chance to be on America’s Next Top Model would be a life time experience. I would love to be given the chance to learn and show the world and Tyra what I was made for.

  • Anuj sharma says:

    I’am really very intrested for bieng a modal

  • Kiawana (Kia) Lipscomb says:

    Hello. I am interested in ANTM. Please send information for the next cycles auditions.

    Thank you so much!


  • Precious Swint says:

    Since before time I remember wanting to be on America’s Next Top Model I’ve always aspired to be a model when I was younger but, I never felt pretty enough . When I was a little girl I always was the tallest girl in the class , all awkward with the huge forehead. I hated how I looked when I was young till this day I still hesitate to show people pictures . Today I am 22 I’m 5’11 140 pounds I feel beautiful now I feel like it’s my time , I would really appreciate this opportunity . :)

  • Brittney Felix says:

    I am Puerto Rican, 5’8, 135 pounds, and pretty much all legs. All my life people have told me to model, me being as driven as I am; I decided to focus on school, work, and traveling. Modeling has always been a risk I wanted to take I just never knew how.

  • Ja'Lia Smith says:

    America’s Next Top model is right here in Detroit, MI and it’s about time I claimed the crown and prize…!

  • Myrissa Diamond says:

    This opportunity has been a dream of mine since I was fourteen and began watching ANTM. I unfortunately never pursued m modeling dream as much as I would love to due to my height. I realize I have missed all the casting calls for cycle 22 and really want to know if there is any way or if it is at all possible to still apply and audition for the upcoming cycle. I am 5’6 and 125 pounds. I am 19 years old and will turn 20 this June. I would love to become a contender for Cycle 22. Please email me everything I need to know and do if it is not too late. Thank you so much!!

  • India Richie says:

    I would love to become a model, Modeling has been my passion for the longest and I would love to make it as a career.

  • Paulie says:

    I am 21 years Old I work & Go to school , I’m very outgoing & I like metting new people & I’ve always wanted to be model since I was a teenager & I would like to make this step & make it a career

  • Gunnar Jones says:

    At 24 years old I’m a handful in some aspects, but a truly beautiful human being in most. I work 4 jobs because I can’t stand to be bored. I have overcome addiction after addiction to find myself in a great appreciation for every type of person. I have stopped myself from submitting for 3 years worried I wasn’t consistent enough, that I didn’t have enough guts for it. I know that I do now, and I have my beautiful 3 year old God daughter to thank for that.
    I’m on Facebook and what little following I have I want to be a bigger voice for the gay community here in Oklahoma. I’m a good old southern boy with a huge heart with a touch of completely crazy side. I know I can bring fun, comedy, heart, soul and fierce to the screen. I have so much more to learn and I need to learn from the best.

    With Epic Respect,
    Gunnar Jones

  • Tornesha Johnson says:

    I would to Model it’s been my passion for the longest and I would love to make it as a career

  • maronica chantrea thoeuk says:

    i am 15 , im 5’7 Long brown hair with Blonde highlights , looking forward to this show with girls of my age , cant wait cause i am Fierce !!!!

  • Jacqulyn Marie Losurd says:

    Hello, my name is Jacqulyn and being in this competition has always been a dream of mine. I am a dancer, inspiring model/actress. I am 21 years old. Dark curly hair, just 5’8. I have a former performance resume and head shots if interested. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Ashley Brownlee f says:

    I pushed my fears aside, improved my attitude and matured enough in mind and age to let go of everything and follow my dreams. I’m would love this great opportunity

  • Jessie wix says:

    I am interested in this but was wondering what is the age limit and does my appearance have to be absolutely perfect?

  • Candice says:

    I have been watching this show for years and I am shy to audition because I have a unique look, also because I’m from Canada. I would work hard to show my gratitude for a opportunity to be on ANTM.
    Just over five feet, strawberry blonde, 110lbs

  • lenee spencer says:

    Im 6″0 ft
    165 Pds
    Im Brown skin with dimples
    Love modeling allmy life

  • darlenycastellanos says:

    Ibelive istimefordominican how was born in new York nedto be thenex American nexstop moddel. I’m 25yearsold I’m butyfuel andif iwellget theoportunyty of aliesbeing in the competition Ivan get tolurne morstoph olive music acting and fashion it well bea onerfometopatisipaid I now the wthihave of theoportunitys ormoneyiget Ivan pay abess education formydothar.howis only2

  • Tayaine Brooks says:


  • Faithe Pearson says:

    I’m eager to show how fierce I’ve learned to be with the help of watching ANTM. I’ve have spent years preparing ring charity events and modeling for fashion design student, riverside fashion night out and bay area fashion week. Love the runway.
    137 lbs
    17.5 years of age
    100% fierce
    See some of my pictures on flickr

  • Shemar Thompson says:

    I am Shemar and I am 15
    . I would love to enter this competition Tyra Banks because I got what it takes to become the next big thing.

  • Heather Marshall says:

    I love to model. I have black hair with red highlights. Im very up beat and now how to move my body. I live in Flordia and I would love a chance to be a model. I have seen a lot of your shows and I know what it takes to be a model. I would love to be on your show. I might not be tall but I can make up for that with style. Everyone tells me how pretty I look with out makeup. I don’t wear make up that offen because I feel like I look good without it. I would love to model your makeup and cloths cause makeup bring out my already sexy face. I would love a chance to prove myself.

  • Candice Wilson says:

    Please send me all information I would need to enter

  • Tatyanna Smith says:

    I’m really interested in auditioning for the next cycle! I live in Chicago



  • Damonique says:

    Hey im Damonique I’m from Missouri!!!! I am ver y interested in working with you all . Modeling isn’t a game t
    it’s real work . I’d love to have that opportunity .

  • Althea says:

    I think it’s in fair to women who are in ther 30″s that dream of modeling and Tyra u and ur crew are not acknowledging the fact very important message a twist need to b done

  • Denisha Rivera says:

    Hi, I been watching America’s next top model since the beginning. I am 16 and live in Boston my dream is to become a model just like Tyra. I am 5’1 weight 120 with brown hair, dark brown eyes, I do wear glasses and contacts. I am a yellow caramel Hispanic LOL. I would love an opportunity to make my dreams come true.

  • Renee Cornish says:

    I wish ANTM would do a season of older, REAL sized (size 14-18) women, age 45-60. I have always loved modeling & fashion. I think it would be wonderful to show young girls that you can be a regular sized, older woman & still be BEAUTIFUL

  • Dana Larkin says:

    5’11 135 lbs from chicago! Hear I should try out a lot! Wanna give it a chance :)

  • jaylyn says:

    Hey my name is jaylyn I’m 15 turning 16 on May23 I’m 5’2 and I’ve love America’s next top model and I will love to be on it one of these days but I have to be a lucky one (hoping you can consider me ) (my dream)

  • anjeza says:

    Hi. I’ve seen every cycle of ANTM. I am 15 and live in Albania. I love modeling. I would just like to try it, even though I am far from America(I don’t live there). I am blonde,1.74m tall and I have blue eyes. I am skinny. I think this would be a great opportunity.I would be happy if you would give me this chance. This is my dream. Thanks guys. P.s Love you Tyra.

  • kiegee proctor says:

    hi im kiegee im 19 from st.Augustine fl im a little on the plus size just wondering is there a weight limit or anything?

  • Lindsey Krueger says:

    5’11”, 145 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 26 years old, Chicago, IL.

  • Mica Ramirez says:

    I’ve been watching Americas Next Top Model since about 2007. I’ve always said I wanted to try out, but now I really want to push it and try since I love on my own now. I’m on the short side (4’11”) and under 100 pounds. I’m from Ohio, born and raised. I’m Hispanic, 21, with black hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses, no contacts, and I’ve never modeled a day in my life lol. I don’t wear makeup, ever but definitely willing to learn and be given a chance at this!

  • Kierra Brantley says:

    I would love this amazing opportunity , I’m 19 and I’ll be turning 20 in September , I’m am such a huge fan of the show and I’ve been wanting to model for a while now. I’m not the smallest but I know I can work it and be fierce. I’m so dedicated and I take direction well and also constructive criticism .

  • Tammie LeVault says:

    I have a daughter that has a dream of modeling (like most little girls) she loves to watch ANTM. Is there by chance a Jr decision for ANTM? If so could you send me the information. Thank you in advance

  • Emily Blach says:

    I’m the biggest fan of Americas next top model! I’ve grown up watching every episode learning from every tip. Being considered as a contestant would be a dream come true. I’m 19 years old, 5’9, 115lbs, with green eyes and short blonde hair. Hopefull from Napa California, thank you so much!

  • Erica Nodholm says:

    My name is Erica Nodholm. I am 18 years old, 5″8, size 8 1/2 shoe. Modeling is my passion and it is where my heart is. I’ve been modeling on the side for 3 years now, and I love every opportunity I get to do it. I used to watch ANTM all the time with my sister, but I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t watched it lately. But modeling is what I want to do and I am willing to work hard and do everything I can to do my very best.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  • Cordae Gaines says:

    Hi, Im Cordae and I would love to become America’s next top model. Im 5’7 and slim build .

  • Tenisha Murrell says:

    My name is Tenisha Murrell and to be come America’s Next Top Model is a long time dream of mine. I’ve never model before but I believe I have what it takes. Please Consider me.
    Height : 5’11
    Weight : 135
    Eye Color : Hazel Brown
    Hair Color : Black

  • Brianna Nelson says:

    5’6 ft
    120 lbs
    Dress Size: 4
    Hair/ eyes: Brown
    Location: Chicago
    Age: 21
    Motto: Mind over Matter; Fierce on Fleek

  • Brianna Nelson says:

    A talented young lady with a lot of ambition and really eager to succeed in the modeling/acting world! I would love to have the chance and opportunity to have a shot to attend America’s Next Top Model!

  • Langlie Cooley says:

    I am 21 years old and I’m 5’9″, I weigh 125lb, I and blonde and have blue eyes.
    I have watched ANTM since I was a little girl and have always loved the show. People always tell me that I need to try to be on the show but Ive just never though of myself as Americas next top model. I figured now is a good of a time as any and I would love the opportunity. Thank you for your time!

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