America's Next Top Model Auditions 2018

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America’s Next Top Model CYCLE 22 Casting Calls!!!

ANTM Cycle 22 Casting

ANTM Cycle 22 Casting

You’ve been asking for it. You’ve been waiting for it. Now it’s finally here! Tyra Banks and The CW have officially announced CYCLE 22 of America’s Next Top Model and we’ve got the all of the information you need right here. Another round of the world’s most fabulous modeling show is on it’s way and soon you could be the fashion industry’s next great star.

America’s Next Top Model is back and better than ever and Ms. Tyra and her fabulous team of talent scouts and casting directors are set to begin an all new search for the the globe’s most talented up and coming modeling prospects. Cycle 22 will once again feature both female and male models and new twists, turns and challenges that promise to make this cycle one for the ages. Each week a crop of fantastic modeling hopefuls will compete

in a series of challenges of photo shoot, commercial and runway skills that will lead to one final model standing with on the precipice of a legendary career and the title of America’s Next Top Model.

Auditions for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 are happening very soon. We have listed the locations for the first open casting call announcement below and once again you if you are not near or able to try out in person you will also be able to apply online in a variety of ways. To go directly to the official ANTM application page you can head here For more details on castings for the new cycle you can head here Or you can send emails with your first and last name and the city and state where you reside in the subject line to The casting directors ask that you include your name, email, age, height, weight, phone #, city and state along with a close up, full body and swimsuit photo in your message.

We will be posting more show details and open call locations as they are announced so stay tuned for more updates and leave a message below and tell us why you have what it takes to make it to the runways of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22!

Open Casting Calls For CYCLE 22:
Fort Smith, AR
Saturday, December 6
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Central Mall
5111 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72903

San Diego, CA
Saturday, January 3
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Paul Mitchell – The School
410 A Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Columbus, GA
Thursday, December 18
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Peachtree Mall
3131 Manchester Expy.
Columbus, GA 31909

Cincinnati, OH
Friday, December 19
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Northgate Mall
9501 Colerain Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45251

Moosic, PA
Wednesday, December 10
2:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Shoppes at Montage
1035 Shoppes Blvd.
Moosic, PA 18507

Hattiesburg, MS
Wednesday, December 17
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Lake Terrace Convention Center
5 Convention Center Plaza
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

San Francisco, CA
(Date & Time TBA)
Graton Resort & Casino
288 Golf Course Drive W
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Portland, ME
Friday, December 19
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Coco Cheveux
198 Maine Mall Rd.
South Portland, ME 04106

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  • Monique Larratt says:

    Modeling has always been my dream and is currently my full time career along with acting! I hope to audition! Thank you!

  • Ashley Griffin says:

    Please come out to Kansas City, Missouri! Thank you!

  • Gabrielle Auclair says:

    I’m a small town girl from Quebec city in Canada. I know that I’m not american, but I would still love to be a part of the show. I was wondering if it was possible? My English is not perfect, but not that bad. I’m turning 18 in January and I’m 5′ 10. I hope that I could try to be America’s next top model!
    Thank you a lot,

  • Kyle Dwight says:

    Please Have An Audition In Newark We Have A Lot Of Talent To Offer. I Have What It Takes To Be America’s Next Top Model

  • Nadeerah Blyther says:

    Please come to jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a lot of talent out here

  • Myesha Richards says:

    I have what it takes to become Americas Next Top Model because, I am young, artistic, determined and passionate!! I am 18 years old with hopes of making my dream a reality!

  • Morghan Wearing says:

    Hello, my name is Morghan Wearing and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Philadelphia PA and I weigh 114 lbs and I’m 4’11. I always had a passion for modeling and fashion. While in college I did a couple of catwalks for JCPenny and two upcoming fashion franchises (tanise: fabric twins and montRose ) . I am definitely interested in a modeling career and I’m pretty confident that I will be very successful in my pursuit !

  • Kelley Schroeder says:

    Americas Next Top Model here I come!

  • Kristal Thomas says:

    Chantel Winnie has also inspired me to try out modeling. I have a skin disease which leaves me with scares due to blister outbreaks..her confidence has inspired me to follow my dreams and consider my scars as beautiful and to feel comfortable in my skin. I have been asked several of times if I model, and I say no due to the fact of my disease..but I am trying to gain all the confidence I need to know that my disease should not stop me from living my life and to be happy. Hopefully I can be granted the oppurtunity to at least try out and face my insecurities.

  • Kristal Thomas says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! I’m Kristal!.. I’m 20 years old and live in houston texas. I am currently a college student and striving to be an elementary teacher. I am 5’9 and weight 105. I always wanted to tryout for antm and would live it if there would be auditions in houston thank you!

  • Erin Stewart says:

    Hello! I have always always dreamed of being on antm and winning!! I am 20 years old. 5’8 140 pounds. I am a mother, my daughter is 19 months . I was a dancer for 15 years! It would be a dream come true to compete for Americas Next Top Model.

  • Youdline Guerrier says:

    IM WANT TO WINN!!!!!

  • Arielle Jackson says:

    I AM 23 5`11 1/2, 107 lbs. No kids

  • MarQuita Parker says:

    Hello my name is MarQuita Parker im 24 year-old n have a beautiful daughter. Yes I’m am reposting but I love American next top model I watch your show all the time. When I a little I use watch it with my mom all the time. I always want to be model since I was little girl but didn’t have tge support. Two months ago I sign up with this model agency n they try make me pay 1500 for modeling classes I didn’t not have that much to give so I drop out n been work at my job foe year n half for my family n watcing yr show bring me joy

  • Madi Slaughter says:

    I am honest, I live by guidelines of integrity and respect. I want to have the responsibility of being a role model for younger girls. I want to show the world beauty radiates from the inside out. I am fierce, I am confident, I am Madison. I wish everyone the best of luck(:

  • kaylor says:

    My name is kaylor murray. Im an 18 all american blonde haired blue eyed. My twin sister (identical) and i think we have what it takes to become americas next top model. Together or individually. we are extremely ambitious women. Id like to prove it to you. So please come to Atlanta Georgia and give me the opportunity.

  • Remy de Guzman says:

    Please can you think about having an America’s Next Teen Model? I would love to be on your show.

  • Sterling Miller says:

    I am not only striving to become americas next top model for self but to truly be an inspiration to all my sisters of all ages! My beauties who lack the confidence as I once have. Those who have settled in their comfort zone but have a dream there afraid to go after. For the ” once I get my body right then I’ll..” The victims of procrastination. I’m here to be a light and example of a beautifully flawed women that has had many reasons to give up those mentioned above, health challenges experiencing temporary paralysis in my legs and many other hurdles and obstacles in life but continue to rise to the occasion of my dreams. I choose to embrace these lessons , experiences in the fashion industry and practice to be fully equipped to grace the biggest and most notable modeling competitions shows of all time! This will be my last year to experience the ANTM! Fabulosity and to share my story, share the art and connect and encourage other women to gain their victory as I vigorously work towards mine! My passion tells me I have what it takes! The opportunity if given would be an explosion of Gratitude! Thank you Ciao!!!!

  • shawntiqua marcus says:

    I auditioned in cincinnati, but i dont feel i represented plus size models the way i know i can. Im born to do this im unique and the world needs something different its about to be 2k15 i dont feel a model has to be a size 2 to represent high fashion or beauty…. #rememberme

  • Bonnie Butler says:

    I can’t believe that I missed the audition for the 17 in Hattiesburg. I only live three hours away in Pensacola, FL. I wish I would have found this site sooner.

  • vanessa says:

    Hey my names Vanessa norcius im 18
    Height :4.12
    i would love to be a american next top model,that’s my goal..

  • Sara Helm says:

    Hello, I’m Sara Helm. Born and raised in Indiana, a 19 year old trying to chase her life long dream of being a model. Nothing I write in this passage would ever begin to explain my passion or dreams about being on Americas Next Top Model. I’ve wanted to apply for such a long time but of course Im only 5’5 and 3 quarters, weighing in around 120 but I feel like it’s a sign that there is no height requirement this season. All I’m asking is for one chance to prove everyone but mostly myself that I can do this ! I have such a caring personality that I would put anyone above myself, I’ve learned that’s not always the best thing to do. Now it’s time to follow my dreams !

  • Jena Viemeister says:

    Hello, I’m a trained opera singer, actor, ex-gymnast, puppeteer/movement actor from Portland, OR. My only interest in life is to create meaningful and provocative art regardless the medium. Art has the ability to connect all humans by evoking empathy, and it is through empathy that artists can change the world for the better. I love creating art and would love the opportunity to create art through modeling.

  • Taylor Crew says:

    I really want too model and have always been so shy when I was younger I attended barbizon modeling school but never finished due to money issues and I’ve also been offered to be in shows but also turned it down but I believe this is my chance my shot too achieve and do something great… I love Tyra and it would be a honor to be able to participate and be a potential contestant on the show.

  • Joneisha Hubbard says:

    Im 23 years old from houston texas 5’4 weight 115 I tried out for ANTM when i was in high school but i got told that i was too short….I have what it takes from the looks and all, I have been modeling for years and i always wanted to b apart of ANTM alot of people keep telling me that i should go on here but because of my tattoos i didnt think i would get picked but you never know

  • Diana Cousins says:

    5’1/2 height, 34B,25,36

  • Creshunna Scott says:

    Everyone has wanted to try modeling. I’m ready to branch out and become America Next Top Model as Tyra Banks has. Im not perfect, no one is. Modeling is my dream. I’d do anything to just try out. I’m only 18 but I know a God that can make it happen for me. I believe and have faith that I can do it.

  • Vienna Simpson says:

    My name is Vienna Natasha . I’m from Sacramento,CA. Please give me this chance to show the judges and the world how fierce I am and they I can be America’s next top model, you won’t be disappointed .

  • Myron Antonio Greene says:

    Hello my name is Myron Greene, I’m 25 years old I’m 6’1 and weigh 138lbs. I have always dreamed of modeling since I was in my teen’s but never persuit because of always being bullied for having odd features such as having a
    soft voice and long face from being born premuture at 2 pounds and 5 ounces.. I had take the adult role at the age of 12 years old because my mom was our support of me and my younger brother which we are 3 years apart. So I had to be the father/big brother while my mom work third shift sometimes as a home health aid in the am/pm most of the time.2008 I came out to my family as homosexual and we haven’t been close after I gratuated from highschool so I had to create my own family instead of being depress and suicideal . I’m much more happier now that I now who i am… I deserve a shot at this because it’s not a lot of opportunities here in Cincinnati so this my chance to shine bright like a diamond!!!

  • Nayreisha Hubbard says:

    When I was a little girl I use to pretend that I had a runway right in my living room. I would love to experience the real thing. Im 18yrs 5’6 perfect size, beautiful and ready for the world…Yours Truly Nayreisha Hubbard

  • Sam Isaiah says:

    Guys are finally able to compete on this show! This is the opportunity of a life time! I’m bringing everything I have, every ounce of passion and heart to this! I want to use this opportunity to provide doors to education for those in need! I want to show the world that scars are beautiful, that adversity is strength, and that individuality is everything. Tyra, ANTM, Sam Isaiah is coming to make a difference on this show, and in my community!
    There’s never been a boy like me on this show, so here I come!

  • Teacah Desha Allen says:

    I want to audition for Americas next top model . I was hoping the cycle would have a location close to me so I can audition. I stay in Charlotte nc and would love to be apart of the show. I just need one chance. I believe I am the girl the cycle has been waiting for .

  • Katy Payne says:

    Hi my name is Katy, I’m 18 years old, soon to be 19 on the day I’m hoping to meet everyone on the ANTM team. I don’t have a sob story or anything to say that might make me really stand out, all I can say is that I want this. Crave it even. I used to be ashamed to say I wanted to be a model, thinking it sounded conceited or materialistic. After spending time in the real world though, I’ve realized this goal may come across that way to many, maybe even the majority, but I just simply don’t care anymore. Tyra alone has proved that it is much much more on many occasions. I could express myself MY way and it will be beautiful! Born and raised in Utah, I’m just looking to shoot for my dreams and expand my horizons, proving anyone from anywhere can do anything they aspire to. I don’t expect anything from this but maybe having the nerve to stand with my shoulders as high as they please and a smile on my face. I’m done waiting for something to find me, I’m out to find you guys this time 😀

  • Mikhail Young says:

    I’m 21 years of age. African American, three time All American track athlete with an outgoing and energetic personality,as well as a people person. Always able to adopt to any and every circumstances.

  • Katilya Ross says:

    I wanna be on top

  • Adarah Cherry says:

    My name is Adarah. I am 19 years old & my height is 5’8 1/2. I’m from Leesburg, Georgia & have blonde hair. I have modeled for a local boutique here called Blush for 5 years. I am currently working at and modeling at another one called Envy. I have wanted to be a professional model since I was a little girl & have never been shy to have my picture taken…you could say I loved the camera since birth. I am going to the audition in Columbus, Georgia on the 18th. It would be a dream to meet Tyra & the rest of the team. I have wanted this for so long & I promise I have what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model.

  • Tasha marshall says:

    I would love to do this but don’t have the skin or looks for it I wish you all gooduck and have fun

  • Gwen says:

    Hi I’m from ohio 5’9 and 130 lbs very down to earth sweet person I hope others feel the same but would love to show everyone I have something bigger in me than a small town car model!

  • tamara says:

    hi im Tamara 21 years old been wanting to model sonce ANTMaired i love the show and people abd all the mysetrious cycles you guys have i am very interested in doing this this is 1 of my biggest dreams

  • Jason gilliam says:

    Hey I’m Jason Gilliam I’m 32 years old and I think I have what it takes to be ANTM. Ive been told I should try modeling. I never took it serious but I think I really have what it takes IM DIFFERENT FROM THE REST.. I would love to have this chance to see if this is my calling.

    Thanks, in advance Jason Gilliam

  • Briana Joaquin says:

    Hi! I’m Bri ! I am 22 years old and I am from upstate NY. I am just finishing up cosmetology school. I have been into fashion along with hair nails and makeup ever since I was little. The class that I am in lasts about nine months and if I could have doubled up and finished in half that time I would. I have a lot of drive and charisma for things that I am very passionate about. I can truly say that is the one passion in life that keeps me going ! I believe that I would blow everyone that has ever told me I couldn’t do modeling or that doubted me away. I not only could be Americas Next Top Model but I can be a role model for others. I am a huge people person and have a very positive outlook on life so if I was not chosen id keep my head held high and try again and again until I get it! But it would only be your loss 😛 thanks for giving us a chance !

  • Alexis Adams says:

    Hello my name is Alexis Adams. I’m a 23 year old woman from Memphis Tennessee. I feel that i have what it takes to be Americas next to model because not only do i have the face and body, but i also have the ambition and will power to make it happen. I’ve been watching this show and learning from all the women before my time and just to have the opportunity to show them all that even when you think you’re doing it for yourself that everything in life is a lesson. And I not only watched them but i try to learn from then as well. I would love to be a inspiration to my community as they Tyra is to me!!
    Thanks alot and i look forward to speaking with you all soon

  • ariel ragland says:

    My name is Ariel I’m 23 5’8 I’ve always been told that I should model. I never took it seriously until lately. I’ve began to work out and even stopped smoking cigarettes. I would really appreciate an opportunity to try out. I live in Louisville Kentucky and I would like to be more then a local model

  • Sharon Banchero says:

    Hi everyone my name is Sharon. I’m a 20 year young sales associate at Catos fashion. Growing up my cousins and I would always watch Americas Next Top Model but probably never would have the guts to audition. When I heard that yall was going to be in Mississippi I thought to myself that it would not hurt to give it a try. I’m 5’8-5’7 and weigh 130 lbs. I’m not asking yall to make me Americas next top model but make me someone who uses her chances well.

  • Teresa Hamilton says:

    Hi I’m Teresa and I am 22 years old. I am a female that is 6’1 without heels. The longest and most exciting part about me are my legs. I am 125 lbs with great thin body structure. I really hope I get an opportunity to be on this show because just my appearance will keep your attention until you get to know my talent.

  • destiny smith says:

    Hi my name is destiny I’m 5’5 I weigh about 140 . I love the show and I just wanna try nothing wrong with that right. My motavation is my beautiful 7 minth old daughter. Ill be 17 in jan. I just wouldreally love this

  • Edna B says:

    My name is Edna, I am 21 and 5’2″. As a preteen I didn’t want to add to my parents stress with my desire to be a model. Then as I got older I thought I was too short. But I’ve seen every season of ANTM and I am in love with Tyra’s mission and message. She has inspired me, I’ve started working with local photographer and I am in love with modeling. It takes me out of me, every shoot is like a new journey, as if I am a new character in a fantasy novel. I love working with the artists to become their vision and bringing their creation to life, to held on their hands. Modeling as a career would mean everything, I can’t explain the joy that fills my souls with just the thought that this is possible! I just want it so bad!

  • Quanita M Jordan says:

    This is the moment ive been dreaming of. I am glad we are given such a big opportunity, and I’m speaking for all the citizens in my city. I am very excited and CAN’T WAIT !!!!!

  • Tamecia Myers says:

    Hello, I am highly interested in auditions on tomorrow in Hattiesburg, MS. Is there anything specific that I need to bring? I like to come prepared.

  • Erica ransom says:

    I am very excited and I know I’ll make it far with this !

  • Ariel Little says:

    Would love if you had a casting call in Louisiana or east Texas because I live in arkansas!

  • Megan says:

    I am America’s Next Top Model (if the casting call comes near the upstate of South Carolina) because I am like no other. I am different and beautiful. I own it. I have had what fashion companies have been longing for, before they even knew it. I am the new face of American fashion and beauty. I’m not the cookie cutter girl that was once chased and that is what make me fantastic.
    XOXO – Megan

  • Mercades says:

    I have watched yourself of a mini years and I really like to be on top model thank you

  • Makeva Thomas says:

    Hey My Name Makeva Thomas I’m 22 Years Old and modeling is my passion! It would an honor to be select it to try out for next top model!

  • Nadja Jamieson says:

    Good morning! My name is Nadja Jamieson and I would love to audition for America’s next top model cycle 22! I’ve been wanting to model since I was a young age. In 5’9″, full of confidence, ambition and determination to prove to you guys that I have what it takes to be a fierce model. I’m from Laurel, MD representing Prince George’s County and it will be awesome to represent my hometown. Tyra Banks and my cousin Troijuana is my inspiration for modeling because they inspired me to never give up on what my dreams were and to push forward. I really hope you get this message from me and have an awesome day!

  • Sharrun Larue Gray says:

    All I need is a foot in the door and I’ll hit the ground running!

  • Erika G Pedroza says:

    My name is Erika I am 22 just had a birthday the 24th of November. I am Latina, my parent’s and 4 brothers currently live in Mexico. I have always aspired to be a model but don’t have resources for classes. I was Miss Spring in a contest in a town near my parents hometown in Mexico.I am only 5′ 4″ so I possibly won’t qualify but this is worth a try. I just wanna be a model with class now a days it would seem like we as women have lost respect for our bodies and I can’t think of a classier change to my life then the honor to participate.

  • Gabriel Hendley says:

    Hit me up with requirements asap please

  • Gabrielle Johnson says:

    I’ve been wanting to model for years now! Although I’m 26 years old 5″9 and 120lbs, I know I would be perfect for this opportunity. In this business 26 is almost old, so I know I don’t have much time so I will take this opportunity and run with it! I’m would truly be grateful. If chosen, you wouldn’t regret it!

  • Lanesha brewer says:

    Hi I’m Lanesha from Atlanta Georgia. I’m a young vivacious determined 21 year old. My biggest dream is to be on America next top model and actually win. I’ve been watching this show since I was 8 years old. Maybe younger than that. But anyway I hope to be chosen. This is my career choice and calling in life, to actually be a real role MODEL for young girls but especially young melanated girls. I also believe I have what it takes to change the whole outlook of the modeling,fashion world. I’ve learned a lot from just watching this show. Marketing myself not to mention self love comes first. Thanks guys I hope to see all of you soon.

  • Katelyn Laird says:

    Hi! I’m a classically-trained ballet dancer dreaming of being a model and would love the chance to show ANTM what I can do! I’m always known as the sweet one, the classic All-American dreamer. I’m a Luna Lovegood look-alike but have passion, sass, and am completely devoted to dancing and modeling with a fiery zest for life. Pictures have been sent in to the emails above and a YouTube reel is available under “Katelyn Laird Commercial Demo Reel” on YouTube. Thanks!

  • Tamyia Allen says:

    My name is Tamyia Allen, I am a 24 years young, 5’6′ 130lbs. From South Carolina, I will be attending the Columbus,GA. open casting call. I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Arts, and since then I have pursued both modeling and photography, As a artist I believe I have what it takes to be ANTM. I enjoy fashion design, illustration, and styling. I have modeling experience, I am also building my own portfolio.I would love the opportunity to show my talents at the next audition. I want to thank you for inspiring so many young girls.

  • Ireisha Carter says:

    Hey. My name is Ireisha Carter. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I’m 5’3,a size 4 , and I weight 120. I been wanting to model since I was a little girl. I always have dreams that I will be on TV someday. I have what it takes to be a model.

  • Antwuanetta Walker says:

    I’m 21 , 5’7″ Toledo,Ohio I love modeling I’ve been doing it since I was 16 & I will be seeing you guys in Cincinnati for the casting of ANTM22 , I have what it takes I will finally get to be seen & heard & whether I make it thru competition or I don’t I’m not gonna stop chasing my dream until I make it!

  • Myverick Garcia says:

    Yes, this is Myv’s mom. I am writing because I BELIEVE in my daughter. I have read your requirements and can already tell that she would not make the height requirements but I would like to ask that you check her out for when you do petit shows. She is now living in L.A. doing acting and modeling but I know she has ALWAYS wanted to be on your show. Please just take a moment to see why I believe so much in her..

  • Wildjinnie Rebecca St Hilaire says:

    Hello, my name is Wildjinnie Rebecca St Hilaire, but I go by Rebecca.
    I am very fun, loving, & outgoing.
    My body type is very slim, & athletic.
    My hair type is very fine, & short.
    Hair color: Dark brown.
    I am a 19 year old Haitian American.
    I weigh about 119lbs.

    Participating in ANTM would be a major blessing.
    I want to be able to make my parents proud of me, & to know that I have they’re backs no matter what.
    When I was younger I was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor.
    My parents spent years taking care of me in the hospital.
    I want to take all those years back, & finally take care of them.
    I believe ANTM will be able to help me reach that goal.

  • Cooper Lewis says:

    I live in Conway, Arkansas and attend the University of Central Arkansas. I’m majoring in Speech and Language Pathology. I am 5’9″, blonde and looking forward to this chance to audition for America’s Next Top Model. I am a huge fan. I have done some modeling locally and would love to be given the opportunity to try out.

  • Carrell Andrews says:


  • Dashern says:

    Hey my name is Dashern Watson I’m 22 years old 5’7 from Rowland NC and I think I have what it takes to become ANTM because I done need through a lot of ups down and trials. I’m always there for others but I never get nothing in return so I think its time for me to shine tell my story and do something I love to do which is inspire young kids. So please vote and pick me…! I’m hoping and praying. Fingers cross

  • Lauren H. says:

    I’m 5’10” and weigh 122 pounds. I have wanted to be on this show since I was a kid, I’m 22 now. Just saw Cari Dee on a commercial and it made me want to look to see if there were auditions coming up. Everyone has told me I should be a model but there aren’t many resources for that in Springfield, Mo. Right now, I’m in nursing school but I’d definitely take a break to be on this show!

  • Hannah Targett says:

    Hello my name is Hannah Targett and I’m from Boynton Beach, FL. All my life I’ve dreamed of being a model. I’ve been saying modeling was going to be my career since I was 7. I’m 5’4 I know I’M not that tall but I’d work really hard if you gave me a chance.

  • Michael Silas says:

    My name is Michael Silas, and I’m 5’10.5. I’ve been a modeling, fashion and the runway since a kid. Being born in Germany as a biracial kid wasn’t easy, but moving to America helped with my insecurities because I was able to find myself around other biracial kids. I will never forget seeing the George Michael freedom video and all the beautiful supermodels, it wasn’t just a physical appearance but how they radiated with the whole body an energy captivated me. I knew then that that was something I wanted to do, so I let my creativity to steer me in to dance. Being a dancer help me learn my body that much more, and workingsweet music artist help me find that inner ability to radiate and become a star! So when I stepped into the modeling world I utilize my dance training to understand my angles, lighting and just how to captivate energy through posing. Never leaving my dance training behind, I was blessed to become a choreographer for a variety of LA Fashion Week shows. It was like a dream come true having the freedom video become my real life reality working with actual models, designers and the runway. I feel like my time behind Superstars and choreographing runway shows only fueled me more to pursue my modeling dreams. So here I am applying for cycle 22 hoping that I too can show the world what male modeling has to offer. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  • Dominick Cantu says:

    I would love to apply for my son. People have been stopping us since his birth. Very fashion forward,artistic,and has the most captivating eyes, they draw you in. Not to mention,the best brows ever. He would be in shock if he new i was sending this. How do i apply online or upload photos? He is about 6’1 and probably 155 , exotic looking,very beautiful complection, full lips, and the most beautiful hazel eyes. Help a mom out . Thanks for your help in advance.
    Christal Hudson

  • Chanell O'Rourke says:

    Being 21 and graduating from college I am looking for something new, fun and to enable other women to have a passion for health. Part of being healthy is taking care of your body, skin and hair. I have never modeled but I want the opportunity for something new!

  • alia hooks says:

    I want to compete I need this… I prayed on this… Can’t wait to see everyone


    iwould like to be one of your models iwll send my photo later on sunday

  • Lakeia Richardson says:

    Hello my name is Lakeia Iv been modeling since I was 19 I’m 25 know, me and my sister grow up watching ANTM Iv always dreamed about being on the show when I was young but never thought this opportunity would come for pitite models like me, I was sick as a kid and suffered with it as I got older but that never stopped me and it won’t stop me know I’m 5″3′ and full of life and love and I want to show u guys that this little pitite lady can bring it!!! 🙂

  • Chante Walton says:

    Greetings everyone! My name is Chante Walton and I am 18 years old. It has always been a dream of mine to model and this seems like the best opportunity to do so. I’m approximately 5’2. I know that’s not an ideal height for a model, but I know what I can bring to the plate! I am always up for trying new things and I can succeed in anything that I put my mind to. I would love to learn everything about the modeling business! If I were given the opportunity to do this, I would be sure not to disappoint you! Thank you.

  • brianne slaughter says:

    Really have a strong passion for modeling, fashion and more!!

  • Dextiny says:

    I’ve been watching ANTM since I was 6 and I’m fascinated with the thought of modeling. I would love to have the opportunity to audition since everyone has always encouraged me to since I was little. I know millions of people dream of this opportunity and most will never achieve this goal; but I believe if given the opportunity I will.

  • Brianna Taylor says:

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Ethnicity: German/ Caucasion
    Ever since I was a child I’ve been watching this show and now that I am old enough to tryout for even a casting call is my biggest dream ever. It would be such an experience and the best opportunity I would ever have.
    I competed in beauty pageants as well as modeled and was in Family Fun magazine and now I model occasionally in areas near me, But this would change my life forever.
    PLEASE help me out!!! I can send pictures through my email, I just need more INFO on this,

  • Franstride Francis says:

    Hello my name is Franstride and I am 23 years old. I have dreamed of being a model since I was 14 , I’ve done a lot of shows in my hometown and fashions shows so I can learn more each day to prepare myself for this day. I am more then ready . My father past last year 2013 and he was my biggest fan I owe it to him to at least branch out and try and make it because I have it in me . I am hungry for this ! There is nothing else I rather be doing

    Please give me my one chance

  • Ebony Brown says:

    I’ve never seen anyone from Mississippi on the show. I’ve seen that you guys are coming here on the 17th! I am extremely overjoyed to have this chance, and the waving of the height requirement is even better! I am Ebony Brown, 23, about 5’1-5’3 (haven’t been measured in a while,but my mom and I are close in Height ☺) and I weigh 89 pounds!! Don’t worry though, I do not look fragile and thin. I just want the chance to show you all and the world what a small town girl can do! I’m ready to strut my stuff at tryouts here in Hattiesburg, MS. PLEASE GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY!

  • Brenda Grahmann says:

    I live in Huntsville Texas about 2 and a half hours from Houston! I would love to try out for America’s Next Top Model. I just turned 18 and have never do any professional modeling. Ever. But I still want to try to show everyone a little girl from prison city can rock the runway!! XOXO

  • Kelly Martine says:

    Hello my name is Kelly Martine and I’m from long island Suffolk county. I’m 5’4 yes I’m short but I don’t really care because if Eva made it so can I. I do have what it is makes to be America Top Model. I’ve been watching this show since day one cycle 1 FACTS! I love miss. Alexander and ms.Jay and Mr. Nigel they are amazing people but they don’t play. I’m a single mother trying to support my 6 years old son name Quentin. My family don’t support me me what I do and I don’t know why but at the same time they are NY adopted family and I can careless because I can support my self doing what I believe in myself. I want to be the next Eva!!! A bad b with a a sour patch lol… I just want to show long island what I can do and represent strong island .

  • Shayla Walker says:

    I’m Shayla I’m 18 years old , 5’7″ I have been watching the shows since I was a kid and I’ve always wanted to become a model and I finally get the chance to with no to tall no to short. I love fashion and I would love to get the chance to model I hope you guys host auditions in Michigan somewhere because I’m willing to drive where ever I have the motivation and dedication to do anything i put myself to. Please come to somewhere in Michigan.

  • Jaimele Bettis says:

    OH YEALLLL I’m so there lol hahah See you in Cincinnati lol

  • Maggie Jacksin says:

    It has been my dream to be on Americas Next Top Model ever since the first season. This is what I’ve wanted to do with my life since I was a little girl. I’m 5’9 and 140 lbs girl from CT. I have the personality to kill and the drive of a mustang. I would give anything for this opportunity.

  • Raven adjei says:

    I’ve been watching Tyra since I was little an always told my grandmother I was going to be just like her when I get older. I’ve been watching antm since season one an it’s been my dream to try out for it. I tried out once but I never got a chance to make it to the audition because my mother got sick. I’m 5’5 I weigh 109 pounds I’m Ghanian an honestly besides being a pediatrician this is my biggest dream. I hope that I will make it far an get the opportunity of working with all of the wonderful individuals on this show. I love this show an thank you for making everyone who wants to step into modeling a dream come true.

  • brittany jarrett says:

    Hi in interested in being on America’s Next Top Model
    Im 5″9 1/2 136lbs im a female and modeling is my dream job. Please contact me with information I want a dish in near Chicago il
    Or email and let me know how i can applied to be on the show. Please help me make my dream come true or at least give me a shot at it. Thanks

  • Alivia says:

    Hello my name is Alivia Burns and just like everyone else putting their information I too am veryyyyyyyyy interested in having an opportunity to make more of myself as ANTM. I can be the Model you want actually I am the model you want! I am very passionate at modeling and acting and I am very outgoing and love success! Please give me the chance to show what a Toledo girl has to offer. I am 5″ 8 1/2 with Hazel eyes , long Brown Hair and weighing 130lbs. I hope and cant wait to “wow” everyone!

  • Donna. Crane says:

    I’m 5’2 in very good shape I have been told all my life I should be a model. I never got the chance. I have struggled my whole life but I’m glad it makes me. I’m very outgoing and will bust my ass for what I want. I want my little boy to be proud of his mom and have everything I didn’t Mrs.Banks is my idle. I don’t have a lot of money but. I’m rich in happiness and love so if you can fond it in your heart to give me the chance I will not let you down. I need the money I’m just being honest so please shoot st right with me.feel free to call me about anything at anytime Always Donna: ))

  • Samantha says:

    I am America’s Next Top Model. I have the ambition, motivation, and love for my work to make it all the way to the top. I have a lot to learn and am more than willing to put in the time. ♡

  • Taylor Brown says:

    I’m a 21 year old female! I am currently in college but honestly lost for what it is I’m doing with my life right now. Ever since I was young I’ve had my heart set on becoming the worlds next big super model! With my parents on my back about focusing on school, it’s hard. I’m more determined then ever. Modeling is my passion. I spend my free time, taking pics, pretending I’m on a runway and looking at myself in the mirror, as weird as that may sound lol. I know I have what it takes! I have family members, friends and strangers tell me all the time “you should get into modeling” but I never have tried it out. I’m ready! Ready to follow my heart Tyra!! If I don’t do it now, I probably never will and I don’t want to make that mistake!

  • Nicholas Ashton Todd Alexander says:

    Hello my name is Nicholas Ashton Todd Alexander. I am 23 years old, African American, 6’5, 240 pnds, College Graduate and athlete. Are you looking for this type of profile. My mother really thinks I’ll be a good candidate. When will you be in the area of Los Angeles, California? I’m very interested in America’s Next Top Model.

  • Gabriella Rubalcava says:

    Hello there, I am interested in auditioning for the next cycle of ANTM. I’d love to stay updated on the auditioning process. Thank you so much.

  • Khristle Flake says:

    I’m interested in auditioning but is there any casting calls near Houston,TX?

  • Alexis Thomasson says:

    I know I have what it takes because I try my best to live out my dreams of being a model. I’m always I open for feed back; negative or positive. I’m 21 5’5, 5’8 with heels and I weight 111. I would love to go to a casting call but you guys aren’t holding one in Dallas, or Texas in general.

  • Brooke H. says:

    So excited to audition for the next season! It’s always been a dream of mine to be on the show and see where it takes me.

  • TONI Mathis says:

    For the love of the Art…-Tjm

  • abigail uranga says:

    hello from maryland my name is abigail i am 5.5 and i am a model

  • Ada says:

    From a small town in Maine. no one believes I have what it takes to be a short Asian model. Want people to respect me. I practice walking in heels and imagine I’m walking the runway. I’m crazy about modeling and I have watched every episode that has ever been made <3

  • St. Trevor Michael says:

    I am a male, 24 years old and live in Las Vegas. I am extremely interested in ANTM Cycle 22. Please help in anyway about casting calls/interviews. -St. Trevor Michael

  • Jaclyn Miller says:

    Hi! I’ve watched the show since the first season and have always dreamed of being on the show. I’m 5’7″, about 140lbs in Maryland! I wanna show to America that anyone can be beautiful and successful in this industry, even an amateur, diabetic girl! 🙂 I would love for a chance to audition for one of the best super models in this industry. I filled out an application to audition. I really hope to hear from you all soon! Good luck to everyone here!! ❤

    Facebook – Jaclyn Ku’uipo Pule

  • Erika Williams says:

    Hi! My name is Erika I’m a 19yr old student at The Paul Mitchell school . I’m 5’6 tall 111 lbs. I love beautiful things and beautiful people. I’m the 1st born and I have 2 siblings. I love fashion all around the board. I’m excited about this opportunity and looking forward to becoming ANTM! Thanks Tyra!

  • RaKeisha Hamby says:

    I need this !

  • Darrius Brockington says:

    Hello im from South Carolina what about bringing the auditions to South Carolina. Itll be very different and it is alot of model talent here. Including myself

  • Timasia McFarland says:

    I’m From New York City & I Want To Audition

  • LaMia McCoy says:

    I am LaMia McCoy and I am Americas Next (plus sized) Top Model.
    I am 23,5’8 weigh 160lbs from San Diego California. I am here to show the world you don’t have to be a size 2 to be Americas Next top Model. Instead have a good heart, good head on your shoulders and have the drive, motivation and a hard working ethic that it takes to win the competition. I will show the curvaceous women of the world that you can love the body you are in and still work it in high fashion with the rest, that your body does not limit you but puts you ahead of the curve and gives you more to offer. I love Americas Top model and I love my body, I believe I have the class, work ethic and edge that the competition needs.
    See you in San Diego

  • Renz says:

    Hi ! I’m 18 and with the height of 5’5 . I dont if im qualified or what to ANTM because im an asian im from Philippines. But i just wanted to try , there’s nothing wrong if i wanna try . But im not expecting it 100% im just hoping 🙂 ! GoodLuck to everyone !

  • Teyana Stewart says:

    Beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. My beauty just happens to be a 5’3 petite black girl. I’m known for my fashion and runway talent and I can work a camera. I believe that I am America’s Next Top Model. I’ve been bullied for my skin, my hair, my acne, my voice, my height, anything you can possibly imagine but I want to put all of this aside and become a stronger woman, and model. All my life I’ve been told I couldn’t be a model because I don’t “have the look” or I’m “not pretty enough” but I want to prove everyone wrong.

    Add and follow my Instagram @teyanamichelle

  • Bianca Gonzalez says:

    I’m ready, Bianca Gonzalez is in the running to be America’s Next Top Model! Latina but still American, beautiful inside and spicy on the out… I may not be skinny but to represent ANTM all I need is my dignity pride and confidence. You ladies will love and hate me at the same time. Always in it to win it but I’m also the nuturing type, my mother instincts strive me to be strong because morally I’m doing this for my future my children my life! Can’t wait to audition and I can’t wait to show America and Tyra who Bianca is!

  • Taswassa Scott says:

    I wanna be American next top model because I wanna show my 3 year old daughter anything is possible if you put your mind 2 it

  • Mckayla ittner says:

    Please com back to Minnesota

  • Tayla Beaulieu says:

    Hi I’m interested in auditioning. I’m 5’9 135 lbs

  • Angeline Joseph says:

    I’ve always wanted to model professionally & I feel this is the perfect opportunity to put my best foot forward & give it my all.

  • sharell says:

    Omg please pass through silver spring MD my whole life iv wanted to try out!!!!

  • Brandi Duzz says:

    Hi, my name is Brandi, i’m a female from Beverly Massachusetts. im 18 and I am about 5’6 feet tall and weigh about 113 pounds. I am trying to enter the military in my future and am super excited. I am currently in charge of my marine corps jrotc program and have tons of confidence and am very lovable. Before I go into the military and college I want to be able to make all my dreams and goals come true. I hope to see you on ANTM!!!

  • Jeremain Alphonse Louis says:

    They Have called me ” Dry Gang for the Past 4 years, But I am intent on during this
    series, my slick, adaptations and possible wet and wavy ways of avoiding
    being totally wiped out by constructive criticism from coaches like Yu or Miss J , I will only improve my outlook on finally
    making a “splash” as a Git Male E\CLass A Model

  • Martez McKee says:

    I think I have what it takes because I have been dedicated and put my life toward modeling and acting. Every move I have made in my life was to be closer to me having a better chance in making it in the industry. So I believe with my hardwork and how driven I am to achieve it in making it is why I have what it takes. I want to be on top.

  • Ketisha Williams says:

    I reside in Trinidad and Tobago and I would like to be on the next cycle of America’s Next Top Model! I am 21 years old height 5′ 11. How can audition online or send my information and a video of me.
    Facebook – Ketisha Tisha Williams
    Instagram- thatmodelchic_tisha

  • Gabriela Ann De Tar says:

    I am 22 years old. 5’8 and weigh 140lbs. I am Caucasian with long brown hair and brown eyes from San Bernardino, CA. Ever since I was a preteen I’ve wanted to become a high fashion runway model. I’ve always been told by family and friends that I should be a model, even my natural walk resembles a model on a runway. I work full time in a warehouse which I enjoy but I don’t see myself pursing a career there. I graduated from college this year but never found what my sole purpose in life is. I always think of the quote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I really enjoy fashion and everything that comes with it, so given the opportunity to audition for ANTM would mean so much to me and get me that much closer to pursue my dreams. I’ve watched ANTM ever since it started and always imagined myself on the show competing. I know I have what it takes and won’t stop till my dreams come true!!!!

  • Roy Beaver says:

    HI! My name is Roy Beaver and I’m The Next Americas next top model. I’m 18 years old, Modeling is my DREAM I practice my facials everytime I wake up for school, when I get back from school, or even at work. I’m always in the mirror lol please let me have this opportunity to put a little spice in Americas Next Top Model and Amaze the judges. Check out my Instagram: hes_popularr

  • Chanel Adgerson says:

    Choose me to be your Americas Next Top Model

  • alycia francesse westfall says:

    Im so dellightfull to audditiion for american mext top model , this orpportinity i alway nees i didnt have in my contry thank you lord.

  • Keneice D says:

    Ready to SMIZE my way to the top! Houston Texas is where I reside, but I’m a Midwest girl from Kansas City. We NEED an audition in Houston!!!

  • Andrea Esparza says:

    I’ve Always Admired Ur Show & Love, Love Fashion I Would Love To Be Given A Chance To Star On ANTM Cycle 22 & Prove To Y’All That I Have What It Takes To Be A Top Model I Promise U Will NOT B Disappointed…. Please Follow My IG At Drayah___ To See Some Pics

  • Elizabeth Mith says:

    This is a long shot but i hope I qualify.

  • Halie says:

    I’m America’s Next Top Model. I consider my self unique in not only looks and personality, I have came a long way from being a small town girl. I have traveled to Europe and Asia and i was able to learn about the culture and fashion from other countries.. I love new experiences and i want to challenge my self and try knew things i have never done before.. I am finally at the point of my life were i’m fully confident in who I am and how I look.Being a 6 ft tall girl and 125 pounds i got made fun of a lot growing up, it’s time for me to prove to every one that i can do something with my life.

  • Jhonathan Lange says:

    No Honey I am sorry but I AM ANTM! The Boys took it for cycle 21 and with me we will take it again in Cycle 22! Ive watched every season hoping and wishing they did a cycle with no height requirement and now its here. Standing at 5’7″ This brazilian is ready to smize into that camera and win over america! Come check out my best selfies and tell me if i deserve a chance at being ANTM! Instagram: Jhonathanlange

  • Migdalia pierro says:

    I wanna be the next americas next top model !

  • Ashley says:

    Tbh ANTM is my biggest dream. I have watched every season and when i see a former ANTM whether it be on tv or on an advertisement i know that i have a chance to be just like them. Modeling is something that i have always wanted to do ever since i was 4 years old. And im not going to let my dream be stomped out now.

  • Jenny Tran says:

    I am willing to do what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model. Why would I want to be given the chance to be on ANTM? Because I’m asian, yes that may sound funny, but I want to be able to show you all that an asian girl CAN prove to be on top. I am a very strong-willed and dedicated person when it comes to working for what I want. This is what I wanted ever since I was a little girl. My family and friends always told me that I couldn’t do it and I want to prove them otherwise. The only thing that kept me back from doing so is because of my height, but not this cycle. It’s my time to go for my dream. As long as I can have the look, my height shouldn’t matter.

    Check out my instagram and thanks for your time!

  • Princess Cloud says:

    I always dreamt of being a modeling since I was a kid. I’m an African American young women who’s been trying my hardest to become what I know I suppose to be. Being 5’0 has been the biggest let down in trying to achieve my goal/Dream when I know tall or short if thats a passion anyone can make it. Seeing that ANTM is giving Everyone a chance it pushes me even more to become American Next Top Model… I know everyone has a story but I feel my story can help sooo many young women and girls like me, coming from being in a foster home to getting adopted by someone who didn’t have my best interest so I basically took on a role of fighting to stay level head and not let what I been through as a child till now effect my dream of becoming a International Model/RoleModel because I believe that if I was able to make it out as a child I can do Anything.. I hope you take the time out reading this and know how serious I am, being short I feel this is my chance Finally.

  • Taneisha Caldwell says:

    I’m Taneisha I’m 23 years of age. Born and raised in Chicago in the Chi. I’m 5’8 about 137lbs.
    Dark brown hair and eyes.
    I’m black american, native American, Irish, and English.

  • Ivory washington says:

    When you know you got it you got I’m am a strong creative individual with a story behind me that I want to tell the my photos I like to consider them as modern art if given opportunity I will rock your world

  • Zac kia Fitzgerald says:

    I am hair I am fashion I am beauty I am america’s next top model

  • Zahra Mohamed says:

    I’m a Somalian Female and I feel as if I could be Americas next top model

  • Dominique Parram says:

    Hello my name is Dominique Parram and I am Anericas Next Top Model. I have the ambition and drive to win. I can model the camera is my stage and I am ready to preform with beauty. And with any performance you must learn and grow and once you do the show is more amazing than ever. And I want to learn from you!!! I want the chance to show you how amazing I can be.

  • Jennifer Patterson says:

    Americas Next Top Model.
    My light features and enable to me to undergo any transformation look, Ive modeled for the past 2 years professionally, took a break so I may further my career being an Ethics and Compliance Officer for an International Corperation and now ready to show poeple that women not only can be beautiful, collected creatures but also fierce, independent and successful. Modeling is confidence, and showing poeple that that is exactly what you are.

  • DeAnndra Tatum says:

    Singing I Am America’s Next Top Model

  • Lionel Watson says:

    Hi im Lionel Watson and im a Male model i believe I have what it takes to win and be on America’s next Top model cycle 22 im 6’1 160lbs brown skin 32waist 32inseam i love modeling and everything that comes with it from the criticism to all the Perks I believe I have what it takes to be americas next top model and I believe if you give me the opportunity in the chance I will make you proud and everyone who’s a part of this Project proud

  • Jessica Bowdoin says:

    Torrance, CA !

  • kenosha b. says:

    I would love to be apart of cycle 22!!! I’m from a small town called DDubuque. It’s in Iowa. Plz pick me!!

  • Josiani Avila says:

    I believe that I can be America’s Next Top Model and would like the chance to prove it! I am a 26 years old Panamanian female and I stay in Richmond, VA. Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed about walking the Runway. I believe I got what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model!

  • Tia Gray says:

    I am interested in becoming a contestant for the casting of America’s Next Top Model cycle 22. I would love to receive more information on how to get started. Thank you.

    Location: CT
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: approximately 130lb
    Ethnicity: mixed (African American)

  • Alexander Fisher-Levesque says:

    You are coming to Portland Oregon this year correct. I’ve been looking forward to this all year and your website has been a bit unclear. Originally I saw open auditions for December 11th for cycle 22 and now i don’t see that. i only see December 7th for cycle 21. I’m male, 25 5′ 11″ and 160lbs. I’m a good looking man with aspirations to make it to the top and change the world. Modeling could really help my light shine brighter than ever.

  • Rachel-victoria Baxter says:

    My name is Rachel Victoria Baxter but I like to go by Victoria-rae or just Rae. I am 20 years old, 5’6, and a total package when it comes to modeling. I have pale skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes. I currently live in southern Indiana, but I know that I am meant for more. I strive to be nothing but the best, and I will not let you down if I am chosen for ANTM cycle 22. I used to compet in beauty pageants when I was younger, but I am ready to close that door and open a new one with modeling. I am currently have 2 jobs, working on getting a third, I am a nanny,and a freelance photographer. Plus, A full time student, studying Art History/fine arts at Owensboro Community and Technical College. I have been through a lot. My mother was diagnosed with Lupus, and autoimmune deficiency when I was in 7th grade, and she is dying. I have been through 3 physically abusive relationships and I was also bullied in high school. I was called ugly, fat, and many other names. I want to show the world that I am more than just another pretty face, I AM AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!
    my instagram is @topmodel_victoriarae

  • Katrina Crooks says:

    I AM AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. I am the all-American Black girl with fierceness to spare and share. The world deserves to see me and I would be honored to represent this brand. I have been through it ALL. Homelessness, pain, and emotional turmoil that would cripple a lesser being. I can serve face and am known by my familybfor my H2T posing in all of our pictures. I have learned my best angles and would be glad to show them to you all. My personality and love for others are what puts me at the top.

    Please give me a chance to amaze you and I promise you will not be disappointed.
    Check out my Instagram, @prettymskiller

  • asley washington says:

    I am america next top model

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