America's Next Top Model Auditions 2018

Let us know you are Interested in Auditioning for America's Next Top Model in 2018

ANTM Nationwide Auditions, Casting Calls & Tryouts


New Cycle Auditions, Tryouts and Casting Calls for 2018 have been Announced for America’s Next Top Model! The New eligibility requirements for this auditions and casting call will be released! ANTM will be accepting new video submissions, they can be sent their mailing address. Leave a comment for more audition information.

What we gather from this is the Producers want mailed in submissions and make unsolicited invitations to girls the producers like on Facebook or other media. It also seems that ANTM will make casting calls if they get enough candidates and they might make open audition in limited markets. For those of you that are interested, stay tuned! It seems that more than likely ANTM will be announcing auditions just to make sure they didn’t miss any amazing talent like YOU!

Here are some great friendly tips for your next big audition!

  • YOUR HAIR: make it as simple as possible: best if it is a simple ponytail that can be set loose if needed.
  • YOUR SHOES: wear comfy shoes, but bring heels you can walk well in.
  • YOUR CLOTHES: jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a slob. It’s a job interview, remember that.
  • YOUR FACE: PLEASE, NO MAKEUP: – For real; if you have to wear it, make sure it is as little as you can to appear as natural as possible. ANTM wants to see you as a rough stone so they know what to work with

Swimswit?: to wear or not to wear? I suggest wearing a flattering swimsuit under your clothes; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Other stuff: plenty of water and high-energy compact food (energy bars/peanuts/jerky); something to entertain you but NOT engross you to the point where you miss someone calling your name/number. Oh, yeah; and an empty bladder. No kidding; you don’t want to HAVE to go when you are there; salty snacks are good for this.

Full Locations List for the 2018  CYCLE Auditions: Click Here

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  • tareikah boykin says:

    I am young 18, 5′ 7 135 pounds and I’m ending my senior year still trying to reach my dreams. I will be starting college in the fall of 2012. I have been watching and studying ANTM girls since season one! I might not be the right height for a model but I know i can push through and stand up next to the taller ladies. I been trying to model since i was 15 and i have been tricked out of hundreds of dollars and now i think this will be my big chance to show people that I’m not to short to do this job. I hope i get considered for America’s next top model!! =)

  • Brittni says:


  • Candice says:

    My name is Candice and I should be considered because I dream of being America’s Next Top Model every night. I am very passionate about it. I am an artist and it would just be a dream come true. I am 5’7, beautiful, unique, charming, and educated. Please send me info :). I am ready to work hard.

  • Shandi says:

    Sorry this goes with the other message. I am 5’5, weigh 125, i have green eyes, blonde hair, and i will be 23 on Christmas! again sorry thanks!

  • Shandi says:

    Hi! I think i should be consider for A.N.T.M. because i know i have what it takes to make it. I have wanted to model for a while but my parents support me in taking me places to audition or helping me out so i gave up. Then i had 2 amazing kids but there father always put me down. So now i am on my own with my babies and i am finally going to do something for myself and prove everyone wrong. I dont mean to sound conceited but i can do this i just need a little help on the way! Thanks!!!

  • Parker Westmoland says:

    I believe that i should be considered for ANTM because it has been a life-long dream of mine to be a model. I am 5 ’10 and weigh 110 pounds. I’ve never pursued a modeling career because I’ve been sick all if my life and have only recently gotten my illness under control. Going all over the country to doctor after doctor, becoming a model was simply inconvenient. I believe you should consider me because through all i have been through I have the drive to never quit and the determination to prove that my dreams are in fact reachable.

  • Zee Moody says:

    My name is Nizhani, but I’m better known as Zee. I’m a sixteen year old girl who’s had a passion for fashion since I was a little girl. When I was younger, it was focused around modeling and clothes, but around age 10, I began to realize that I also had a passion, and a real knack for designing as well. I’m from New York City, and I’ve lived there all my life. I was obsessed with ANTM for the first few seasons, but I haven’t really had time for it in the last few years because of my strict parents, athletic obligations, and my studies.Tyra Banks has always been one of my idols because of her effortless beauty, drive and attitude. I’ve wanted to be on ANTM for a very long time, and I’ve been told many times, even by total strangers, that I should go into modeling. Even when I was eleven and not very tall, I ‘d been slim, with long legs, perfect posture, and curves. I’ve grown since then and I am now 5’7″ and I weigh 132 lbs. I would very much appreciate your considering me for this opportunity.

  • Monica Wetzler says:

    I am Monica, 19 years of age, and i stand at 5’8. I have always wanted to be a model since a young age. I have watched all of ANTM”s seasons and every year I am debating whether i should give it a shot or not. I love having my picture taken and posing for the camera as well as strutting off the “catwalk”. I am a goofy, fun-filled person and am very energetic. Not much can bring me down! Modeling has been something i have been interested in since i dont know when. I have not ever been a model in any way, but I would love to be given the chance to show you what I can do! thanks so much! I hope I will be considered for auditions this coming season! it would be an honor! Thanks, Monica

  • Katrina Graham says:

    Hi everybody, my name is Katrina Graham and I am 18 years old. Now let me start of by saying that I have never considered being a model. Every since I was a little girl my family has told me that I have so much potential, but as the years went by I just blew their comments and wisdom to the left. God has truly blessed me with so many talents and sometimes I abuse them, but I know that it’s a reason why I’m on this earth. I was just in the bed watching ANTM cycle 15, and something just told me that “I can do this!” I am so tired of sitting on my butt! It’s time I do something productive with my life that will benefit me and my family. That voice was just my confirmation for my future! I’m ready!! 🙂

  • Sherina Smith says:

    Hello Madam and sir,

    My name is Sherina Smith from Arlington, Texas residing in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s almost every girls passion to become a model or actress or singer. But, only so few are chosen and only few can handle the pressure. I am a recent graduate of Clark Atlanta University and with looking at statistics to being a model it is very few and highly unlikely especially for a girl like me. So I set forth to get a degree and look at, and try different jobs but on my journey to completion nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than being in front of camera. It’s my desire truly because I have tried to fill that void with every aspect. It’s so many things in my life that has made me strong that has broken me to where my life meant nothing. I want, no need I need the opportunity to prove to myself that I am worth more, that I am beautiful, and smart, and that I’m a human. I need the opportunity just for my true talent that God has blessed me with.
    Thank you and if Tyra reads this: I appreciate you for being a representation of every woman and for being that change. Thank you for touching so many women live sand seeing things in them that nobody else has. You are truly a blessing and if I never get blessed to meet you. Just know that there is someone out there that appreciates you and wants to say thank you. I wish an abundance of blessings over you and your family’s life.
    Sherina Renay

  • tenisha ross says:

    Hi my name is tenisha ross and I will be 18 tomorrow. I have been watching america’s next top model since I can remember. I’m. Am 5’3 and I am 130 pounds. I’ve been telling myself that I was going to try out for this show when I turn 18 years old and I guess this is my chance. Being a model has been my dream since I seen it was possible when Tyra Banks was making models every cycle. It would mean everything to me if I just had the chance to make it on the show and able to learn everything there is to learn about modeling. I just want to be able to make it on the show

  • Briana Slaughter says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am not going to write a big story about why should I be chosen for ANTM, but I will tell you all that I have been a big fan of the show since it started. Though I was very young I always wanted to be a model, but I was always told I was too short. I’m 19 and 5’4 or 5’5 if that counts. I have many talents, but modeling has always been the one I wanted to learn more about. I am a daring person and I love to take risks without any problem. Long story thank you all for reading my post and hope to hearing feedback! Even if I am not chosen I would like to thank you all for allowing me to post! Thanks.

  • Jasmine Jordan says:

    My name is Jasmine Jordan. I am 21 years old and a junior in college. I am an upcoming model who is trying to break into the fashion industry. I specialize im Runway shows, print, photoshoots. I would contribute a positive attitude, and a fresh edgy high fashion face to the industry. I am prompt and professional and I am cooperative with others, which makes me easy to work with. If you feel like I would be a good canidate feel free to contact me through email . Also I listed a little more information so you can get to know me better. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Age: 21Ethnicity: African American 50% Nigerian
    Height: 5 8″
    Location: Houston
    Pants: 3
    Dress: 2
    Shoe: 9 1/2

  • Tabitha meadows says:

    Good day to whom it may concern, pick me for an audition bc; I bailed on cycle 14 due to hair school. Licensed and ready for a great season. Warmest regards, Tab:0) ps 5″7 120lbs

  • Claribelle Ramirez says:

    Hello im Claribelle , most people know me as that tall skinny girl, or bigfoot etc. But i find all my flaws beautiful. I have that confidence and spunk it takes to be a model. Everyone I know say i just have that look and that edge to make it. My long legs are my best feature, but lets not forget the face. I am an original. I have never met another girl that looks like me!

  • Destini Moss says:

    My name is Destini Moss and I’m 18 years from New Orleans, La. Since watching the show I notice no one from the 504 have made it well I’m the one that will. I’m 5’7 with a slim built and lots of energy but I’m also shy. I’m the 2nd oldest out of 8 with a single parent I’m a nerd but I also play volleyball. I wanna be on this show so bad that I cry and pray to God that 1 day I will get a chance to make it. I have no modeling experience at all but I wanna prove myself that I can be someone. I hope you considered me.

  • Victoria says:

    Hi!! I’m Tori, short for Victoria. I’m seventeen years old, from the small city of Staten Island. I live fairly close to New York City and have always been fascinated by it’s beauty and energy. I’m a bubbly, optimistic, strawberry blonde, who never goes a minute without smiling. I have been a loyal fan of ANTM since I can remember. I am 5’8, 5’10 with heels. Yes, I’m quite athletic, but I know how to soften my body so I am not too scary, LOL! I’m very unique and I don’t like following trends, I’d rather set them. I have my own style and I think I’d be a great pick to be in this competition. Thank you for reading this, and good luck to all the beautiful ladies who wanna be on TOP!! 🙂

  • Diamond Gordon says:

    I should be considered because I have long pretty legs, natural beauty, a beautiful smile and my lookalike happens to be tyra banks. I’m 5′ 9″ I weigh 125 and I’m a sweet kind hearted person. I love to model and taking pictures is something I’ve always been good at. I’ve been scouted by several modeling agencies but Antm is a dream. Hope to hear from you. Bye bye

  • Claire Drago says:

    I’ve dreamed my entire life about being a model, which I’m sure every other girl on this page has said. I was attending Wake Forest University this past year and am currently on medical leave for the next year, I am recovered from an eating disorder and I have scars from self harm. I know thats not ideal for a model and people worry that my ED will be triggered by being in the environment of many thin, gorgeous girls, but I have found a beauty in myself that I want to share with the world. I have gained such self confidence and I want young girls to look up to me and say “if she could do it, so can i”, I want girls to follow there dreams and I want any girl or boy who is in the depths of an eating disorder to know that there if hope, that there is life in recovered and it is a beautiful, happy life. I’m 5’8 125 lbs, I have long dark brown hair and green/blue eyes that change depending on what I wear. I’m 19 years old and I feel as though this is my last chance to follow my true passion and love what I do with my life. I’ve watched every cycle of the show (but seriously I’ve seen them all about 5 times if not as many as 10), and I am always inspired by the diverse and unique women that are discovered. I am able to look in the mirror now and say that I am beautiful, I take the compliments from my friends, family, and occasionally random strangers…I can’t express enough how badly I truly want this. I want this more than anything in my life and I hope that you will at least consider me.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

  • Makecia says:

    I am 21 years old, 5’5″ tall, and 100 pounds. Modeling have always been my dream. I do have experience and I know what I want. I really do pray that Tyra Banks will have another auditions for petite models.

  • Bertina kidd says:

    I believe that I should be considered for antm because I have dreamed of it since I was five years old. Since losing my mother this year i have never wanted anything more. She always wanted the best for me but my self esteem was always low. Now that i dont have my role model and teacher,i just want to show her i can go for my dreams an win.I have always loved to be challenged an doing different looks,styles,etc but lost a lot of it when i lost my mom but i know I have a strong face an smile with a lot of confidents. If I was to be chosen I can honestly say I will give my all an do my best but most of all I know I can make my mother proud and win.

  • Alexandria Michelle says:

    I go by Alexandria Michelle and I’m 20 years young, I stand about 5’5 and weigh 125..I’ve been an actual aspiring model for about 2 years now(whoot whoot) but its always been my dream..!! I’m fun loving, full of life, passionate and and bursting with energy.!! I have a unique look and a great personality to match but still very humble I SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FOR THE NEXT CYCLE OF ANTM BECAUSE I’m from a small town in North Carolina but I now live in Delaware and It would just be an amazing life changing experience for me I work so hard trying to get my portfolio together and find photographer who dont want to exploit my body and degrade me as not a woman but as a person..I’m going to be a pastor one day so I think it would also be a great way to show young girls that look up to me that being sexy is classy and not trasy but also a state of mind..

    I want to thank you in advance for this great opportunity and considering me for the next cycle of ANTM this means everything to me and I hope to see you all really soon
    smooch <3
    Alexandria Michelle

  • Nicole Guerrero says:

    Hi, I am Nicole Guerrero. Born and raised in San Jose, California. I am 17 years old, weighing 135 lbs, and will be turning 18 on February 24. I have a great personality! I am smart, sweet, and energetic. I hit the books hard! School is a priority for me. I love doing community service work around my town. I volunteer regularly at the elementary school I attended, near by youth center, and my church. I love to be active. I play volleyball and have been for the six years. I am creative and artistic. I love to draw and paint. I think I have great potential to be America’s Next Top Model. I know what it means to work hard and give it your all. I’ll be attending college in the fall to start a career in teaching. I’m not sure if modeling is the right way for me to go, but maybe getting this opportunity will help me better decide. Thank you!

  • Chelsie Sharp says:

    I shouldn’t be considered. I should be chosen. I don’t say that from a place of vanity, but from a place of certainty. I know I have a light and a charisma about myself that entices other people to committ all of their attention to my presence. That is the essence of modeling! Inspiring others to give you their attention until you say otherwise. I am 23 years old, 5’6″, and a lean and healthy 126lbs. God asks one thing of us in our existence and that is to leave our mark and to make the world a better place because we are here. I have passion, the world needs some.

  • Kelli Stoddard says:

    All my life everyone has always told me “you should be a model!” More recently, everyone keeps telling me “you should try out for ANTM!”, so here I go! I don’t have any experience at all in modeling, but I am very excited about it and intrigued. To be completely honest, when I was a teenager, my mom tried helping with the modeling thing, but I was too terrified to allow people to watch me walk — I was so shy (especially in 4 inch heels) 🙂 I have been very blessed to have a mom who always exposed me to many different things to allow me to explore my passion. Modeling is one of things I’ve never attempted. I’m very goofy and always keep people laughing, so I would be good for the show. I’ve taken a few photos and have participated in some local photo shoots, but nothing professional. I would LOVE the opportunity to audition for the show. I look forward to the opportunity!

  • Lorietta Sullivan says:

    I should be considered for America’s Next Top Model because I always felt like it was my calling. I’m 5’4 and 120 pounds and had always been told that I have a special look to me. My friends and family have always told me to model. But I was to young to understand at the time that I could do it. Now that I’m 23 yrs old I know I can I watch the show all the time and I know this is what I want. So please consider me I you won’t regret it I promise.

    Thank You Lorietta Sullivan

  • Tiffany Ellis says:

    I should be consider because i have what it takes the passion, the confidence, the attitude, the understanding, the maturity. I want a new challenge in my life and this seems as it would perfectly with my personality, meaning I love being in front of the camera, I love talking publicly, I’m a natural model. I have the natural walk that I also put my own little flavor to. I’m the biggest fan of AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL. I’ve tried out about 3 times now but I don’t plan on giving up on my dreams. I am going to keep coming until I get the chance to prove myself. I have never wanted something more in life then this. I waited from the first time i saw the show at 16 and I’ve wanted to be ON AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL EVER SINCE THEN. I’ve studied this for so long, I’ve even ttook it as far as to do hairshows, fashion shows for some hair stylist in my city of detroit, mi. I want to be a role model for people from detroit so they can see thats its not hard to achieve your dreams… you just have to strive to achieve whats in their hearts. Tyra you are my role model I honestly want to follow in your foot steps so bad. My mom told me when i was younger I could do anything i set my mind to and this is what I have chosen. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Emily Siebert says:

    Hello! My names Emily ill be 21 Christmas day. Im almost 5’9 and 125 pounds. I live in a little town in Kansas and i work an average of 65 hours a week between my two jobs. Im a very determined and hard working girl. I always enjoy a challange or experinces that have an oppertunity to improve or furthet fufill my life. I would really likeashot at americas next top model so i can prove to myself and the world that if you take risks and chances something amazing could happen. So please consider me fo ANTM!

  • Jessica Williams says:

    Hey i am Jessica. I am 21 and have always been told i would make a great plus size model. I now am a mother on a beautiful one year old son. I want to make him proud and show him we can do whatever he wants in life. I am 5’5″, 160 ibs and have decent size breast and butt. I have always been told i am not tall enough and my build is not quite a plus size models. I am a size 10 jean and m/l shirt. I have other problems now that I did not have before my son. I am extreme stretch marks that I know are not flattering. I am wanting to show other moms out there that they are beautiful no matter what the world says. You can be a hot busty stretch mark mom and be happy and comfortable with yourself. All I ask is for a chance to show you that i am willing to do what it takes to be Americas Next Top Model.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Jessica :]


    Hi my name is Laurette lopo and i am originally from Congo but live in the United Kingdom. I know what your probably thinking right now, ‘this is AMERICAS next top model and i am not American BUT to be honest, I have been modelling here in the UK for 9 years and even though i feel after all these years of experience i am good at what i do and on point when it comes to Runway and High Fashion shoot, still is hard for a woman like me with the talent that i have to be recognised and considered in the fashion industry here in Great Britain. I did try out for Britains Next Top Model 2 years ago but unfortunately i was unsuccessful due to my age. to them i was too old. 🙁 .. After that i decided to pursue on my second passion, fashion designing, am almost completing my final year in university and it is going extremely well, i have my label and design dresses for local customers etc but everyone that knows me even i know myself, who am i kidding, I want to be a model, That is my MAIN passion that is my Dream. I feel i DO HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE THE NEXT TOP MODEL i have so much faith and i know i am British but I AM WILLING TO PAY MY OWN FEES TO AMERICA AND MEET THE LOVELY TYRA BANKS ALONG WITH OTHER JUDGES AND SHOW THEM MY TALENT. I want a chance to try it out there in America and i really hope i can get considered as i am motivated to get where i want to be in regards to the modelling industry. Thank you and nuff love here from UNITED KINGDOM…

  • Ericka Jones says:

    I am so sorry I miss-spelled some words, I was too excited and rushed myself before I could fix those errors.

  • Ericka Jones says:

    I am Ericka Jones, I am currently 17, but I will be 18 in May. I have been watching America’s Next Top Models for years now, and I have always known that I have what it takes, and now that IMG and Italian Vouge are a part of the prize I definitly know I will make everyone proud. Ever since I was little everyone has told me I should model. I have the long legs and the long torso. I have the sweet respectable side and I have the winner takes all side to me, and I think that is only half of what it takes to be ANTM, the other half is the talent, and trust me I an beyond full of talent. No, I am not the smartest when it comes to all fashion, and all photographers, but I have been listening very carefully lately to learn all that I can. I am a fast learner and a hard worker. I graduated school a whole year early so I can get a head start, but the world fought against me, so I said to myself that God truly wants me to do something else besides looking for work and getting into school, because I keep getting stumped and told no. He wants me to do this. And I will. And I will win and become not only America’s Next Top Model, but I will be America’s Next Roll Model standing beside Tyra; ready to change the world one step at a time. 🙂

  • Jasmine Redding says:

    My name is Jasmine and I think I would be a good choice for America’s Next Top Model because I believe I have what it takes to be a model and stay on top as a model. I first found out how much I loved modeling this semester in college. Im at an art school in Sarasota, Florida and my major is photography. One day I decided to shoot myself and not only did I fall in love with my pictures but I fell in love with being in front of the camera, which almost felt forbidden since Im usually always behind the camera. People have told me I should be a model all my life but I’ve never took them seriously. I’m a really passionate person, I consider myself an artist. One thing I love about Tyra Banks is her passion for modeling. She give’s the most beautiful girls a chance to prove themselves on ANTM and I really think she should take me in under her wing. Your such an inspiration Tyra, not only through modeling but through everything you do. You mean a lot to us young girls all over the world, your a blessing! My name is Jasmine Redding and be on the look out for me, I’ll be around !

  • Megan kindle says:

    Hi my name is Megan I’m 18 years old I’m from a small town & considered one of thee prettiest females to have came out of this town I’m white & Indian I have a daughter that is 6 months old
    I no u might be reading it as that I have a child but I look very good after having her
    🙂 I am 5’6 weighing 140 my cup size is a 36 D I have brown eyes & brown hair
    I believe I have what it takes to be on ANTM I
    Enjoy taking photos I know how to work my body I have curves & I would love to show the world
    How well I can model & how beautiful I can be thanks for your time 🙂 I hope to hear from u soon

  • Nichole Milgate says:

    Hi my name is Nichole I am fun, loving, outgoing girl who has all the potential to make it big the only down fall is I am 5’1 1/2 I know the height requirement is 5’7 but I figured it is worth a try I have a son on the way he will be here in a few days his name is Decklyn Tulsa Milgate the reason I want to be a model is I have always loved having my picture taken and have been told countless times how beautiful and photogenic I am I’m in school for cosmetology and love it is one of my many passions

  • danielle m says:

    My name is Danielle. I am 21 years old. I am 5’11 almost 6 feet tall. I have been told numerous times I should be a model. So i am taking a chance and trying it. I think it would be fun and its something new. I am very athletic and I think that would help me.

  • Alix Brost says:

    To be America’s Next Top Model, it takes an interesting face, beautiful body, outgoing and self confident personality and will power. I have strutted through my hallway in heels since I was able to walk. When my passion and desire increased, in the seventh grade, I sent my photos into the top three modeling agencies. Out of Ford, Willamina, and Elite, I was called back by Elite. After sending in more photos they told me once I was 5′ 7″ 1/2, I could send more in. Five years later I am finally the height and ready to give it my all!

  • Candice says:

    I am beautiful, different, motivated, educated and hard working. I want to win. I am 5’6, 130 pounds, and want to be the next Marilyn Monroe! Never give up on your true dreams, love…Candice.

  • Desiree Liverman says:

    hey, i am Desiree and am 18 years old. i 5’7 and 127 pounds. i always wanted to be a model and i will work hard to get what want. i am still in high school doing my senior year right now. i live with my mother and my stepfather in Goose Creek, South Carolina. i watch everything that Tyra was in and i watch her tv show too. i hope that you let me show you and prove myself that i can do this. Thank you

  • Rycaia Archbold says:

    Hello! My name is Rycaia. I am a 14 year old High School student interested in modeling. It was suggested by several people that I should model but was not interested until I tried it. It has now become a passion, a drive I would like to pursue. I am 5″7″ and weight 105 pounds. Thank your for considering me.

  • Sam Franco says:

    In addition to my secret yearning to be a supermodel, I’ve always wanted to say “hey girl” to Tyra in extremely divalicious tone. Let’s face it, I have the attitude and the ambition to be America’s Next Top Model. All of my life, I’ve been groomed to succeed as an independent intellectual. My parents wanted me to be a doctor, an engineer or their favorite option, an actuary (most of you are probably like ‘what? what is that?’). I broke their mold of a “successful” daughter when I grew up to be a full-fledged artist. Now, I’m am a creative journalism student who stinks at math and science. Epic fail on the big doctor dreams. Despite my oppostie career path, my parents have excepted me for the 5’5 110 lb. goof that I am. BUT what they still don’t know is that I would do anything to be a model. If I’m chosen to compete in ANTM, I will prove to them, to my friends and most importantly, to myself, that you can do anything you set your mind to. I believe I have what it takes to stand out from a crowd and be a true role model to free-spirited girls around the globe.

  • Dominique Davis says:

    I would like to be considered, because I have confidents. I would love to do ANTM , with all the acting, and photo shoots, and traveling it really seems amazing . Being with other women would help me deal with many different personalitys, and to grow. I’ve watched this show, and its great , they are always honest n they keep it real n straight forward with u if Yu are doin something wrong or just nt good enough. I would nt mind tht because all it would do is help me become a better model and a stronger person.
    – I’m 5″4 , 145 lbs.
    – Mature 19 yr old.
    P:S / Thank you for reading this and Thank for your time.

  • Sarah Brensinger says:

    ANTM would be the most amazing experience for me. I have dreamed of being a model since I was little but never have the opportunity or chance for it. I am 20 years old, 5’7″, and 120 pounds. I am an extremely driven person and when I set my mind to it I can do anything. This would be an incredible opportunity for anyone and I would make the the absolute most of it.

  • Samantha Qualls says:

    I believe I should be given the chance to become ANTM. I have a unique trait! I have a small gap between my front teeth which adds character to me! I am about 5’8 weigh about 125 give or take a little. Ive been watching this show since its come out and i think i have what it takes! Im from a small town in Arkansas and honestly believe i could make it. Also, ive been told im very photogenic. So, with all this being said i hope i am chosen to have the chance of becoming America’s Next Top Model. (: Thankyou!

  • Britney Biggerstaff says:

    I have watched ANTM for as long as I can remember. I will be 19 years old in January of 2012 and am 5’5″ currently 130 lbs. I attend the University of Houston-Victoria to study business. I would love the opportunity to showcase my abilities for modeling if given the chance. I know 5’7″ is the minimum for modeling, but I feel I have the skills to do what it takes to make it in the industry.

  • Alicia Conner says:

    Hello my name is Alicia Conner, I am 19 years old, 5’5, and 130 pounds.As I child I never knew my one permanent life aspiration as modeling because life changes as you grow. However,over time as I began to grow as a person and learn how I connect with the world around me, I realized that I have and always have had an passion for artistic expression, and outreach. Modeling is a mixture of art, and communication which BOTH reach out to people.Although modeling was not my main outlet,since my childhood I have always enjoyed artistic self expression as a way of understanding myself, and others’ perspectives through poetry/creative writing. Sharing my writing with others, as well as listening to other people express their creative writing on various personal/life perspectives, helped me to build my interpersonal skills,and the way I can influence others. I should be considered for America’s Next Top Model because modeling could be a great opportunity not only for me to grow, but to represent beauty in a way that communicates with people from all walks of life, from all across the globe. I want to expand my name, and grow in influence, so that I can create foundations of my own that help others feel beautiful.The beauty in Tyra Banks did not only promote advertisements, magazines, and commericiaIs, her influence also helped young girls in the camp that she started, and she reaches out to others through her talk show. Even as a judge on America’s Next Top Model she used her experiences to help women build character, confidence, and other key elements to find their “voice” in modeling, or what ever they may aspire to be.I also want to find my voice through modeling and create a name for myself that other businesses, and people look up to.I congratulate everyone who for going after their goals through modeling, and whoever makes it to the top deserves to be there.

  • alexus figueroa says:

    I believe I should be considered for multiple reasons, this is an opportunities ANTM can grant me and i cherish all opportunities that come my way. This has consistently been a dream threw out my life and I know I have what it takes to make it to the top but I think I should be given a chance for you to decide. I will be 18 when this season comes around,I am about 5’5 to 5’6 and 135 pounds. I am fun,outgoing and a beautiful person in and out,with a unique look. My plans are to attend college in the medical field to be successful but reality is its not my dream and it wont get me out of the neighborhood I have come up in and that is the reason i strive to do bigger things and for my family. Hope to get feed back thank you for your time.

  • Hayley Ingram says:

    I should be considered because there is a quiet power that seperates me from most people my age. If I am chosen for this I will be going in as a shy, introvert who craves learning and knowledge. I want to be an example for everyone out there that you don’t have to be flamboyant and loud and crazy to be a model. It’s about the power that lies inside you, and allowing it to radiate enough for everyone to see. The eyes tell a story and I want to share mine with you. I am 19 years old, 5’5, and 115 pounds. My name is Hayley Ingram and I am ready to achieve the dream I’ve always had since the womb.

  • Haley Zinn says:

    I love being in front of the camera. I am told this is where I shine. I have camelion looks and able to have a multitude of different unique looks. I am 5’3″ have long legs and photograph taller than I seem to be. I am petite and curvy. If given the opportunity I truly believe I could give the Tall girls a run for their money because I can be “America’s Next Top Model”. Talk Soon, Haley Z.

  • Malazjia Gates says:

    I should be considered because I’ve always wanted to model and walk on a runway. I love fashion and I would like to be apart of it. I am 20 years old, African american, 5’8, Brown hair, Brown eyes and very slim. I believe I will be a strong contestant because I have such a passion for becoming a model

  • Christian says:

    My name is Christian, I’m 18 years young. I’m 5’7 standing bare foot. I weight 125lbs. I always wanted to be a model since I was a younger girl. I’ve always like taking pictures of my self & the things around. All pictures that I have of me are unedited with no makeup. I have only taken a few model classes, so I am an amateur. I am from Memphis, TN. I am currently a college student studying Health Science. Making it to this show will be a dream come true for me. I just pray that I can even make it to an audition. Making it to ANTM will be a life changing experience for me. Thank you for taking your time reading this.

  • Kennybabes Chavez says:

    Hello, I am Kennybabes Chavez, 21 years young and standing 5’5 on flats. I am known as lovely, energetic, full of smiles and jokes, with great leadership and discipline to myself. Becoming a model has been my dream of life since I was kid. I remember looking up to supermodels saying, “when I grow I will be one of them”. Ever since, I knew 5’7 is the minimum required height to be a model, I waited to reach that height but unfortunately I am stuck with 5’5. I almost gave up of achieving my goal to be a model and decided to be an FBI, so now I am studying Criminal Justice. I even got scammed by a modeling agency and took my money because I took any risk just to become a model. However, despite of horrible experience and as life goes on, my passion never stopped, I still continue to long for a career in fashion and to be a model. I love fashion, designs, colors, being simple but fabulous, photography, and more. I really see myself more confident and committed on a career where my heart belongs to. My passion is here and I want to put all my confidence, strength, energy, my all. I became more motivated when a family friend picked me to model for his art show. After 3 months I saw a post on our school’s bulletin board calling for models to audition. I remember they require males to be 6’0 tall and females to be 5’7 and up. I almost burst into tears but in a split second I told myself, “why not give it try?”. I auditioned. On the application under the height question, I answered 5’5. The judges were happy and told me that they will call me a week after if I got in. As soon as I left that room, I didn’t expect anything at all because I didn’t want to disappoint myself. I completely forgot about it when after a week I was shocked that they e-mailed me saying, “Congratulations”! So currently I have two runway experience already. Two of the designers from the fashion show asked me to model for their designs. I agreed without hesitation even though I have no idea if I am going to get paid or not! Everything of these happened from August 2011 and present. My commitment in this career is very strong that I was and will be willing to model designs without pay and even to miss my work schedule just to accumulate experience and to develop my skills and personality. Add to that, my wonderful friends who always believe in my potential and had been pushing me to join the A.N.T.M. and shockingly even strangers told me to do so. So, now I am here trying my luck to get in for this amazing opportunity. I know I have a strong competent to be a model despite of my height.

  • Destiny says:

    I think I should be considered because modeling is something I dream about being. I walk down my school hallway with my wedges on, I always tell people I wanna be a model so bad, people always say be a model and they tell me yoou should try it and you look like the model type you have a really unique but pretty style and face.. and I started believing them. Modeling is everything to me

  • Caitlin Machovec says:

    i think i should be considered only because its something ive always thought about doing. but my family doesnt have enough money for me to go anywhere, im 5’7″ blonde hair and blue eyes, 105 lbs.

  • Megan Milliron says:

    Hello!! My name is Meagn I’m 23 yrs old I reside in Greensburg it’s a small town in western Pa. I don’t have any experience in modeling except for doing a photoshoot 1 time. Almost every1 I’ve encountered sometime in my life since I was 13 said I should be a model. It’s funny bc I’m caucasian and I constantly get told I remind them of tyra not on looks but personality and the way she is in general. I’ve always dreamed about being in the fashion industry but never took up to it until just recently I’m going back to school in the spring for fashion. I constantly have friends calling me to do their hair and dress them for special events so I decided I should make it my full time job. I’m 5’10 155lbs. I’m a full time employee for Westmoreland Community Action I work as a Residential Program Worker. I’m a very hard worker and determined. I really enjoy watching the show and hope to be apart of it one day!

  • DONITHA says:


  • Samantha Poelstra says:

    “My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage.” -Alice Hoffman. I believe I am a great candidate for America’s Next Top Model because I’m passionate. I am a natural leader and a strong person who has overcome much adversity to be where I am today. I’m 18 years old, 5’7”, 110 pounds, and healthy. I’m taking a semester off of school to help with a potential senate candidates campaign and to explore some of my other passions. Acting, painting, writing, and film are only a few of them. I’m a Montana girl who’s great at smiling through the hard times and working to achieve my goals. Can’t wait for tryouts!

  • Angel Randall says:

    Hello, ANTM
    I feel like I could be considered because I a strong indepenent woman at the age of 21. I have been through alot but I have not let that take toll on my life. I have always wanted to be a model and I believe I have what it takes. I walk with God to keep my head up and in the books. I am going to school for Medical billing & coding. I live in Louisiana and there is not many opporunities for young women to put themselves in. All I need is a chance to show what I can do and what I feel. I would love to be apart of something that women like me dream of. The struggle that I have been through have made me a strong and better person that I am.

  • Ejiniah says:

    I feel I should be considered for A.N.T.M because im down to earth young lady who adore making love to the camra.Modeling has been my dream since i could remember. I am from the “BIG APPLE” and any one who has been there knows that N.Y.C is a big fashion statement. If I was able to get the chance to do my dream that would mean so much to me,especially because i’ve been to pleanty of agencies just to hear…” I have a great face and a marvilous athletic body, but do i have 500 to start my career” this would b a dream come true and would mean the world to me.

  • Lindsey Ranz says:

    Hey everyone! My name is LINDSEY RANZ. I am a 19 year old girl from California. I am a fun energenic girl with a dream. I have always felt that the camera is where I come alive. My looks and personaltiy should be shared with the world. Somehow everthing else just feels wrong. My smile can fill a room and I hope others will see that. I have a fun and flirty stlye that can be tweaked with the help of the proffessionals! I will take advice and work with it. All I need is the chance!
    Brown eyes
    medium length brunnette hair
    115 pnds.

  • Elexis dexter says:

    Hey ,
    My name Elexis and I think I should be consider cause A.N.T.M because modeling is my passion even those I couldn’t have a photographer Or walk a runway I feel like modeling my future career . I really don’t have anything I was rise by my older sister in a two bedroom house . When I take photograph of myself Or act like I’m walking the runway I feel free from all the worries and lies I have been told in my life . I Live in San Diego , ca , 18 years old , I weigh 130 pound , 5’6 And I’m dark skin . I’m asking you Please just give me this one chance to try and make my dream come true

  • shmonica Wallace says:

    I should be considered for A.M.N.T.M., because I have always wanted to model. I love being in front of a camera as much as I enjoy taking pictures. I have seen every episode and re-run of the show. I am a very creative individual filled with lots of ideas and concepts. I am on the short side at 5’5.5″ .but I still believe that i can be a top model and become an inspiration to girls all over.

  • TIFFANY CLAY says:

    Well I have tried out for this show three times made the first cut
    and never had my passport,I would really love another chance .
    The type of person I am is amazing I’m always helping others time
    to help myself….

  • Carley McReynolds says:

    I’m 20, 5’7 & 128lbs.I just took a nap & I dreamed that I was auditioning for ANTM and woke up compelled to see when casting calls were for next season, 2012. LOL I think I may have shot. Hope I get considered.

  • Scharron Caldwell says:

    My name is Scharron. I am 19 years of age and 5’9. I have always wanted to be a model ever since I was a little girl. It has been my lifelong passion. I am a sweet, dedicated, and do what it takes to fulfill my dream. I watch this show very often and I absolutely value it. I am inspired and I would be honored to be on this show to be able to express my talent to the world. I am beautiful, have modeling on my mind every second of the day. I am honest and I love what I do, I used to be in beauty pageants and do runways when I was younger and continue it out to this day…. I hope you will consider me I will be very Grateful ! thank you. Have a nice day!..

  • nell says:

    i should be considered to be antm, because ive been struggling with becoming a model and i feel as though this could be an opportunity for me, an opportunity for doors to open and success to come in, and shine. becoming a model would mean a lot to me, im not the tallest girl in the world and im only 16 but i know when it comes to the runway i could walk that walk.
    in conclusion i would hope to get a callback and be considered as a eligible contestant in antm

  • Tracey Dorismond says:

    H E L L O! My name is Tracey Dorismond and I would absolutly love to be Americas Next Top Model. I believe that I should be considered for A.N.T.M because I am a strong individual who is optimistic, motivated and determinded. I have the drive to be the next top model. I am 5’7, 210lbs and I simply and couldn’t ask for a different body or prettier face. I would love to pursue my career as a professional top model. I hope that that I am considered to join the 2012 cast, Thank you for your time!

  • Ariel Jones says:

    I love to be in front of the camera. I’m a senior in high school and we have this things called senior superlatives and I got voted for America’s Next Top Model. I am told everyday how naturally beautiful I am and that I should consider modelling. I have a dream to be a Victoria’s Secret Model and America’s Next Top Model one day. I’m 5’8″ and have the exact perfect modeling measurements… bust:34..waist:24..hips:34…dress:2…shoe:7.5 or 8
    I’m very interested in modeling and have major potential to do what it takes in the modeling industry and I am committed. I’m 18 yrs old, and have support from my family.
    Ariel Jones =)

  • Jawanna says:

    Hello my name is Jawanna Minniefield I feel as a women who stands 6″1 230lbs and carries it with the confidence and pride that have would be wrong to keep the secretes from other people like me i love getting my point across and what better way then being in the fore front i would appreciate the chance if given and be the best i can be.

  • Hanna Mecom says:

    Hey Y’all!
    My name is Hanna Mecom and I am currently a student in Texas. I am 5’11” and weigh 135 lbs. I would love to have a chance to enter the modeling industry not only for myself, but for all of the girls out there who think they’re too big or not pretty enough or too awkward to put themselves out there and make something for themselves. I believe that ANTM would give me the chance to not only make something of myself, but help me reach out to the girls that look at themselves the way I did growing up. I would truly appreciate the opportunity.
    Thank you!

  • Brittany McDaniel says:

    Hi my name is Brittany, I’m a athletic african american girl and I’ve always had an urge to model! Too many people have told me I’m not small enough not tall enough and not pretty enough but I see my potential, I just need someone to help me get my foot in the door and mold me and I think ANTM would be the perfect opportunity for me to prove my worth! 🙂 please send me more information about auditions!

  • Karolyn Jones says:

    I should be considered for America’s Next Top Model because I have what it takes to be a success in the industry and ANTM is my stepping stone! I am 22, 5’7″, 126lbs, and I am AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

  • Kristen says:

    I should be considered because I believe that I would be a great new edition. I have the best attitude and always smiling. Although I come across really nice I do have a fierce side on the runway and in my photos. To be considered would be a dream come true. Ive been wanting to do this all my life!!!!

  • troy wilson says:

    Hi, I’m Troy
    Why should I be considered? I have the body, a beautiful big smile,a unique walk and most of all a very humbling spirit, big heart and everythng about me says Model you should see for yourself give me a chance and I guarantee Tyra will have no choice but to tuck me under her wings and fly away….

  • says:

    hey my name is nancy I’m 20 years old i live in montreal.i should be considered because i believe in my dream!

  • Samantha Bailey says:

    I think I should be considered for America’s Next Top Model because I see myself as a unique person. I do believe that I am not a depiction of how an average model should look. I am 5′ 9″,140 pounds and 19 years of age. I see myself in a different view of how others see me. I am known for being a bit shy, but I have a big personality when I open up. I do believe that I have potential to become a model and that this opportunity would be great challenge for me. I’m hoping that this experience could give me the opportunity to build much more self confidence and that it could let me view myself as this beautiful person that others see and that I know I am. I am from the Cleveland area currently attending college and would love to be considered for America’s Next Top Model.

  • Kaitlin Davis says:

    Hi, in my opinion I think I should at least be considered because I have worked with some modeling agentcies such as barbizon modeling and talents for a half year for modeling training, I have had calls from promo girl models to attend a modeling camp in NYC and I have worked with John casablancas. I am only 17 years young, I have a passion for modeling I am 5’6 and weigh in at 105. I’m skinny and tall and ready for this challenge!

  • Sabrie Flores says:

    I LOVE TYRA! she is an awesome and incredible woman! But i feel like i fit for ANTM because i have what it takes confidence wise, looks wise and personality wise. I am 5’6 but I’m atheltically built from plains college sports, as of now i have one more year to finish my nursing degree which I’m thrilled about. I promise if Tyra gives me a chance i have a lot to prove that i am a good fit for this. I love having fun and i always stay positive no matter what the situation is 🙂

  • D'Andra Trimble says:

    D’Andra has the height (5″11), the face ( gorgeous), attitude, & intuition to take America’s Next Top Model from start to finish by storm! I AM AMERICA’ S NEXT TOP MODEL!!

  • Alea Wicker says:

    I should be considered for America’s Next Top Model because I know I have what it takes too be a model and I know it’s a lot of work and I’m willing too put all my effort into becoming a model it may be a lot of work but I have to do a lot if i want to succeed in this world.

  • Amberly Robinson says:

    My name is Amberly Robinson. I am 18 years old. I am a freshman at Catawba College. I am currently a popular music and psychology major with a minor in athletic training. I am 5’8 and 135 pounds. I have short black hair, brown eyes and I have some faint freckles. I have always had a passion for modeling. As a child I have always tried to find a way to push the fashion envelope. To this day I still aim to be a trend setter and I plan to do that until the day I die. To me, fashion is not WHAT you wear, but it is HOW you wear it.

  • Keano Caldwell says:

    My name is hard to define as of now but I’m Keano.I’ve had a pretty wild and crazy life but i never gave in and just kept doing what i love.I’ve alway’s been told i should take up moleling,singing,acting of some sort but have always been discouraged because of my hight.I’ve worn heel’s all my life.I love watching Americas Next Top Model when ever i get the chance.Tira is an inspiration one of my many idol’s. I loved her in Life Size.This would be a wonderful oppertunity for me to learn and grow as woman and change not only my life but my families as well.If i get this oppertunity i will work hard to knock out the competition and be who and what i know i can be.19 and ready to go.ANTM ROCKS!!

  • Sarah Fischer says:

    I have been trying to get into modeling for years. Then a few days ago I almost became part of a modeling scam, which got me thinking about models in general. They are always, tall, really skinny and have some characteristic that is liked but a person isn’t necassarly able to put a finger on it. But that type of person is the 2 % of women. A normal 5′ 8″ woman is suppose to be 140 lbs. I think that Americas Next Top Model should help find true beauty. They say that phrase so much,but it falls on empty ears and eyes when the people that everyone is looking up to… isn’t realistic.

  • Ashley Nashcook says:

    I’ve always dreamed of being something bigger…something better and becoming America’s next top model would do just that for me. I’m 5’5 and weigh 105 pounds. I’m hard working, kind, caring, and really sweet. i always wanted to model and given this chance i would give 10000% percent of myself whole heatedly. I’m competitive and being chosen would be a dream come true 🙂

  • Karen Jaramillo says:

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Karen and while I am not a tall person- I am only 5’2″- I more than make up for it with my personality. I am seventeen years old and a senior in high shool. I am not afraid to take risks. I am a very cheerful and optimistic person. I believe I would greatly contribute to your wonderful show. I hope that you will consider you as a candidate. Thanks again. I hope you have a very lovely day! -Karen

  • Karla M. Ortiz says:

    Hello, my name is Karla and i’m from Puerto Rico. I just can say that i have a lot to offer, the most important thing, that i believe in myself, i have 23 year and i can consider myself a great person with a strong personality. I like most of the hundred of girls around the world would like to be part of an exceptional experience to be in antm and became the model a always dream about, but never had the opportunity. Gracias por darnos esta oportunidad de expresar nustros deseos para alcanzar un sueño. 🙂

  • Sandra Adams says:

    I believe I have what it takes , but I will let you be the judge . I’m 19 years old , and modeling is something I’ve been interested in for the last few years . I hope to be on A.N.T.M one day , gonna keep striving because my dream will come true!!!

  • Anastasia says:

    My name is Anastasia, I just turned 18. Modeling and acting has always been my dream.Truthfully because I wanted to make a kids dream into reality that I moved to Los Angeles CA from a small farming town in Kansas. Without any family nor friends beside me when I was just 17,I have been living by myself for the last 1 and a half struggling to audition.I wanted to give myself a chance to accomplish what I started and show that with determination one can achieve what they really dream of. Anastasia
    eye color:light brown
    hair color:medium brown
    hair length:medium length
    Dress size:2
    talents:Guitar,Japanese,Korean,French,hip hop and ballet
    Job:college student


    For a 12 year old, I have an awesome ability for fashion coordination and design, I have long slender legs and a face to die for!

  • Chelsea Peterson says:

    I think that I should be considered because I’m not your regular pretty girl. I don’t have an every day model face, but I do have an out going personality, that is sometimes a little bit on the morbid/sarcastic side. Also I have a hobby that is really starting to pick up in America, and said hobby is what lead me to finding my love of modeling.

    I currently resided in Minneapolis. However to spite all the bullying and teasing I went through there, I will always be from Princeton, Minnesota. It was a smaller town that wasn’t really open to letting new people in. You had to be born there to be considered ‘normal’. I moved there when I was eight years old, so obviously I was an automatic freak. I didn’t mind though, I will always be proud to be an out of the ordinary unique freak. And if being 5′ 6″ tall, 105 pounds soaking wet, and a little on the quirky/hyper active side made me an easy target for people to pick on me then, fine. All it did was give me a thicker skin.

    Though it wasn’t only the fact that I wasn’t from Princeton to begin with that made me an out cast it was my interest. I love anime/manga and Japanese culture. Being picked on lead me needing to find some way to feeling a little pretty, and I turned to cosplay for this. Cosplay is when you make a costume based off of a character from any type of show (a live action, anime, or book) and make their outfit. Cosplay was what started my want to model, because it helped me find the inner strength to say, ‘I am pretty what are you talking about? Nerd? So what if I am, I’m still just the way my mom and (step)-dad made me.’

    So thank you for reading this and possibly considering me, it means a lot and I would really like to prove my self. So thank you again.

  • Vianely says:

    Modeling is my passion and I have always wanted to be a model. I love taking pictures, and I love walking around in my heels pretending to be a model when I’m left home alone. I’m a person who is committed and doesn’t give up. I always give it my 110% and try my best at everything I do. I am 18 years old, 5ft 61/2 inches, 125 pounds, hispanic with green eyes. People have said I look Arabian/ Armenian, haha but I’m not. I hope you can consider me.

  • Shambrica Curry says:

    I should be considered fit ANTM because I have what it takes i’m determine and plan to stop at nothing to fulfill my goal of becoming ANTM. I bring motivation and competition, I have the drive and energy of a terrible 2. I’m 23 years of age and I stand 5’6 weighting 112. This has always been one of my dreams my passion for modeling and if I am chosen you will see the gift God has given me. Anybody can learn a talent.thank you so much



  • Amelia Hogue says:

    I’m 22years old and being a model was never an option for me. Not only am I only 5’5 I weighed 160 lbs. Being a model is so much more than a pretty face and long legs. After watching the show I realized that it was also more than being thin. I started on a journey nearly two years ago to be the healthiest me I could be. I went from a shy, self conscious young girl, to a more confident, excited about life kinda girl. I lost around 45lbs and have maintained a weight of around 115 for a year now. I deserve to be on ANTM because I represent women who would have never fit the mold. As Tim Tebow quotes often, “Hard work beats talent, when talent isnt working hard.” I promise that no one will work as hard as I will to be ANTM…

  • Loretta Garcia says:

    I should be considered for ANTM because I think I have what it takes to make a great photo. Im a fighter and I wont give up. Im from a small town where literally everyone knows everyone and getting an oportunity to be ANTM would be amazing! I hope you cosider me as a contestant so I can show you what i’m workin with = )

  • Angel Olofin says:

    Hi my name is Angel Olofin. I have a strong personality and the ambition of a thousand girls. I’ve been watching ANTM for so long i feel like i know Tyra and the gang personally. I know i have what it takes to make it the TOP and be America’s Next Top Model and some day SUPERmodel. I have the drive, the determination, and the fiercness to take down any competition. This would be a dream come true for me and the opportunity of a lifetime. All i need is ONE chance.

  • morell noel says:

    i should be considered because i love to model dance thats been my passion all my life i know and believe that i have what it takes to be american top model for 2012 i been wanting to come to try outs for so many years now really didnt have the financal. i want this and i do what i need to do to get im 22 years of age i love me so i know america will thanks love always morell noel

  • aiyetoro nix says:

    hi i am aiyetoro nix.i go by torrie and i really think i could become a great model one day.i live for modeling i just never had the finances for it. in my house im always walking and posing at randoms moments because i know that one day i will live out my dream being a model. i always work hard at things i love and modeling is one of my biggest dreams. im 18, 6’2, 130lbs and i can walk a i watch ANTM all the time it is such an inspirational show. id really like to participate more than anything.

  • Amanda J Rodriguez says:

    i know i should be considered to be american next top model i have the perfect shaped body i am 5’7 weight 114 im puerto rican, italian and chinese yes i know unique ever sice i was an little girl my father always tryed and push me so hard to do what i love and that was either singing, acting, dancing and modeling i chossen modeling because i know i can do anything if i put my mind to watching all the seasons also made me a stronger person and ready to take the challenges that im given and even if i cant accomplish the challeneges i never give up so matter how scared.i am i have a beautiful son 2 years old and i know when he gets older he will ask me mommy what did you want to be when growned up im gonna tell him a mother and i got that and a model and i got that also even if i dont make it as a model doesnt mean im going to quit i will keep going for a lifetime til i accomplish it and tell my sonto never give up on what you want to do because just because you can’t make in that one place doesn’t mean to give up means to look esle wheres you will get there even if it takes awhile you will get there this is what i would also like to tell all the other ladies here dont give up even if your not choosen we all will get a chance dont ever give up on your dream continue and good luck xoxo (MANDII ON DECK)

  • Kate Rose Smith says:

    I believe I should be considered because in my heart I know I can model! I have passion and drive to give to this industry. I would love to be giving this opportunity for a platform to start a career which I know I can do and be great at!

  • Skymeisha says:

    In I was born in Oakland ,ca In I’m 5’8

  • Skymeisha says:

    Because I am interested in being the next top model is to prove to everyone that I can make something of myself. Im 24 yrs old a single parent Ive been threw up In downs I’ve. Been moving from house to house In need this to support my daughter to show her she can do anything she put her mind to. Need this so bad.

  • Alicia Pereira says:

    Hey, My name is Alicia Pereira and I think i should be considered for ANTM becasue i dont have the typical model look but feel I could really suceed in the challenges. I would listen and take in everything the judges say. I have never really modeled before and think it would be a fun thing to try and an amazing experience. Please consider me, it would mean the world to me and i would give you guys my best shot!

  • victoria Poe says:

    Hi im victoria im 18 years old im 5’9 and i weigh 130 im very active and very dedicated to my workout schedule to stay fit. I love modeling along with fashion and taking risk. I dont plan on going to school soon because really i just want to try to become a sucessful model. I dont have alot of experience with taking pictures but thats something im very willing to learn and live. I believe i would be perfect for this show and would hope to go very far thank you.

  • Vuynsha Baker says:

    I am 18 years old and 5’7. I have always felt I was destined for greatness. Deep down, I’ve always been different than my friends. I have a really HUGE personality, and I feel that I am perfect for the next cycle of ANTM. Whatever I have my heart set on, I put my all into it. Thank you.

  • Valerie Villegas says:

    I would be a great canidate for ANTM! I have that exotic look photographers r looking for these days. Ive always loved taking pictures and ever since the show first aired I always said when I’m old enough to get on the show I will. After seeing the all stars cycle I wanted it even more! The beauty, fashion, and modeling industry is totally my thing. Nothing else sparks my intrest.

  • chasity s says:

    Hi, I feel that i should be considered for ANTM because, i see myself as being a fighter. I haven’t always been the most confident person and I want the chance prove myself, being on ANTM will help me to bring out that confidence. In addition to that my #1 inspiration for everything I do is my son and i want to show him that no matter what never give up on his dreams. Everything i do is for him.

  • TaMesha Francis says:

    I’m the young and fresh 21 I stand an astounding 5’2 110 pds but I walk like I’m 5’10. I’m Chicago but currently reside in Harvey, IL…. I will bring spunk, spark, and realness to ANTM. I embrace the raw and extract talent that I have and I believe its time for me to show the world.

  • Jennifer Jamerson says:

    My name is Jennifer Jamerson, I’m 21 years old, 5’8. I should be considered, because I love this show and I’ve always wanted to be a model. Ever since I was a little girl I would pretend I was on a runway or posing for pictures. I have a bubbly personality and I’m very humble.

  • Amanda Crutchfield says:

    I feel as though I should be considered for ANTM because I have the drive and ambition to succeed in this industry. I’ve been modeling for almost a year now and would like to go to the next level doing what I love. I am from a small town in Texas where most people are content with their surroundings. I have always been the black sheep and have never felt as if I fit in because I see a bigger light in my life than being in a town where everyone pretty much knows everyone. I want to be known as the girl that still represents where she came from but left and followed through with her dreams. I also have a 2 year old son that is my world and would want nothing more than to show him there’s more to life than what people portray. I am 22 years old, 5’9, and 137 lbs. I would also love to show women that you don’t have to be a size 0 to be beautiful. Thank you for your time. <3

  • Sarah B says:

    Never has there been someone from Vermont on the show. Here I am. Born and raised, small town girl with big city dreams. I’m not a size zero, my bones don’t show through my clothes, and I’m not afraid to indulge in my sweets. I’m your average girl next door. Someone who can be a positive role model, athletic is sexy, and having curves is beautiful. So why modeling? I just have to because it’s inside of me. Born with it. The desire to be a model comes from deep within, its rare, its my true purpose trying to find a way out and express itself.

  • Alaina Wallace says:

    Good evening. My name is Alaina Wallace and I would love the opportunity to be considered for America’s next Top Model. I am 5’5 and 120 lbs. I want to do this in order to represent athletic muscular built women. I was always teased but I want to show everyone out there that I am beautiful. I date a college athlete and live in his shadow. I want to make a name for myself and I feel that this is a wonderful way. Please consider me 🙂

  • Starr Dillard says:


    Im Starr Dillard from Milwaukee WI, and im looking forward in to being one of the top girls on Americas Next Top model in 2012..I feel that i have what it takes to be a top model and i would like to prove that to the world!!

  • Nicole Brown says:

    I want to be considered for americas next top model because its been a life long dream of mine. I do not want to wake up one day and say ” I wish I would have tried that”, I have always told myself I couldn’t but my mind set has changed to where I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I believe in mind over matter and this will get me far in ANTM. I have the passion and drive to become ANTM. I want this more than anything, I am a struggling college student and decided to take a semester off next year to save money for school. Im hoping I will fall into what I truly want to do.I am 20 years old almost 21 and 5″3 weighting 125. Im a shorty but I have these crazy blue grey greenish hazel eyes that are pretty unusual.

  • Nicole Brown says:

    I want to be considered for americas next top model because its been a life long dream of mine. I do not want to wake up one day and say ” I wish I would have tried that”, I have always told myself I couldn’t but my mind set has changed to where I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I believe in mind over matter and this will get me far in ANTM. I have the passion and drive to become ANTM. I want this more than anything, I am a struggling college student and decided to take a semester off next year to save money for school. Im hoping I will fall into what I truly want to do.

  • Lashawndra Robinson says:

    I am a very determined person,i do not give up on something i know i did my best on. I take responsibility of my actions and my life. Im me i can not tell you why i should be considered i can only show you.

  • Jennifer says:

    I should be considered because i am a stonger, 22 year old, independent, singel mother of two. I have worked in a factory for three years and i hate it. I want to do something i can wake up to and be happy knowing my kids and I are taken care of. Im not looking for fame or a crap load of money… i want this so my kids can grow up knowing their mom followed her dreams and if they have dreams, that they can do it just like there mom. My boys are my insperation and i will do anything to provide a better life for them.

  • taylor mosley says:

    My name is Taylor Mosley and I recently turned 18 on nov 30th. I’ve been waiting and watching ANTM since cycle 1 when adrianne won. I started runway modeling at the age of 6, since then I’ve experienced some runway and print modeling it’s always been a dream of mine. I was born with a birth defect called a amniotic band(my fingers were not fully developed) and modeling has been an outlet to boost my self confidence. I’m sure there’s girls out there with a birth defect who believes she can’t conquer her dreams, but I want to be a role model to show them they can conquer whatever they want as long as the stay true to themselves.

  • Rachel white says:

    Hi there,

    Why should I be considered? Okay, I’m 5′ 8′ (and a 1/2) and weigh 130 lbs. I’m an art major. Art has been a huge part of my life. I think society would be so boring if there was no art. I respect all forms of art and I think modeling combines every aspect of it. It’s a performance and it combines all of the elements and principles into getting that one “shot”. I’m pretty sure I’m your gal. I’ve got everything ot takes to become americas next top model. The spirit, the drive, the passion(not tooting my own horn or anything) but I’m a bombshell as well. I’m asking you please just to give me one “shot” you won’t be disappointed. Talk to y’all soon hopefully.

  • Brittany says:

    I should be on America’s Next Top Model because i have what it takes. Im 20 yrs old 156 pounds. Also im 5’11. This has been my dream every since i was a little girl. I have been told i was never gonna make anything out ouf myself. So i wanna prove to myself and others i can do it.

  • Elaine Macedon says:

    I ELAINE MACEDON should be considered because modeling is a passion for me i will do what it takes no matter what . I will be dedicated and committed . Thank you

  • Krystal Sara Macaraeg says:

    Greetings ANTM!

    My name is Krystal Sara Macaraeg, I am 5’3 1/2 and I am turning 20 this coming new year’s eve. People say that I am beautiful without make-up, and having make-up on makes people feel that I am a complete new and different person. They also say that I have a rocking body for a person who is 160 pounds.

    The reason why I believe I should be America’s Next Top Model is that I need to find new meaning in myself than just your ordinary barista and struggling college student. I’ve been wanting to be given a chance to travel to places that I have never been before and experience what the world is truly like outside the bay area of California with my own eyes.

    Choose me, and I will be America’s Next Top Model.

    Krystal Sara Macaraeg (KsM)

  • Elizabeth Parks says:

    Hi my name is Elizabeth parks, I believe I would be a good contestant for america’s next top model because I may be young but I have an uncrushable free spirit and I can adapt to what ever you throw at me. I will always give it my all and still have fun in the process. I have always wanted to be a model even when people said I wasn’t skinny enough or graceful enough. I am a whopping 6’0 tall and weigh 185lbs so i’m more curvacious then most models but i think i could be the next Whitney,if you give me a chance i promise that you will not regret it! Thank you for your consideration 🙂

  • Alexis Rae Johnson says:

    I am Alexis Johnson, I come from a small town in Louisiana, and I am nineteen years old. I am 5’11 and consider myself plus sized. I want the opportunity to change the common image in people’s mind that models have to be skinny. I want to represent average sized women and show the public and young girls that being average sized is beautiful and you don’t have to starve yourself to get noticed and be a beautiful person.

  • Sonya Malmberg says:

    I am a 20 year-old female currently living in Minneapolis, MN. I am 5′ 6″ and 115lbs. I have had little modeling experience and have walked down a runway once for a hairshow this last year. I have never felt so motivated and beautiful in my life. Those were the most invigorating 40 seconds of my life and I would be more than honored to experience modeling as an actual, serious career. I am half Japanese and half Swedish. I want to model and honor each side of my beautiul heritage. I want to share my experience with the world. I am artistic and unique and love to express myself through fashion daily. I am passionate about photography and have some experience behind the camera. I also feel that therr has been very few Asian models portrayed in the media. I insist on changing that. Please consider me as ANTM material, not because I want it but because I am. Thank you!

  • Rebecca says:

    Im 18, I’m 5’9 1/2, no I am not a size 3 or but I’m also not a size 23. I am just an average size 9. I love to make people laugh and enjoying every moment of life. Why should I be picked? I don’t have a reason why I should be picked I just know I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to. Modeling has been my dream for my entire life I have tried to always manage my weight so that I am not huge, but being put down all your life doesn’t help. I keep my head held high and my goals set higher.

  • Tara says:

    I should be considered because this opportunity should be given to people who really would give it their 100% and I know with my all heart that I would give this 110%. I am 20, 5’9 and 127 pounds and a Pilates instructor. I believe everyone should be able to see the beauty of what we are born with. I would give all my time and effort into helping that be possible. Please take me into consideration.

  • Isha says:

    My name is Isha Richardson and I should be considered because I am THE center of attention. I love to have all eyes on me and am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. I’ve been told numerous times I should get into modeling and Ithink that it would be the perfect avenue for me to express my inner wild child. I’ve been through a whole lot in my life and I know that I could handle the stress and strain that comes with ANTM. I am 22 years old, 5’8″ 140 pounds. I am not the typical cookie cutter girl, and I have a different look to me that doesn’t follow the mainstream.

  • Sydni Freeman says:

    Hi, I am Sydni Freeman. I am 18 years old and have a fiery spirit! I know I am young, but I look mature for my age, I’m also 6’1 which is perfect for modeling. I have grown up watching America’s Next Top Model and it has been my dream to be a contestant, meet Tyra, and learn from the best. I want to model so bad, and I feel that this opportunity would be the best way to jumpstart my career. I am open to pretty much anything most of all willing to learn and take criticism. I would absolutely love to be considered for ANTM. Thank you!!!

  • Susie Stewart says:

    Hi my name is Susie Stewart and I’m 5’7 135lbs 19 years of age. I’m a mother of a beautiful 2years old daughter & mentor to many young girls.
    I believe I should be considered as antm because I’m a beautiful strong and very confident young lady. I love taking pictures, I’m very photogenic with an big imagination. I put up a fight at everything I do. Im not easily discouraged. I have the perfect attitude for being a model. I’m a people person. Im a nice & silly girl but knows when to be serious & take control. I’ve always been a great leader and role model.Fashion has been a big thing to me for as long as I can remember, always ready to set a new trend. I don’t only wear my clothes I can sale it. Im dedicated and I won’t give up untill I accomplish my goals and dreams. I have faith & I believe I can do all things through Christ & my big supportive family behind me. I would love the experience of having a great opportunity to be Americas Next Top Model.

  • Kellen says:

    Although I am not conventional model height, as I currently stand at 5’5″ as a 22-year-old, I firmly believe I have the potential to model in both the commercial and editorial markets. I am a driven and intelligent student and have many talents, from vocal performance to long distance running to martial arts to proficiency in creative and journalistic writing. I believe shorter women are not represented as well as their taller counterparts and I would like to see that change in the modeling industry. As someone who leads a healthy, active lifestyle, I also know its important for models to encourage people who see their work to keep oneself strong, healthy, and happy through good eating habits, exercise, and abstinence from harmful substances. In this regard, I am an ideal candidate, and would like to be considered in your search. Thank you!

  • Gabrielle Lavere says:

    im 15 5″10.5″ and 130 lbs and i have what it takes because i can push myself and take good criticism and dont back down to anyone

  • Tarra J says:

    I come from a small town in Texas. Not many people actually have the drive and determination I have to be somebody, for there is not much to look forward to in our town. I have wanted this since I first saw Tyra’s photos as a teen. My confidence in the fact that I will one day be who I aspire is what makes me consider the part. I know how to take criticism and turn it into positiveness. I want to be on top and I will do what it takes to get there.

  • Jaime Sandberg says:

    i should be considered because modeling is my dream and i need to get out of where i am and into something new. i think that modeling is something you have to do with a passion and i’ve got tons of that 🙂 i may be young, but why not start now? i feel that if someone gives me a chance to do what i love, they won’t be disappointed because i never give anything less than 100%. please give me a chance to impress you, i promise it will be worth your while!

  • Nielle Alfred says:

    I am 18 years old and have wanted to be a runway model for as long as I can remember. As a child, outside family circumstances stopped me from really following my dreams. I realize that I am getting older and I have no portfolio, but I would be honored to get a chance to be a runway model. I am 6ft and weigh about 145. If I do make it, I want to represent healthy girls. I am healthy and fit; not stick thin. I have a feminine body and would like to represent girls that are not so thin; it is unhealthy and what America calls beautiful needs to change. I am very passionate about this; I believe I could make it, and if I did I would definelty try my best to make a difference and encourage young girls to go after their dreams.

    Thank you, Nielle

  • Shawndenese Minter says:

    I should be considered for America’s Next Top Model because I Believe i have what it takes to rip the runway, I’m very beautiful out-goin and smart. I can accept criticism very well and i learn from it as well. Im very friendly and I’ve been waiting to be a model all my life, so now im just taking it more serious. This Is My DREAM

  • Rachyl says:

    I should be considered to be on the show because I think girls these days need a role model who is like them. Girls want to look up to someone they think they could be like, someone who is personable, funny, silly, a good person, beautiful, charming and so much more… I think that I posses these qualities, and I think I could be an excellent role model for young girls, as well as being a fantastic model.

  • Quinn says:

    We all are here for the same thing, to pursue our dreams and become a top model! But I think we all have different reasons. I want to become America’s Next Top Model because I have the height, the look, and the charisma. In order to be a top model, you must have the communication skills, and the ability to not only perform well in a photo, but in interviews, commercials, etc. Not many models have the intelligence and the look like I do. I am also very unique looking. I have blonde hair and very dark eyes and tan skin. You don’t find very many brown eye-ed blondes (well not where i’m from) ! I am 5’11”, 18 years old, and ready to be America’s Next Top Model!

  • Kimberly Foster says:

    If you would have asked me ten years ago if I wanted to be a model, I would have looked behind me expecting to see a beautiful girl, in disbelief that anyone would address such a question to me. Now just two days shy of turning 28, I can say yes. I have secretly wanted to be a model ever since I was a little girl. I would lose myself in fashion magazines and prance around the house in my mother’s red pumps. I did not just look at the pretty clothes and perfume advertisements; I looked at the models. I was engaged by the angles of their bodies, the mystery of their glance, and the confidence they had to be beautiful. Yet I was not ready to look past my flaws and embrace my own unique beauty. Today when I look at a magazine I don’t see a strangers eyes, I see my own. I have grown to love and value what I have to offer the world but most importantly, I now have the confidence to accept and share my unique beauty. My name is Kimberly Foster; I am 28 years of age. I am a mother, student, and an aspiring Top Model. I hope to have the honor of sharing my beauty with the ANTM Family and the Fashion Industry.

  • Sugouri Saprina Batra says:

    I should be considered for ANTM (aside from the fact that it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember)– because I want to represent Indian models as a whole. I feel that there are not too many Indian models that are being represented in the fashion and modeling industry. I want to break this stigma. I am currently a student at the University of Miami, born and raised in NY. I would drop everything in my life if given this opportunity. Every time I watch ANTM all I keep thinking is, how amazing it would be if I was given a chance like the contestants. Sometimes the fact that I am not on the show makes me a bit upset and I don’t want to keep watching, but I watch ANTM especially to get ALL the constructive criticism that Tyra and the rest of the panel provides–these tips are priceless, and make me a better model (and PERSON) everyday.

  • Teighlor Coston says:

    I think i should be considered to be ANTM is because im outgoing,I work hard and i think i will be dffrent from all the other constestants.Ive been with Barbizon Modeling Since October 2009 .I’ve did multiple photo shoots and runway .I’ve watched EVERY season of ANTM . My Favorite Cycle was when naomi won .Im still in high school but will be graduating shortly. I am very creative when i model. I like to think outside the box and be myself . Im almost 18 in 2 months ,im 5’7 and i weigh 123 lbs . I think i have an amazing figure and petsonality.On most of the shows i see alot of drama .i try yo lure myself away from drama and keep my eyes on the prize which is being Americas Next Top Model <3 .Thank you for reading this and Pleaseeeeeeee take my reasons into consideration.

  • Cathy Douangmany says:

    I am 5″7 and good looking/cute for an Asian American. I don’t see that much Asian girls on America’s Next top Model so I think I should have a chance to be on there to represent my culture and race! Besides, I have enough confidence and swag! 😉

  • Shauna Jackson says:


  • Taylor says:

    I am a hard worker and I have heart. I am ready for whatever is thrown my way in the modeling industry.

  • Taylor says:

    I am a very hard worker and I know I have what it takes to be on top.I am ready to try and master whatever is thrown my way in the modeling industry.

  • Donald Silas says:

    You made some really great points in your material here. I couldn’t agree more with you. I hope many people gain access to this information.

  • Chelsea Partin says:

    I believe that I should be considered because it would be a huge great experience. I need something that is going to push me and motivate me into the person I really am. This would be an amazing opportunity to try something new.I am from a small town where theres never anything new and its hard to reach your dreams. I think that if I was even to be considered it would be an eye-opener to so many others from small areas, letting them know that the options are still there to follow your dreams.

  • Shannon Carrillo says:

    Hi! My name is Shannon. I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall. I 18 years old and am comfortable with my body and want to show the world it’s ok to be a little big and not extremely skinny. I want to be a plus size model and help stop discrimination against bigger girls. I feel like I should be considered because I work extremely hard for everything I have now. I may be young but I aspire to be something big to change the world for the better,

  • Becca Ruiz says:

    Hello! My name is Becca Ruiz and I would absolutely love to be considered as a possible candidate on America’s Next Top Model. I am 18 years old, 5’8″ and 125 pounds. I wanted to start modeling a long time ago, but my parents never allowed it. Now that I am older I feel that I can finally do this and that it would be perfect for me. Also, I am half Guatemalan with blonde hair and hazel eyes. I think it would be great for the modeling industry to have women of different cultures who may not look the common stereotype of their race. I know I was always insecure of this, but now I have learned to love and embrace it (just like I want other girls to be able to do) I am an energetic and hardworking person. Thanks so much for hearing me out!

  • De'Ja Wells says:

    I Am A very Determined Individual! I am ready To Show My Talent I have Been Waiting For this Opportunity Since I Was 5 Years Old. I am 17 Soon to Be 18 1-3-12. I’m 5’7 and 120 pounds! I know i have to work even harder against the taller girls but it wouldn’t stop me!:) All i Eat , Sleep , And Live Modeling. If i Didn’t win i would take that particular moment and cherish all the time i spent learning from the best! -De’Ja♥

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